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Sex & Nudity

  • Many people are seen throughout in swimwear or other revealing clothing seen from both close up and afar.
  • Barbara Bach wears a see-through top. Her nipples are visible through it.
  • At the beginning a man and a woman are shown having sex in bed. He is on top of her then they lay in bed together but nothing explicit is shown.
  • Bond and a woman have sex beneath a heavy fur sheet beside a fireplace. He rises and we see his bare chest.
  • The opening sequence includes colored in naked women dancing. Nipples can be seen. In many shots topless women are seen lit, showing breasts briefly.
  • Several photographs of topless women posted inside a submarine are visible (usually blurred out in the TV broadcasts).
  • Bond and a woman fall into bed while kissing mildly and removing the woman's dress (no nudity)
  • Bond and a woman have sex in bed in an escape pod
  • A woman is seen nude in a shower (slightly blurred)

Violence & Gore

  • A large ship blows up in a series of large explosions, and sinks.
  • Bond and a woman briefly fight several men aboard a ship, but are stopped.
  • Bond fights several men aboard a ship, shooting two with a harpoon gun. He knocks two other out with a gun, and shoots a few more.
  • There's a large-scale gun battle inside a ship, high body count with some visible gunshot wounds. Lots of explosions are seen, and a cart is blown into water, and some people are thrown.
  • A woman is eaten by a shark offscreen. We see her struggling with a shark.
  • A character bites a man's throat, angle taken from behind so we can't see in detail. He bites another man's throat, angle also from behind, and we see the other man's lifeless body slump to the ground. However, we never even hear the sound of him biting. On one occasion, we see some blood later.
  • There's a fight on a rooftop between Bond and an assassin. Bond throws the man off the roof. We see the non-bloody aftermath from a distance.
  • A woman is shot in the back, but no blood is seen.
  • There's a long chase where Bond and a woman are pursued on the highway. One attacker on motorcycle drives off a cliff and we see the body hitting water & rocks below. Another car crashes, and a helicopter shoots at Bond's car, but is blown up with a missile.
  • A character bites a shark that is attacking, some blood in water.
  • Bond and Jaws fight aboard a train, in two train cars, and Bond punches him several times, and is knocked and thrown around, but he manages to knock Jaws out of a window.
  • A character is shot in the chest with an explosive ski pole, no blood.
  • A lamp is shoved into the mouth of a man with metal teeth. Electricity crackles in his mouth, but he does not die.
  • Bond fights Jaws in a temple in Cairo briefly, and he punches and kicks him, but Jaws is unharmed. Jaws then tears up his car as he and another woman attempt to drive off, in the same scene.
  • A female character is killed by Bond when he shoots a missile at her helicopter. No blood, but potentially upsetting as the victim is depicted as the "Bond girl" type.


  • 3 uses of "hell," 1 use each of "Oh my god," "Good God," and "My God."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Bond drinks a vodka martini. The female lead smokes occasionally, and Q tests a hookah pipe gadget.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Woman is fed to a shark, characters are killed in exploding helicopters. Children may find the character with metal teeth to be frightening.
  • There is one jump scare, when Jaws surprises Anya on the train to Sardinia. The camera zooms in on his smiling face and the train's horn sounds loudly.
  • Bond must disarm a nuclear weapon, but must keep a component from making contact with a magnetic ring around it lest it causes an explosion.
  • There's an intense, large-scale gun battle with a high body count.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man shoots another man through the barrel of a long gun, and then shoots him several more times.
  • Bond fights Jaws in the ship in the end, punching and kicking him, eventually dropping him in a shark tank, however, Jaws survives.

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