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Fun...they don't make 'em like this anymore....
zillabob19 August 2007
The Last Dinosaur was one of those "out of nowhere" movie-of-the-week films in the 1970's that was pretty exciting for the time especially to fans of Japanese Tokusatsu films. Originally slated for a theatrical release (around when the Dino King Kong was out in the previous December) it was suddenly pulled and made into a Friday Night ABC Movie of The Week. Rankin Bass-who were no strangers to Japanese co-productions were the guns behind this production, co-produced with Tsuburaya Productions of Japan-the people who brought us Ultraman in various forms. Starring mostly an American cast including the late Richard Boone, Joan Van Ark and the late Steven Keats, it told the tale of a prehistoric pocket of time in what was a superheated volcanic caldera somewhere at the frozen arctic circle, containing dinosaurs. It plays a lot like the films The Land Unknown(1956) and The Land That Time Forgot(1975) in feel and pace. Sure the dinosaurs were guys in suits(A Triceratops with front knees!) but they were filmed in such a way, the music and score was so well done, and the cast did a fine job that this didn't matter much to many of us brought up on Godzilla. The film has a lot of class to it, from the opening score by Nancy Wilson "The Last Dinosaur" to the overall "big" feeling of the film-the locations at hot springs in Northern Japan were excellent and lush- and the undeniable feeling of Kaiju Eiga to it. There are some amazing set pieces-the T-Rex's "bone yard" and a tracking shot that takes us deep into the jungle to see the T-Rex eat a giant fish from a stream. Tsuburaya's FX people did their job in style here and aside from a few dodgy matte shots, they do their job well. This film is considered the best 1970's "kaiju" film from Japan, even over the five Godzilla films made during that decade. Rankin Bass did several other co-productions with Tsuburaya providing the creatures or miniatures- The Bermuda Depths(1978) and The Ivory Ape(1980)-but neither measured up to the epic look of this film.
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Worst dinosaur movie I've ever seen. Recommended
knsevy3 December 2003
Stupidly beautiful. This movie epitomizes the 'so bad it's good' genre of films.

The only two talents in it are Richard Boone and Joan van Ark, and only Boone is any good. It's kind of sad that the man who rose to fame as Paladin should wind up in this ugly pile of celluloid. While he turns in a fantastic performance, I couldn't help but feel that he so outclassed all his fellow actors in this piece that he shouldn't even have been there.

The effects in this film are laughable, but fun. The idea of a dinosaur being buried in the wall of a cave and suddenly coming to life is B-movie gold. When the 'triceratops' gets killed, watch how it falls. It's clear that the stunt performer in the FRONT of the costume knows the timing best. He falls to the ground, well before the back half of the dinosaur follows suit.

Speaking of 'suits', there is nothing good to say about the purple tyrannosaur, in this flick. It seems to have some kind of stealth technology, since Bunta (reputed to be the best tracker in the world) twice fails to notice it until it's within biting range of him. I don't know how all the prints are, but in the version I own, the Tyranno's roar contains Godzilla's trademark bellow.

This is loads of fun, to watch, if you like bad movies. I love them, and especially bad monster movies, so I consider this the gem of my collection. If bad movies are your thing, definitely get this one.
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Stumbles around on Steggy feet...
gazzo-22 December 2000
Well, I haven't seen this since it was originally aired in ' my comments are based on something I saw 23 years ago. But I remember, and my brothers remember, it was pretty good. And the rock-bouncing-off-T-Rex's-head thing that is mentioned-that was Cool! We liked that! Ditto the being drug down the hill by the boulder scene. This was fast paced, tongue in cheek, exciting-we enjoyed it.

What can I say? Maybe its terrible, maybe it's bad Godzilla/Gammera level-I donno. But at the time, we had a blast.

So-a 1977 rec. here....

