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Sex & Nudity

  • Review from US version titled Starship Invasions, 88 min. version, NTSC
  • No sex or nudity shown.
  • An alien woman, implied that she's nude, entices Rudi, but all that's shown is her bare legs and and upper frontal view with her arms completely covering her breasts. Later Rudi tells a police officer that he had sexual intercourse with the alien.
  • The aliens mention studying human sperm.
  • Ramsey chooses Gazeth from a room of women, she walks out of the room, implying they are to have sex.
  • An earth woman wearing only bra and panties is examined by the aliens.
  • Several of the space women wear skimpy outfits showing cleavage and partial rear.
  • Review from the UK version titled Project Genocide, 84 min. version, PAL
  • Includes all of the above. Adds one short nude scene. When Gazeth is approaching Rameses, she is shown nude from a side view, then shows breasts. The image is superimposed on an image of Rameses so it's not very clear.

Violence & Gore

  • A father, mother, and son are found dead, covered with blood, murdered by the aliens.
  • Several starships explode, hit by missiles or collisions.
  • Numerous aliens are killed by other aliens using ray guns.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The aliens influence a wave of suicides on earth. We see a couple of people puts guns to their heads and hear the shot, but not shown. Several other people shown dead after suicide.
  • Betty slits her wrists (off camera), blood is seen.

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