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Firuza3 August 1999
This is one of the movies made by the best Soviet Director Eldar Ryazanov. The story is about the relationship between a boss (female) and a male worker in the Statistics Organization in Moscow. Unfortunately, this movie could be enjoyed by those who speak some Russian. There are a lot of jokes, which in my opinion are not easy to translate. Only those who know about life in Soviet Union and perhaps visited it (or have some friends over there) could thoroughly enjoy it. Many years later this movie remains one of the favourite movies in Former Soviet Union.
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Great and enjoyable
fox-9428 April 2000
First Russian movie I have seen on the TV after a very long time. I saw a lot of serious historical Russian movies, so it was really a pleasant surprise for me. Great and enjoyable comedy, excellent actor performances. Simply loved it !!!
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I love this movie!
sammycatearcher8 March 2007
This is the best movie I have ever watched. I cried because it is such a great movie. The 2 main actors the boss and her worker did a great job in this movie and I wish to meet them someday. I have lived in Russia my whole life. The 70's in Russia is the best time. If you haven't watched it you need to see it. Its a very touching movie especially if you understand Russian. This movie deserves a 10.5 out of 10 because i enjoyed it so much. I just don't know what else to say. Please if you haven't watched it, watch it, it will be the best movie you ever see.

thanks, Novoseltsev
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The Best Russian Movie i've ever seen..
neulich29 October 2001
This is really a very good movie - if you haven't seen it yet, do so! It's a really funny movie... I don't know if you can get this movie in english, if you understand russian, this is a movie you h a v e to see!
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Thank you, Ryazanov
ben-343-40181613 April 2012
Simple. Thank you, Ryazanov!

I could even cry when it ended. Even the songs are enough to get you hooked. It's one of those rare movies when you forget that you are actually watching a movie. It was the first time I see those actors and they were adorable, even that nosy secretary was wonderful. What can I say? Thank you, Ryazanov! What I don't understand is why IMDb is giving me such a hard time at my very first comment. I am not a movie critic. I just wanted to say that this film is simply beautiful and that's it. I am only sorry I don't know Russian to appreciate it fully, but anyway I know the sound of it and this is enough. It's good that these movies are rare because people should understand that it's not easy to make good movies.
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Works really well
hte-trasme27 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Roman" is Russian for "romance," but also for "novel," and this film is in many ways like a novel in its range and subtlety, and the complexity of its characters. It's a quite excellent, and really genuine piece of film.

It's in two parts and it's long, but never drags and so much of the subtle art that Eldar Ryazanov brings to his direction is in the fact that everything is perfectly timed. The length gives the narrative time to breathe, the characters time to play off each other in genuine good scenes, and subplots time to play out.

As with a good novel, there is more than one tone. "Tragicomedy" is a word that gets applied, and I think it's the right one. It's hilariously funny quite often, but also is sometimes so sad that it's hard to watch -- without the shift in tone ever being jarring.

It's great how well things can turn out when everything else is left simple so that the characters and what they decide to do can be humanly complicated. Everything is accomplished with an understanding script, and well-chosen cast of true actors, and a director who applies real talent to the material.

The office setting never becomes stifling, and the expansive length and detailed script let us get just enough of a sense of this office at a real place with a host of believable people working in it, without detracting from the main elements of the story.

We know what will happen in the end -- in the first few minutes we know to follow how Novoseltsev will break through Kalugina's facade and his own shyness to win her over. But we're still kept on the edge of our seats to find out just how. "Office Romance" is extremely sweet in a way that is never off-putting -- probably at least in part because the characters can be so brutal with each other. It's hard to imagine the viewer who wouldn't be won over.
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What can I say ...
Zongliang23 July 2002
Sweet memories for kids like me growing up seeing Soviet films in China during 80's. Thanks to those people doing translations and voices, I found this one so enjoyable. Otherwise, I believe it would be impossible for me to laugh so much when seeing this movie. So many great films from Soviet Union...
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The most favourite Soviet comedy
Mikie-425 January 1999
Oh, good old 70s... Oh, incredible Alysa Freindlich :))). An incredibly kind, cute and lyrical comedy, one of the most popular Soviet movies of all times.
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Ingenious cinema
dd1-73 March 2009
The Soviet school of a cinema is unique. Without peripeties both an intricate plot, and any original form of a narration and abrupt special effects to shoot magnificent film. The strong hand of the talented director which could put this masterpiece for all times is felt. Andrey Myagkov's inexpressible game and Alisy Frendlih inhales especial charm in which the pure love, kindness, hope, belief, tears and pleasure is mixed in a film. Certainly, without other actors, it has not turned out so pathetic atmosphere. Especially, without Ahidzhakovoj