**1/2 outta ****
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I liked it
spec-411 April 2003
I'm not sure if these other people saw the movie - some apparently couldn't follow the "complicated plot". He's a billionaire who owns an oil company who ALSO happens to big game hunt - wow - that's really far fetched. Any way - his new "drilling machine" happens to break through a glacier and on the other side is a world seperated from our own time where dinosaurs and cavemen wander around. Nothing ground breaking about this but it certainly isn't ludicrous. Anyway the rest of the movie is about this T-Rex they find (which the billionaire, Boone, claimed was there) hunting them and them hunting it. Look - it's an old made for TV movie - of course the special effects look cheesy - they didn't have CG - they did the best they could and for a MFTVM they did a hell of a job for the time. This movie should be remade for the big screen - I'd love it and I'd be the first one in line. Seeing that Dinosaur with modern day special effects stalking those guys would be great!
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B- Movie Treasure
douglasljung3 August 2004
Prepare to meet your Messiah - they call him Masten Thrust. Male role models have become increasingly difficult to find in today's overexposed society. Every other day an apparent role model is forced to tearfully apologize for a youthful indiscretion or he innocently gets a few youngsters drunk on his ranch. The Last Dinosaur is the story of the last great hunt of Masten Thrust, an old, grizzled, big game hunter who serves as role model supreme. Despite his haggard features and bulbous nose, the females, including Joan Van Ark, are attracted to him like Meatloaf is to cheesy lyrics. Thrust is openly sexist and makes no apologies for his elaborate lifestyle, which includes a red kerchief and a private jet with a working fireplace.

Thrust embarks on a mission to find and hunt the last dinosaur on earth when ironically, after a rich full life, he is truly the last dinosaur. Despite his propensity for yelling at everyone in his presence, his employees and lady friends are unwaveringly loyal to him. He may act as though he's perpetually drunk, but make no mistake, if he calls you a 'Ding Dong' you are a 'Ding Dong'.

Not to be denied his own ballad, Thrust's song shamelessly praises him and his manliness. A sampling of lyrics includes: "Few men have ever done, what he has done, or even dreamed, what he has dreamed/Few men have even tried, what he has tried, most men have failed, where he's prevailed/The world holds nothing new in store for him, and things that startle you and me, are just a bore to him/Few men have ever lived, as he has lived, or even walked, where he has walked'. Even BMTG banned artist Clay Aiken could belt out those lyrics and become an rump-kicking machine.

Thrust and his crew of scientists strap themselves into the 'Polar Borer' wearing mini bike helmets, though Thrust affords himself the luxury of the red kerchief around his neck. The giant human filled drill bit digs through the earth and ice to come popping out into a lagoon. Dinosaurs from the air and land soon descend upon the scientists forcing Thrust and crew to run for their lives. After narrowly escaping a charging dino, Masten lays back and blasts out a hearty laugh, not so much to celebrate life but to acknowledge 'the game is afoot'.

Soon after, it is little surprise that we see a few slightly hunched over cavemen sneaking peeks at their visitors. Thrust, not content with simply killing a dinosaur, decides then to make it his mission to bag a cave broad. Throughout the movie, the lone T-Rex contradicts the belief that dinosaurs have a brain the size of a peanut. Despite its enormous size, the local T-Rex is able to sidle up next to its victims virtually unnoticed. With the element of surprise, T-Rex simply crushes a scientist or two and loots the campsite. Every so often the bloated and cagily faced Thrust is seen yelling at someone, shooting at something or flirting with a primitive J-Lo in manly fashion.

Thrust is like James Tiberius Kirk, not only in his addiction to love, but also when is comes to making complicated weapons using limited natural resources in a short period of time. Thrust and the remaining crew members construct a highly accurate catapult that flings a large boulder into the skull of the cunning T-Rex. Upon realizing that even he, Masten Thrust, cannot top this addition to his trophy case, Thrust decides to stay in his prehistoric surroundings. The ever-dwindling crew then leaves Thrust to live out his days with his lovely, although a bit gamely, cavewoman and introduce her to his personal collection of STDs. This is only a brief synopsis of a movie so complicated and rich in BMTG tradition that it takes several viewings to absorb its message and realize that Masten Thrust is the answer. The press conference, complete with a yelling Thrust, mumbling reporters, and the introduction of the great Bunta, is a classic moment. Also look for a body, resembling a dead Ricky Schroeder, lying on some logs, and the most powerful use of someone being called a 'Ding-Dong' in cinematic history.
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A Great Adventure.
jerekra8 September 2008
The Last Dinosaur is a film that is meant to be fun and exciting. It succeeds at doing both.

