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Hollywood Takes Slap Shot On ‘The Trashers’, About Most Penalized Team In Hockey History And 17 Year-Old President

Exclusive: Yellow Bear Films has acquired a script from Adam Perlman (Billions) based on the Sports Illustrated article “This Hockey Mogul Was 17. Got a Problem With That?” which was reported by Jon Wertheim. The project is being produced by Tom McNulty (Date Night) through his MC² banner. No director is attached yet. It’s being described as Slap Shot meets Superbad. The story is about the Danbury Trashers, which was considered the most violent team in professional…
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Hanson Brothers Honour Humboldt Broncos After Seeing Shattered ‘Slapshot’ DVD

A shattered DVD of the classic hockey film Slap Shot found near the Humboldt Broncos’ bus crash site is being recognized in a condolence message from the Hanson Brothers. The famed hockey trio, who were featured in the 1977 movie starring Paul Newman, offered a tribute to the Saskatchewan players on Twitter. Read More: Thousands of Canadians share letter of support for unidentified
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Aardman ‘Early Man’ Animators Used 273 Puppets (and 3,000 Mouths) to Bring Their Caveman Soccer Tale to Life

  • Indiewire
Aardman ‘Early Man’ Animators Used 273 Puppets (and 3,000 Mouths) to Bring Their Caveman Soccer Tale to Life
For Nick Park, it always begins with a drawing. On “Chicken Run” (2000), it was a chicken digging its way out of a coop with a shovel, which became a riff on “The Great Escape,” and on his latest, “Early Man,” it was cavemen kicking what would eventually become a soccer ball.

Thus began Aardman’s first prehistoric underdog sports movie in stop-motion, and Park’s first feature since the Oscar-winning “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” (2005). Only this time, he decided to direct solo without partner Peter Lord or animator Steve Box.

Cavemen are well covered now with ‘The Croods’ [which began at Aardman before DreamWorks took it over] and ‘The Flintstones,’ but I was looking for a quirky Aardman angle, and soccer became the hook,” said Park, who pitched “Early Man” as “Gladiator” meets “Dodgeball.”

“This could have legs: a group of idiotic, lovable cavemen who only know how to fight and use weapons,
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Seann William Scott Shines Once Again With ‘Goon: Last of the Enforcers’

As far as hockey movies go, it will be hard to top 2011's Goon (unless you throw Slap Shot into the mix). Director Jay Baruchel, who co-wrote and starred in the original, takes on the challenging task of ensuring the franchise doesn't have a sophomore slum with Goon: Last of the Enforcers. Thankfully, he succeeds [...]
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‘Goon’ sequel finally pucks it into UK cinemas!

Seann William Scott returns in Goon: Last of the Enforcers the cartilage crunching sequel to the 2011 hockey comedy Goon, a follow-up that’s even “faster, funnier and more foul-mouthed than the original.”

Back as hockey star Doug Glatt, Scott is supported here with cast that includes Liev Schreiber (Spotlight) and Alison Pill (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), reprising their roles from the first film, Elisha Cuthbert (24) and Callum Keith Rennie (Californication), with 22 Jump Street’s Wyatt Russell as Glatt’s nemesis, and Deadpool’s T. J. Miller on scene-stealing form as inappropriate sports commentator Chad Bailey.

From the press release:

An assured feature directing debut from comedy star Jay Baruchel (This Is The End, Knocked Up, How To Train Your Dragon), this is a film you can’t help but love – crass but charming, packed with eccentric and loveable characters, and just the right balance of sports carnage and comedy
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Hollywood Studios' First Gay Romantic Drama Back on the Big Screen

'Making Love': Groundbreaking romantic gay drama returns to the big screen As part of its Anniversary Classics series, Laemmle Theaters will be presenting Arthur Hiller's groundbreaking 1982 romantic drama Making Love, the first U.S. movie distributed by a major studio that focused on a romantic gay relationship. Michael Ontkean, Harry Hamlin, and Kate Jackson star. The 35th Anniversary Screening of Making Love will be held on Saturday, June 24 – it's Gay Pride month, after all – at 7:30 p.m. at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. The movie will be followed by a Q&A session with Harry Hamlin, screenwriter Barry Sandler, and author A. Scott Berg, who wrote the “story” on which the film is based. 'Making Love' & What lies beneath In this 20th Century Fox release – Sherry Lansing was the studio head at the time – Michael Ontkean plays a
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Interview: Jay Baruchel & Seann William Scott on Goon: Last of the Enforcers

