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Season 1

2 Jan. 1978
The Way Back
Former resistance leader Roj Blake witnesses a massacre and is subsequently framed for a series of fictional crimes by the totalitarian Federation.
9 Jan. 1978
Space Fall
Blake takes the prison transport ship "London" under siege with help from Kerr Avon and Jenna Stannis. But when the siege fails, Blake, Jenna and Avon are sent to investigate a abandoned alien spaceship, where Blake decides to take to control of the ship and escape.
16 Jan. 1978
Cygnus Alpha
Blake, Avon and Jenna follows the prison transport ship "London" to the Federation prison planet "Cygnus Alpha" where Blake teleports to the surface to free the prisoners. But the planet's supreme ruler Vargas wants to take over "The Liberator" in his goal for total power and conquest of the galaxy.
23 Jan. 1978
Time Squad
Blake picks up an unidentified space projectile en route to an attack on Saurian Major, accidentally allowing three dangerous aliens aboard the Liberator.
30 Jan. 1978
The Web
Cally comes under the influence of an alien intelligence from her own people's legends, causing her to sabotage the Liberator. The ship goes off course and becomes ensnared by an organic web that surrounds a remote planet inhabited by a genetically-engineered race and their creators.
6 Feb. 1978
Supreme Commander Servalan assigns Federation military officer Space Commander Travis (wounded by Blake) to eliminate Blake and the crew of the Liberator. However, Travis takes Cally captive, when Blake and the crew steal a message decoder from a Federation security base on Centero.
13 Feb. 1978
Mission to Destiny
Kendall, the captain of a spaceship whose crewmember has been murdered, offers Blake the location to Destiny if he helps him find the killer on-board the ship.
20 Feb. 1978
On a world destroyed by warfare, two powerful aliens force Blake and Travis to fight each other to the death so their ships will survive.
27 Feb. 1978
Project Avalon
Blake and Jenna teleport down to evacuate a well-known resistance leader named Avalon, only to find that she was captured by the Federation. The Liberator's crew launch a rescue mission, not realizing that Travis is using Avalon as bait.
6 Mar. 1978
The Liberator heads for space station XK72 where they seek help from surgeon Professor Kayn, when Gan's limiter implant malfunctions causing Gan to go psychotic and violently attack members of the crew. But Professor Kayn has other plans and he informs the Federation of the crew's presence on-board the space station.
13 Mar. 1978
Blake and Jenna set out to convince Sarkoff, the exiled former president of the planet Lindor to return to lead his people, before the Federation assumes control of the planet. However, the Liberator is taken over by a group of bounty hunters known as Amagons.
20 Mar. 1978
Approaching Cephlon, the Liberator crew witness a spacecraft crash land on the planet. They rescue a man named Ensor, who was trying to get back to his father on Aristo and arrange for the Federation to purchase something called Orac. He forces Blake and Cally to fly him to Aristo, leaving Avon, Jenna, Gan, and Vila stranded on the radiation-scarred surface of Cephlon.
27 Mar. 1978
The crew of the Liberator head to the planet Aristo to deliver medical supplies to the computer scientist Ensor, creator of the mobile super-computer Orac. Blake and Cally require anti-radiation drugs for Avon, Gan, Vila and Jenna who have absorbed radiation on Cephlon. Travis and Servalan have also arrived on Aristo as they intend to claim Orac for themselves.

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