Maston is a big game hunter who hunts big game(go figure). Owning a company he is planning on going on an expedition with a group of people including a photographer named frankie, a Japanese scientist, a guy who works for his company named Chuck, and an African guy who has aided him on many safari's named Bun Ta. The point is to study what is believed to be Tyrannosaurus Rex, dinosaur that killed the last expedition to the area. They will be getting to this prehistoric area taking a drilling vehicle that travels underwater called the Polar Borer. After getting to the area they soon find the Tyrannosaurus, which Maston tries to shoot but his gun gets jammed. Chuck immediately senses that Maston wanted to hunt the dinosaur all along to add it to his collection of "Stuffed Animals". WHile they were away, Tyrannosaurus invades their camp and takes the Polar Borer away from their camp. Upon returning the group realizes that they may be in the area longer than they expected and Maston states that he will kill the Tyrannosaurus.

THe story is great for a science fiction film. Drilling to a prehistoric area is something that seems could really happen. The scenery is beautiful and it looks like a place where dinosaurs could still reside.

Also I liked the characters in this film. Maston is the typical big time hunter who wants to get anything that could be a trophy kill. Also great was Bun Ta, played by Luther Rackley formerly of the NBA, who really looks and acts like an African tracker. Jackie is the typical female who causes problems for the group and seems to not belong in the wilderness. Chuck is the former employee of Maston who has his view of his boss change when he is in the wild with him.

The Tyrannosaurus in this film is one of the best in a film. It stands a little too up-right like Godzilla does and it drags its tail, so it is a guy in a suit. But the suit looks good, especially the head and the tail, and the Tyrannosaurus looks good and very scary. I have seen plenty of other films where dinosaur suits look way worse. Tyrannosaurus in this film sometimes emits a roar sounding like Godzilla's and other times roars like King Kong from "King Kong Escapes" and "King Kong vs Godzilla". SO a great Tyrannosaurus.

There is plenty of action in The Last Dinosaur. Of particular note is a great fight between Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. Also a great scene where Bun Ta tries to spear the Tyrannosaurus. There are other great parts that I wont give away. You have to see for yourself.

I recommend this film to everyone. Watch it and you will not be disappointed.
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it can easily be enjoyed, if one judges it for what it is: a low-budget flick
TheUnknown837-13 November 2007
"The Last Dinosaur", the title for a particular late-70s science-fiction flick which was apparently (I'm guessing by a few details in the credits and in the film) a cooperation of American and Japanese film companies. This film was obviously made on an incredibly low budget, which you can judge by many aspects of it shown on the screen. "The Last Dinosaur" is preposterous, has campy effects, redone sound effects that still retain aspects of their original versions, and with the exception of Richard Boone, completely wooden acting. It is a mindless film, and yet, somehow, there is something classic and enjoyable about it. It's a film that cannot be forgotten by those who have seen it. And whether they loved it or hated it, they remember it for being so cheap. Why is it enjoyable, then? I myself don't really know the answer. There's just some things about some films like this that somehow in some way work out.

The title of the film isn't completely accurate, according to the storyline. The so called "last dinosaur" of the film is a humanoid tyrannosaurus rex who sounds uncannily like Godzilla, and is portrayed by a man in a rubber suit. But we see lots of other creatures on screen. We see pterosaurs (which technically aren't dinosaurs, but are still prehistoric creatures), a giant reptilian mistaken to be a ceratopsian. And then we see an actual ceratopsian, a triceratops. So evidently, this T-rex is not alone in his prehistoric world.

The special effects on the film are simply laughable. We are humored by the dinosaurs more than we are frightened by them. There are several instances when the rubber heads of the creature get pushed in and then bounce back out into perfect form again, totally impossible in real life, considering that heads are made of skulls. There is a point in the film when a triceratops falls over onto its side and although we were more than obvious to the fact that it was made by two men in a heavy suit, standing one behind the other, it becomes more obvious in the mentioned scene. First, the guy in the front falls, yet the second guy apparently wasn't timing himself, for the back legs were still standing for a while before they finally realized they had to fall over too.