  • JoBlo
Hockey movies generally aren’t great, with the exception of something like Slap Shot. Yet, defying all expectations, Michael Dowse’s Goon emerged to become a genuine cult classic and one of the best hockey flicks ever made. And so, a sequel has been made and is on the verge of being released in Canada (March 17th, but American fans will have to wait a bit longer – as explained below).... Read More...
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Why 'Slap Shot' Captures the 1970s Better Than Any Other Sports Movie

Why 'Slap Shot' Captures the 1970s Better Than Any Other Sports Movie
Over the last few decades – thanks in part to movies and TV shows like Dazed and Confused, Boogie Nights, Anchorman and HBO's Vinyl – there’s been a pronounced pop cultural tendency to reduce the 1970s to little more than a fabulous parade of campy signifiers like mirrored disco balls, brightly-painted muscle cars, platform shoes, bellbottomed jeans, tube tops, Afro hairdos, pornstaches and piles of cocaine.

It's an understandable impulse, of course. (Who doesn't love Afros or piles of cocaine?) But taking such a superficial approach to the seventies means glossing over the grittier,
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Bob Costas Remembers an Early Announcing Gig That Led to His Future in Sportscasting

Bob Costas has been regaling fans with encyclopedic sports acumen from his perch at NBC since the early 1980s, as a broadcaster on “Inside the NFL,” “Sunday Night Football,” and numerous basketball finals, skating competitions, and World Series. This August, the 64-year-old, Emmy-winning legend will host NBC’s primetime Olympic coverage for a record-breaking 11th time.

But in October 1974, Costas was a wet-behind-the-ears student at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. It was then he landed a plum gig as the play-by-play announcer for the American Basketball Assn.’s Spirits of St. Louis at radio giant Kmox, a move that would set his celebrated career on course. The gig was his first mention in Variety, on Oct. 23, 1974.

How did you score such a prestigious gig at such a young age?

I was actually past what would have been my senior year. I got a job in Syracuse on Wsyr broadcasting minor-league hockey
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Netflix UK: 25 underappreciated comedies to watch now

Mark Harrison Jul 1, 2016

Need a laugh? Here's our guide to 25 comedies that are on Netflix UK now, and are well worth your time...

Putting aside all of the chunter about VPNs and rising subscription costs for a moment, there are more hidden gems to be discovered on Netflix UK than you might expect, and we've been combing through the streaming site's current catalogue to find some of the most underappreciated comedies on offer.

We've come up with this fairly broad selection of films that varies on several fronts. We've picked out a mix of belly laughers and dark comedies, with a couple of dramedies thrown in for good measure. They're not all big Hollywood comedies, but neither are they all films that you're hearing about for the first time, though we've tried to order them according to how well known they may or may not be. What they all have
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Do sequels ever really work when decades have passed since the first film?

  • Hitfix
Do sequels ever really work when decades have passed since the first film?
I still haven’t seen Independence Day: Resurgence, and there’s a good chance I won’t. When 20th Century Fox made the decision not to screen the film for Us press in advance of the film’s opening, they sent a very clear message to anyone paying attention, and it’s a message that I believe more and more studios would love to send to critics, especially on their giant event films: not only do we not need you, but we don’t want you. At all. And it’s true. Studios don’t really need to screen movies for critics. It’s a professional agreement that we all participate in, but more and more often, studios screen later and almost begrudgingly. I am amazed how many times this year alone I’ve had to basically beg to even find out when or if a screening is happening. The
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Bww Interview: Mark Gessner Chats New IFC Hockey Comedy Benders, Debuting 10/1

If you are a baseball fan, you've got The Natural, Field Of Dreams, Bull Durham, A League Of Their Own, The Sandlot, and dozens of other high quality films. If you are a football fan, you've got Remember The Titans, Friday Night Lights, Rudy, Brian's Song, The Blindside, just to name a few. But, if you are a hockey fan, all you've got is Slap Shot, Miracle, and the Mighty Ducks franchise, if you are really desperate. That is until tomorrow night's premiere of the new IFC comedy Benders Thursday, October 1st at 1000pm on IFC. The new show, created by the team behind Rescue Me, Sirens, Maron, and SEXampDRUGSampROCKampROLL, follows the beer league hockey team The Uncle Chubbys, and its ragtag group of also-ran players.
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Is the most timely movie of 2015 a Blu-ray release of a movie from 1982?

