Smokey and the Bandit (1977) Poster

Linda McClure: Waynette


  • Bandit : [walks up the steps to Cletus's house, where his wife, whose hair is in huge curlers, is standing in the doorway]  Well, well, well, hello, Beautiful.

    [she stares at him with a stern look on her face] 

    Bandit : How about 'Gorgeous?'

    Waynette Snow : You can't have him.

    Bandit : Well, obviously, *you* can.

    [indicates the gaggle of kids] 

    Bandit : What are you tryin' to do, start another race?

    [pushes past her and into the house] 

    Waynette Snow : Look, you got Cledus in jail once! Leave us alone!

    One of the Snow kids : [climbs on Bandit's back]  Hi, Uncle Bandit!

    Waynette Snow : He ain't your damned uncle!

    [steps on the dog, who whimpers] 

    Waynette Snow : One of you damned kids, get this dog out of here!

    [Bandit keeps walking toward the bedroom, where Cletus is sleeping] 

    Waynette Snow : Dammit, Bandit, *look at me!*

    Bandit : [stops and turns wearily]  I find it hard to look at you, Waynette, very hard. Especially when you've got those things in your hair. Makes me think you're listening to a radio station in Savannah.

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