Casting and acting was wooden, not counting Richard Boone, who was popular as a cinema villain. Here, he is kind of an anti-hero. A womanizer, hunter, tough guy. Yet, even Boone doesn't really save the cast. It's not his acting that was the problem, it was the lines he was given to say. "That's not an alligator, it's a crocodile, and yet I shot it too.", "You ding-dong!", "a great scientific mind was killed by a beast with a brain the size of a dried pea!", and so on and so forth. The other actors were simply horrible at their jobs, maybe excepting the dark-skinned actor who didn't have any dialogue to say. But those people dressed up as a cavemen were perhaps the most hilarious part of the film. Not only being totally unnecessary, but not unexpected plot points, they made me laugh as I watched them walk slowly, swaying their arms from side to side with their mouths hanging open. A lot of characters were also totally unintelligent. Such as a press conference scene, where reporters did not ask enough questions. No logical questions. They didn't even ridicule the idea of a live dinosaur, as they do in most sci-fi flicks.

While "The Last Dinosaur" is totally ludicrous and lacking in intelligence, it is somehow entertaining. Once again, I'll state that I don't know why I enjoyed it. Maybe I just like old cheap monster movies. This is cheaper than any of the old late-60s and 70s Godzilla films in all regards. But whatever, the case, "The Last Dinosaur" was an okay 70s monster movie. It will meet people halfway in terms of their outlooks upon the film. But everybody will describe it as cheap.
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I can't help it I like this movie.
bscott-114 September 2002
I guess this is the first movie that made me aware of the term "cult flick". It is totally a bad movie, but I can't help it, I like this movie. Richard Boone has made better and so has Joan Van Arc, but if you are in to staying up late and watching movies that don't make you think to much this one is for you.
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classic 70s
gharf-120 August 2007
i was 9 when i first saw this on TV. on a Friday night. i remember the full page ad in the TV guide with the picture of the Rex. amazing how some things stick in your mind after 30 years. Anyway if your a kid who likes monster movies this one is entertaining enough especially with boone and Keats raging at each other. Special effects are no harryhausen but its worth the hour and a half if you find it somewhere on late night TV. Haven't seen it in a few years for some reason these classics fade from cable TV. If you do catch it on late night don't be too critical just grab some snacks and enjoy it. it might be cheesy but i thought it was a lot better than the kong remake that came out in the theaters a year before.
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Kind of Good movie
acevang40us3 August 2005
This movie is kind of good. It seem that they used the Tyrannosaurus Rex like a blown up balloon, just like Godzilla, just maybe back in those 60-70's days, scientist haven't got enough info. on all sorts of dinosaurs. Back in those time scientist still making dinosaur, so I guess this movie was base on a Tyrannosaurus Rex movements back in the 60-70's. There even a part where a giant rock, fired by someone at the Tyrannosaurus Rex, it damage the Tyrannosaurus Rex and it was knock out for a little while. At the end, the Tyrannosaurus Rex went back to search for food. There is something wrong in the movie as well, like a rifle, how can one rifle kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex, when it could be 1,000-5,000 stronger than we are. If this film going to make a remake, I suggest make it more good and excited, because watching a old movie seems like to have a remake of it, if lucky.
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Not Bad Dinosaur Film.
AaronCapenBanner23 September 2013
Richard Boone plays billionaire Masten Thrust, an oil tycoon and big game hunter who leads a scientific expedition to explore a lost land in a dormant volcano under the polar ice cap. Joining him are scientists played by Joan Van Ark and Steven Keats, as well as a renowned Japanese scientist who doesn't last very long...seems that a T-Rex is out to get them, and it will prove to be the biggest challenge of Thrust's career.

Reasonably entertaining yarn is fun for kids, but also has themes of obsession and tragedy that will appeal to adults. Sure, compared to the "Jurassic Park" films the F/X here are primitive, but at the time, were impressive, and hold up OK. Not especially original, but does have a fitting end. On DVD from Warner Archive collection.
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Difficult To Rate This Film
ray5916 December 2000
This one is just impossible to rate. I liked it; but I don't know why.

The dinosaur effects work is mostly terrible, and Tsuburaya should be ashamed of that T-Rex; although the man-in-a-suit Triceratops is ambitious and interesting, and the charge of the primitive mammal is beautifully done.

So why did they put those big, puppy-dog eyes on that T-Rex?

