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14 Jan. 1979
The Storm
The circus comes to town and briefly reunites members of the Skimmerhorn cattle drive; Levi Zendt returns to Lancaster, PA for a visit; an accountant uncovers discrepancies in Venneford Ranch's books; a family of actors arrives under the watchful eye of Sheriff Dumire; and Centennial faces a harsh winter.
21 Jan. 1979
The Crime
Oliver Seccombe resigns, but decides to never leave Colorado. The Wendells are determined to stay in Centennial, but can't shake the suspicions of Sheriff Dumire. The killing of the Pettis brothers is not forgotten and Charlotte Seccombe takes over Venneford Ranch. In addition a murder is hidden.
28 Jan. 1979
The Winds of Fortune
Philip Wendell is tormented as Sheriff Dumire continues his investigation. The Pettis gang is out for revenge. Clemma Zendt returns just as Jim Lloyd and Charlotte Seccombe become engaged. Mervin Wendell jumps at a business opportunity and the first Mexican workers come to Centennial.
3 Feb. 1979
The Winds of Death
In the early 20th century, the Wendells prosper and new families move to Centennial to farm in the dry lands. The Mexican immigrants face discrimination and exploitation. Several prominent citizens pass away while farms struggle during the Depression. Philip Wendell plans to run for Congress and the Grebe family falls victim to the Dust Bowl.
4 Feb. 1979
The Scream of Eagles
A magazine prepares to do a feature on the history of Centennial; the murder of Soren Sorenson is finally proved; Morgan Wendell and Paul Garrett face off in an election that may determine the future of Colorado's natural resources.

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