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Marc Alan Fishman: Comics Are Dead. Thank you, DC!

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So, spoiler alert. The comic industry as we know it is going to die. Well, according to Dan Didio and Jim Lee it is. At the San Diego Comic Con – which I clearly didn’t attend because I already knew comics were dying – the DC honchos all but shook their rain sticks at the assembled retailers to eulogize the industry before revealing how they would save it.

Forgive me. You no doubt heard the thundering cacophony of my right eyebrow arching high on my face at a speed worthy of Barry Allen. The speed at which it jutted there clearly broke the sound barrier in a reflex akin only to those meta-humans with the ability to transcend space and time.

There’s literally too much to unpack from all they blabbed on about for me to fit in a single column. And rather than present evidence how the comic industry isn’t dying at all,
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Great Job, Internet!: The Legion of Doom was the Suicide Squad of the late 1970s

Hanna-Barbera’s DC Comics-based Superfriends franchise went through a number of incarnations in the 1970s and the 1980s, with various cast and format changes each time, but perhaps none is better remembered than 1978’s Challenge Of The Superfriends. The defining characteristic of this one-season wonder was that it gave Superman, Batman, and all their Justice League cronies some worthwhile opponents for a change: The Legion of Doom, a team of colorful villains headed by Lex Luthor and featuring such DC baddies as Black Manta and Gorilla Grodd. Challenge only last 16 episodes, with two stories apiece, but that was enough to make a strong impression on generations of comic nerds. Now, some footage from that long-gone series has been edited into a mock trailer by Darth Blender called Suicide Legion. The audio, as one might guess, comes directly from the trailer for Suicide Squad, right down to the somber ...
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Expect To See The Legion Of Doom On DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2

Saturday tends to be the day San Diego Comic-Con seems to bear the most fruit when it comes to news, and several tidbits that will excite comic book fans happen to pertain to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It’s not a major leap of the imagination that a show focusing on a superhero team would see the arrival of not only another superhero team, but a club comprised of villains, but it’s still exciting to hear about nonetheless.

Let’s discuss villains first because, let’s be honest, news involving the bad guys is always nice to hear. It’s been confirmed that the Legion of Doom will factor into the show’s second season, but don’t expect to see a traditional lineup comprised of the likes of Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy and others.

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim explained how they arrived at the decision
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2: Legion of Doom is Looming, Plus More Justice Society Members!

There was big news out of San Diego Comic Con today with regard to DC's Legends of Tomorrow!!

Not only will more members of the Justice Society of America be introduced, but Matt Letscher aka the Reverse-Flash will be joining the show as a series regular!!

Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman are both expected to be integral, recurring characters to the second season, as well.

Another recurring character? Neal McDonough, none other than Arrow's Damien Dahrk.

We've seen Dahrk in the past on Legends, but never the present.

What the heck is going on, you ask? Good question.

This will become the first-ever Legion of Doom on television.

"For season two of Legends, we decided that the perfect antagonist for TV's first-ever team of Super Heroes would be TV's first-ever team of Super-Villains, recruited from the ranks of Arrow and The Flash's deadliest adversaries," Legends boss Marc Guggenheim said.
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Legends of Tomorrow: Reverse-Flash, Captain Cold to Form Legion of Doom — Also: Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite Coming!

Legends of Tomorrow: Reverse-Flash, Captain Cold to Form Legion of Doom — Also: Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite Coming!
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will battle the Legion of Doom in Season 2, it was announced on Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con.

And populating The CW series’ iteration of the infamous Legion of Doom will be some familiar faces: Reverse-Flash (to again played by The Flash‘s Matt Letscher), Captain Cold (Legends‘ Wentworth Miller), Malcolm Merlyn aka the Dark Archer (Arrow vet John Barrowman) and Damien Darhk (Arrow‘s Neal McDonough).

Comic-con 2016 Exclusive Videos, Casting News, Scoop and More

Letscher will be a series regular on Legends Season 2, while McDonough will recur. Miller and Barrowman recently signed groundbreaking deals
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Bob Hastings, Lt. Carpenter on ‘McHale’s Navy,’ Dies at 89

Bob Hastings, Lt. Carpenter on ‘McHale’s Navy,’ Dies at 89
Bob Hastings, a character actor best known for his role on 1960s sitcom “McHale’s Navy” as Lt. Elroy Carpenter, the bumbling, sycophantic aide to Captain Binghampton, died June 30 in Burbank, Calif., of pancreatic cancer. He was 89.

Hastings also recurred on “All in the Family” as Tommy Kelsey, the owner of the bar that Archie frequents and later buys.

The actor worked in television from its very earliest years, with a role as Hal on the DuMont network’s “Captain Video and His Video Rangers” in 1949.

Hastings recurred on “The Phil Silvers Show” in various roles in the late 1950s and guested on “Gunsmoke,” “Ben Casey,” “Dennis the Menace” and “Twilight Zone.”

He was a series regular on “McHale’s Navy” from 1962-66 and appeared in the two features spun off from the series in 1964 and 1965.

Hastings got his start in radio as the voice of the title character in
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Rip: Batman The Animated Series Voice Actor Bob Hastings

Bob Hastings, who voiced Commissioner Gordon on Batman: The Animated Series, as well as Clark Kent and Superboy in The Superman/Batman Hour and Superboy in the 1960's, has passed away. According to The Burbank Leader, Hastings died of pancreatic cancer, which he had been battling for the last 15 years.  People like Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill get a lot of credit for voicing Batman and the Joker, respectively, but Hastings put his own iconic stamp on the character of Commissioner Gordon, which undoubtedly influenced the live action versions we've seen in various Batman films.  Hastings lent his voice to a variety of voicework for decades. His credits include Batman: The Mystery of the Batwoman, Batman: The Rise of Sin Tzu videogame, Static Shock, Gotham Girls, Jak and Daxter, The New Batman Adventures, Superman, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Challenge of the SuperFriends, The Munsters,
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Five Projects for Dce to Jump On, Day 1: ‘The Flash’

On the surface, The Flash may seem too simple of a project to make into a decent movie, but it’s that simplicity of the character that has always intrigued me. As a superhero, The Flash is not complicated. Regardless of which of the four incarnations you reference, The Flash embodies superhuman speed, agility, quick-thinking and intelligence and even the ability to defy certain law of physics, such as being able to vibrate so fast he can walk through walls or leap to alternate dimensions.

For the sake of argument, and popularity, we’ll focus on the most popular incarnation of The Flash. The story of Barry Allen began back in 1956, when DC Comics made the successful decision to modernize it’s most popular characters. In this re-imagining of The Flash, scientist Barry Allen is exposed to some powerful chemical agents when lightning strikes his lab, resulting in an exponentially-enhanced metabolism and physical ability.
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'Space Ghost' Animator Dies

Celebrated animator and cartoonist Alex Toth, the mastermind of classic TV adventure series Space Ghost, has died at his drawing board. He was 77. Toth had been suffering ill health for many years, and died at his home in California last Monday. His long career was dominated by his work for former cartoon network Hanna Barbera, where he collaborated on a string of hit shows including The Challenge of the Super Friends, Jonny Quest and The Herculoids. Paul Levitz, president and publisher of DC Comics, says, "The work he did at (Hanna Barbera) touched more lives than anything else he had done. He found ways to take characters like Superman from their more complicated printed form into a simpler form for animation that still held on to their power and majesty."

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