The overall story is above average for a 70s made-for-TV. I really liked Richard Boone as the world's wealthiest man. He was playing a kind of cross between Hugh Heffner (in later years) and Teddy Roosevelt! The writing actually manages a rather poignant touch at the film's close. It was an unexpected ending.
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Land Of The Lost Meets (Mini) Jurrasic Park
happipuppi137 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was ecstatic when I found a VHS copy of this at Goodwill last night!

With good reason, I haven't seen this film since 1981. During a rainy Saturday afternoon,on local TV . (Yes, it went from Network TV to syndicated local TV "that" fast.)

I was 12 or 13 back then and (of course) long before CGI would make effects eye popping ,I can honestly say for myself, I was actually amazed as a kid by the effects here. Yes ,young ,innocent and naive' ,I proudly admit it.

....but that's what made watching this film fun and even exciting then. I really believed all I saw and felt the characters truly were in danger and the creatures seemed real as well.

Getting back to last night though,it was a "very" used coy,first of all but still watchable.

In a new perspective ,yes ,Jurrasic Park had taken the effects of films like this and made them instantly into yesterday's news and (to some) laughable.

I'll admit ,it made me laugh, to see that Pterodactyl right off the bat,when the ship emerged from the water. And, how Masten,Chuck & Bunta were able to create & build crossbows & arrows to brand new ,factory like perfection.

Still ,like many say here ,the fun is in watching the actors try and make this a believable story. They came kind of close.

Boone was over the top but still pretty good as a man who has seen may great adventures but is now seeing that his best years and times are behind him. (Hence the name of the movie & not just for the T-Rax itself.) Big laugh from him calling chuck a "ding-dong" , a nice safe PG rated insult.

He knows this is his last expedition & last chance to do something great and feel great about himself, After retirement,according to him ,there's nothing to expect.

In second place is Joan Van Ark (less than a year away from debuting her now iconic character "Valerie" on Dallas.) At first it looks like her character would be a really strong female who'd take Masten to task and put him in his place.

In the first 1/2 ,I have to say it ,she smiles and laughs way too much. Maybe that's her character's persona but even after she gets leeches on her ,instead of getting really upset ,she just (again half smiling) says "leeches..yuk!"

It's not until things get really bad for her & the crew that her performance really gets interesting/ From being hounded by the big bad dinosaur ,to irate cave people and then realizing that she & the crew may be trapped in the past forever.

Dr. Kawamoto (Tetsu Nakamura_sais little and big shock ,becomes the first victim of the dinosaur. In a scene eerily similar to the now classic Jurrasic Park "bathroom" moment ....the poor man sees the monster tower over him ...and stomp him like an insect.

The rest of the cast (like Bunta played by Luther Rackley & not counting the cave people) ,may as well have not have been given any lines at all. Anything they were given to day is pretty boring or predictable.

In the end ,the massage is clear that Masten is seeking that final glory to the point of obsession with the dinosaur. He only wants to kill it so he can brag about something for maybe the last time and hunting & killing is what he's truly best at.

Despite the things that make us laugh here (unitended or not) ,the final sequence and ending is actually very poignant and has a fair level of meaning.

So, in all ,I rate this film 4 stars. A star each for Boon & Van Ark. One star for the fun and the final star for the somewhat deeper meaning to it all. (END)
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with a camera you too can make a movie!
jessegehrig12 July 2013
This is one of the most important movies ever made-no no no don't get me wrong, its not an important movie because its good or even watchable, this movie is important because I need to make fun of it on a regular basis and virtually no one I know has seen this turd. Please see this movie and then be cool and get to know me so that we can make fun of this movie. Two directors are credited for this movie but they are both LIARS! You cant direct a movie like this, it directs you, you are all like " that dinosaur looks fake as hell, we should not put it in this movie" and The Last Dinosaur is all like " naw man, dinosaur stays". This movie was made in an age when actors didn't have to be attractive, so you could have a guy like Old Lumpy Turd, or who ever is the leading man in this movie, you'll know him when you see him he's got sunglasses and he looks like somebody's grandfather trying to get laid at a disco and also he hunts dinosaurs!
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The second most interesting man in the world ...................
merklekranz28 June 2011
Now I'm here to tell you that "The Last Dinosaur" is the "cream of the crap" when it comes to hilarious, cheap, ridiculous, monster movies. Not even the reigning champ, "Mighty Peking Man" can compare to this wonder of wondrous trash. A certain beer commercial has the "most interesting man in the world", however this film has Richard Boone, playing Masten Thrust, who's dinosaur hunting exploits certainly qualify him as at least the second most interesting man in the world. Throw in a rubber suited T-Rex , beer can polar borers, Japanese cave men, a basketball player for a tracker, and it goes on and on. This should be banned at "bad movie festivals" as unfair competition. - MERK
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The Last Dinosaur 1977 - 2007
depthcharge00712 July 2007
Once a wise man from India once said, "First they will laugh at us. Then they will hate us. Then they will fear us." Know that yes this film's budget was a bit off, but even then with its story still takes our interest many yrs later, regardless of how it may have looked. But know soon, in due time "Masten Thrust" will arise to the big screen once again. Then he and the new redesigned T-Rex will more then shock you. It will scare many for centuries to come!! This film is in current pre-production and will be nothing like anything you have ever seen before!