This film is to be reconsidered on many times and each time again to endure about heroes, to rejoice together with them, to laugh at the phrases learn by heart. This film lives in a shower, it combines magnificent game of actors, amazing music, and certainly love!!!
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A simple great movie
deeanaid16 November 2014
It's really a great movie especially if you love old romantic movies!! Romantic and funny and illustrates perfectly the work environment and organization from '77. Excellent actor performances and great story line. It made me think at first at the "The taming of the shrew" story. A romance that brings a smile on your face and you can watch on a rainy day. Although I'm not a fan of Russian movies it made me search for other Russian movies and this one remains a "must see". I really liked the male character and his clumsiness and also the shyness of the female main character and to observe people way of thinking and ethics of that period . I'd watched it again in a few years!
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A Very Charming Movie
garcianyssa31 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Office Romance is a film in two parts about the relationship between Ludmila Kalugina, the director of a statistical bureau, and her employee, Anatoly Novoseltsev. The film starts off with Anatoly who is trying to get a promotion and a raise for his children. After some advice from an old friend, and newly appointed co-director Yuri Samokhvalov, Anatoly attempts to flirt with Ludmila leading to some hilarious antics. Although this film was relatively long it did not seem to drag on and kept the viewer interested by focusing on the relationship between the characters and their development as well. The office, which is the main stage of action, is not only a setting, but also a place of observation. Throughout many of the scenes we are shown the office life and this helps the viewer get an idea of how people lived during this era. Office Romance also does a good job of interweaving multiple subplots throughout the film like the story of Yuri and Olga. The montage scenes interspersed throughout the film helped to convey the passage of time, but also helped to establish the mood of the following scenes. For example, the montage scene, which shows the rainy weather and a melancholy song, helps set the somber tone of the next scene involving Yuri and Olga, and his rejection of her love letters.

Although it is classified as a romantic comedy, it surpasses that genre and through genuine characters and touching scenes this film is able to delve into deeper, more meaningful themes that are not often addressed in romantic comedies.
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"Office Romance" - " To find someone I've got to get around the world"...
kmhf-250794 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Seeing this, without exaggeration, a brilliant film by Eldar Ryazanov, I first thought of how valuable in a human's life can be love. It is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words and to understand the mind — you need to trust only your heart. This feel really changes the man, it reveals its best features, and the inclination of the face, which he had not even suspected — it happened with the main characters Anatoly Efremovich and Ludmila Prokofievna (Alisa Freindlich and Andrey Myagkov perfectly demonstrated the fullness of the feelings of the two lovers). Svetlana Nemolyaeva was also incredibly sincere — I got her a feeling of emptiness and ordinariness of everyday life, the desire to return to the past and a terrible disappointment, and from the man who once was everything to her...

Music composer Andrei Petrov and texts of the poems create a memorable impression — happiness is actually very close to us, just need to learn how to see. The eternal quest of man in the vast world itself often lead him to a standstill, and how wise and happy are those who see in man not only the outer shell, but also his mental, personal qualities (Novoseltsev), and those who use the feelings of others only for the benefit of themselves, do not know the true prices of sincere relations is empty in a moral sense (Samokhvalov).

The one and only masterpiece, which never gets old — thank you so much, Master of the human souls, Eldar Aleksandrovich Ryazanov! A modern interpretation (re-make), so-called "Office Romance: Present Day", in my opinion, even not comes close to the original film and, of course, something big and innovative is not intended.
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Shrews in the Office
adriennenoracarter31 October 2015
Eldar Ryaznov's Office Romance (1977) tells the story of workers in a statistical bureau in the era of stagnation. Director Liudmilla Prokofievna Kalugina is a strict woman who is seen as the office hag by the rest of the workers. When Yuri Grigoriovich Samokhvalov is named assistant director, he tries to appoint worker and old friend Anatoly Yefremovich Novoseltsev to a higher position in order to help him provide more for his two young sons. However, Liudmilla doesn't approve of this promotion . . . therefore; Yuri suggests that Tolya lightly flirt with Liudmilla in order to win her favor for the promotion. The two, however, soon begin to have actual feelings for each other which begins to lead the story in entirely new directions. The film shows a true view of how many things were in the era of stagnation: for example, transportation. Both Olga Ryzhova and Tolya take public transportation everyday—the tram and the trolleybus. The scenes from the film show how crowded the cars of these forms of transportation become. Not shown in the movie, however, are the usually long lines in order to get onto these cars Another thing that could be noted in this film is the way the office women and eventually even Liudmilla dress. Although it is still the communist Soviet state, in the Brezhnev era there is a sort of frivolity in things such as this. One of the main reasons is because foreign clothing and other foreign goods are increasingly becoming easier and easier to obtain through the Soviet black market. This classic Taming of the Shrew like tale has the perfect blend of humor and truth—it's easy to see why it is still a favorite in many of the former Soviet countries.
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there's a trick here
lee_eisenberg1 July 2016
Eldar Ryazanov's "Sluzhebnyy roman" ("Office Romance" in English) had me properly fooled early on. I assumed that it was going to be a Soviet version of "The Apartment". It turns out that there's a number of surprises on the way, many of them cartoonish. This story of a love affair between maladroit statistician Anatoly Novoseltsev (Andrey Myagkov) and stern boss Lyudmila Kalugina (Alisa Freindlich) hits all the right notes. Overall it comes across as a spoof of day-to-day work in the Soviet Union. It could easily get shown as a double-bill with "The Apartment", "9 to 5", or the opening segment in Monty Python's "Meaning of Life". Really funny.
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