  • Hitfix
Is the most timely movie of 2015 a Blu-ray release of a movie from 1982?
Based on a novel published in 1978, "The World According To Garp" was released in 1982, and yet watching the film on the recently-released Blu-ray from Warner Archive, I was struck by how timely and even urgent the material felt, and how much more adult and daring it is than most of the movies released by studios today. Not only do they not make them like this anymore, but I'd offer the opinion that they never really did. How can a film from 1978 have a better handle on the times we're living in right now than most of the films coming out this year? After all, much of John Irving's novel is a direct reaction to the late '70s and what Irving thought of the social landscape at that particular moment. How relevant could it be today, since we've obviously progressed so much since then? You'd be surprised. For those
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Exclusive New Red Army Clip

Exclusive New Red Army Clip
If you crossed Rocky IV with The Mighty Ducks (or better yet, Slap Shot) and made it as a documentary, you might get somewhere close to Red Army. Director Gabe Polsky’s doc takes us behind the Iron Curtain for a gripping look at one of the greatest sports team in history: the Soviet Union’s ice hockey side of the late ‘70s and 1980s. Take a look at an exclusive new clip from the film below.This footage delves into some of the tension at the story’s heart. The Soviet team’s coach Viktor Tikhonov, the closest the film comes to a villain, is the gimlet-eyed fanatic charged with coaching the team to Cold War supremacy. He keeps them under lock and key for all but a handful of days every year, drilling them into joyless automatons without ever quite extinguishing their genius for improvisation and creativity. As the clip reveals,
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Casting 'Clown Car '16, the Movie'

Casting 'Clown Car '16, the Movie'
Start with the title: Clown Car! may sound like the movie someone will inevitably make about the 2016 presidential campaign, but how about evoking those great Seventies wacky-journey films like Death Race 2000, Vanishing Point or Smokey and the Bandit?

When I raised the question on Twitter, suggestions included All the President's Wanna-Bes, Every Which Way But Left, Cannonball Rug, A Kochwork Orange and the subtly appropriate Hair.

All excellent ideas, and we may have to put the movie name to a separate vote. Right now, though, the more pressing question is
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Why 1980 Was the Best Year in Movie History

  • Hitfix
Why 1980 Was the Best Year in Movie History
All week long our writers will debate: Which was the greatest film year of the past half century. Click here for a complete list of our essays. How to decide in the grand scheme of things which film year stands above all others? History gives us no clear methodology to unravel this thorny but extremely important question. Is it the year with the highest average score of movies? So a year that averages out to a B + might be the winner over a field strewn with B’s, despite a few A +’s. Or do a few masterpieces lift up a year so far that whatever else happened beyond those three or four films is of no consequence? Both measures are worthy, and the winner by either of those would certainly be a year not to be sneezed at. But I contend the only true measure of a year’s
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'Slap Shot': Where Are The Charlestown Chiefs Now?

'Slap Shot': Where Are The Charlestown Chiefs Now?
First off, if you haven’t seen Slap Shot, step away, flip on Netflix and stream it. The 1977 film not only the greatest hockey movie ever made, but perhaps the funniest sports comedy, as well. Screenwriter Nancy Dowd – yes, Slap Shot was written by a woman, a fact that still shocks a lot of people, considering it’s a crass, shameless and often misogynistic portrait of male-bonding – penned the story after spending time with her brother, Ned Dowd, a minor league hockey player for the Johnstown Jets. During a phone call with his sister, Ned complained how the

read more
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Tom Cruise: Where to after 'Edge of Tomorrow' fizzle?

Tom Cruise: Where to after 'Edge of Tomorrow' fizzle?
The Tom Cruise movie that immediately came to mind in the opening scenes of Edge of Tomorrow, the entertaining Groundhog Day-meets-Starship Troopers movie that opened Friday, wasn’t one of his previous science-fiction blockbusters. It was A Few Good Men.

In the new film, directed by Doug Liman, Cruise plays Major William Cage, a charming, TV-ready spokesperson for the global military who’s successfully recruited millions of volunteers for the war against invading aliens. But he’s hardly a soldier — he coasted through Rotc and then ran an advertising agency — and the commander in charge (Brendan Gleeson) of
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Every Mighty Ducks Player Ranked By Greatness

Tonight is Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings. For hardcore hockey enthusiasts like myself, it.s a reason to get pumped up for the last few games of the season. For everyone else, however, it.s a reason to take a step back and lovingly reflect on great hockey-related movies like Slap Shot, Mystery Alaska, Miracle and that one that happened in the 1980s with Rob Lowe. Yup, the sport of hockey has literally given audiences hours, or maybe even tens of hours, of movie magic, thanks in large part to The Mighty Ducks, which proved popular enough for two sequels. You would have thought an entire generation reared on that greatness would have produced a few more good hockey players, but sadly, thanks to a lax understanding of the rules, a heavy emphasis on the Knucklepuck and utterly bizarre
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