This will be beyond THX format.....right into 4-DX format.

"Be afraid, be VERY afraid!"
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the last what?
ionamay4817 January 2004
Ok, this is low budget stuff. yes the t-rex is ludicrous. But I still like this movie. Luckily it does seem to get better as it goes along. I love boone anyway, and he is at his screaming, impatient best here. It is still an entertaining flick ,and special effects not withstanding, it is still a pretty engaging movie. if you want a good laugh and some decent Boone to kill 90 minutes with, this is acceptable. Van Ark's luscious figure doesn't hurt the eyes either.
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A great cult flick.
moviedad31 December 1998
Great cult flick for MST-3K types: Richard Boone is a mess -- bad hair, arthritis, even his dark glasses aren't right; about as good as a bad dino-flick can get... actually, that charging saber-toothed Styracosaurus was pretty cool -- maybe Spielberg should take a couple of notes from that one.
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A Very Funny movie
yamaha2122 December 2002
I liked this movie because it had the motive of the hunter, an old man, who had to culminate his endeavors with the ultimate kill. It was him against the most ferocious beast known to man. He killed it in the end, although taking his own life, he portrayed a "man on a mission" which left his partners scrambling for their own lives. It was funny, very funny, especially when the boulder from the catapult they made to kill the dinosaur made an indentation into the head like it hit a soft pillow -head of T-rex. I would say you had to see it to appreciate the humor. Perhaps those who made the movie had humor in mind, because that is what I got out of it, and that's why I rate it a 7 out of 10!
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Surprisingly catchy theme song
Chris S.-231 October 1999
Yeah, the theme song was catchy. Too bad it played over the entire movie, in three or four variations. Even a decent tune gets old after 90 minutes. Still, though, when the same song can denote action, sorrow, suspense, romance (!), and both the opening and closing credits, well, you've got something there.

Even without the theme song, The Last Dinosaur was kind of fun to watch. There's this scene where T-Rex gets swept off the ground by a rolling boulder tied to his tail (!). Let me tell you, this just ruins the illusion that this fearsome carnivore is anything but a stunt man in a rubber suit.

Actually, all the huffing, snarling and spitting got a little old. I'm talking about Richard Boone here. Nice method acting, though - he acts through his forefinger during the entire movie. Never seen anything quite like it. He actually pronounces his lines with his finger. It's like he's conducting the theme song.

It's tempting to say that T-Rex's head getting 'knocked in' by a boulder is the stupidest dinosaur effect since the iguana-with-fins shots from Lost Continent (it's much more embarrassing than the flying-off-his-feet bit I just mentioned). We get to see, in a slow-mo closeup no less, the dino's rubber head getting dented in by a flying boulder, then popping back out after the boulder rebounds. Did the editor really want to show that in slow-mo?

However, that's not the worst - the worst dino shot of ALL TIME is, in fact, the stegosaurus at the beginning of this movie. He lumbers from side to side so violently you expect him to topple over. Trust me, you can not watch this sequence with a straight face. Even magnified pet lizards come off as 'dinosaurs' better than that thing did.

