Suspiria (1977) Poster


Flavio Bucci: Daniel



  • Miss Tanner : Enough. Enough! Do you know what's happened? Do you know?

    Daniel : What is it?

    Miss Tanner : Your lousy, disgusting dog has bitten Albert! He took a piece out of Albert's arm.

    Daniel : What?

    Miss Tanner : Did you all hear that? That miserable dog tried to mutilate a child. Madame Blanc had to rush Albert to a first aid center to have stitches put in!

    Daniel : That's impossible.

    Miss Tanner : Let's go to the first aid center. Even if you can't see the blood, at least you can hear that poor child's crying!

    Daniel : That's enough now! My dog is a peaceful, faithful animal. He's never hurt anyone. The boy must have done something to him first.

    Miss Tanner : Oh, the poor little animal! The poor little puppy! If I ever see him within a mile of this school again, I'll have him put to death!

    Daniel : Stop it! I won't allow such talk, you understand?

    Miss Tanner : *You* won't allow it? Then get out, you and your dog! Get moving!

    Daniel : You bitch!

    Miss Tanner : Out!

    Daniel : I'm going. I'm going! But try to understand that I'm blind, not deaf. Get it? Huh? Not deaf. Not deaf, you understand that? You understand? Ahh, fresh air! Let me out of this goddamned place!

    Miss Tanner : Get out. Get out of here. Good riddance!

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