As you can tell, I had a lot of fun with this movie. Thanks mostly to the theme song, it's not really all that bad. Considering the absolute crap that Rankin-Bass Productions have been responsible (The Return of the King, anyone?), this movie might have been worse. Don't get me wrong, it still sucks. But you'll be humming that tune in the shower for a while.
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So bad its good
cadinaldude200326 May 2004
This show is so bad, it is worth watching. Special effects are

bad,m even for made for TV, 70's movies. Theplot is pretty

standard stuff; rich big game hunter finds a lost world with dino

and cave men and goes to hunt T-Rex, who ends up eating lots of


Richard Boone is the only thing good about this stink fest. Boone

is a very good actor who ends up in this movie for some reason,

perhaps $$$. Don't judge his work based on this one show.

But, if you like bad movies, this one is gold! Don't know if Mystery

Scence Th. 3000 has ever shown this, but it would be a perfect

movie for them.
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O.K. dino pic
ultramatt2000-127 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Before I start this comment, I'd like to say that before I wathced this movie, I watched this show in the early 90's called DENVER THE LAST DINOSAUR. This show ran in the early 90's. This film has no relation ship with that silly old cartoon. But speaking of silly, some scenes in the film were kind of silly. The dinosaurs were men in rubber suits. The pterodactyl was a puppet on a string. The triceratops, the uintatherium, the turtle, and the T-Rex were guys in suits. When I heard the T-rex roar, it sounded a bit like Godzilla. Funny yes,like the cave-girl went into the guy's tent and the guy woke up and got scared. Plus the cartoonish scene with the catapult that fired a boulder, and rolled on the dino's head. I like the catchy theme music, and the theme music. The special effects was like those of Godzilla. The plot is like a combo between THE LOST WORLD and JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. I thought the ending would be that Masen Thrust will capture the dino and send it to exhibition. Or escape the lost world. But I didn't see it coming that Masen Thrust ended up stayin' at the land. Sad ending eh? The film was shown on ABC on February 1977. Another Rankin Bass monster effort they did that was shown on TV was BREMUDA DEPTHS (1978). Film includes a giant turtle.
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please make it stop
coex2316 February 2018
Even if you like badfilms, this one is tough to sit through. Wooden acting, bad dialog, vague/stupid plot, and cheap effects. Sometimes, those can add up to a guilty pleasure. Not this one!

Richard Boone, it has been said, is the best actor of the lot. I beg to differ. He might have been "good" at his previous roles; but here, he's son hungover that he can't even phone it in. You can tell looking at him that he's having a real hard time keeping his balance and navigating simple locations. He is clearly at the end of his rope, careerwise. And, really, what's up with those horrible, crooked sunglasses he wears? (I suspect they were his and he insisted on wearing them because he was miserably hungover!)

Sooner or later, things move along, and they go dino hunting. But, don't get to woke up! Nah, go back to sleep, because nothing really happens. The dino suit is worse than some of the cheaper Japanese superhero tv shows of the 70s. Not even worth laughing at... yeah, that bad.

By the end, if you make it, you'll probably want to rewind to some parts and try to figure out what just happened. However, it would be pointless. Ed Wood truly towers over this mush.
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It wasn't a classic, but was worth while.
NerdBat1 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As a Paleontologist, I have to say terrible! But as a science fiction enthusiast, I have to say it was a good one. Maybe not a classic, but that's to be debated. The ended sorta left us hanging though, what happens to the big game hunter? Did he accomplish the task he was so determined to do? What of the people who did leave? Was their story believed? I also had to poke fun a bit at the tribe that inhabited the land. Obviously hostile towards the protagonist group, they reminded me of Eskimo tribes in their *apparent* Ethnicity. Not sure though, but that's just me. In any case, I probably won't watch this movie again. To be honest, I rarely watch films more than once, but this is worth anyone's time who loves science fiction and B movies as much as I do.
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RCamp4884515 February 2002
I remember watching this stinker as a young kid. Richard Boone makes this movie. Salty-ass ham baby!! Stalking around prehistory sounding like Tom Waits' dad and wearing some funky, disco duck clothing. Always ready to kill the dinosaurs with his trusty 30-06. Not to nitpick or anything....but is that a big enough rifle to take down a dino? I mean, you have to have a pretty big slug to down an elephant quickly right? I'd bet bagging a dinosaur would be even tougher than dropping Dumbo.
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