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Sex & Nudity

  • STRONG: 3 women are seen talking completely nude, their crossed legs obscure their pubic areas. A man is seen rubbing water on a woman's breasts, they make a balloon-like sound. The same man is seen having sex with the woman up against a shower's glass, we see him thrusting and we see her breasts squished against the glass (We later see this scene again). LENGTHY SCENE: A man and a woman sensually kiss, they then undress and the newscaster on the TV begins to become unfocused implying that he is watching them, and another guy comes up to watch. The green screen on the news program goes off and another man watches. Then another man comes up to watch and they start cheering when the man performs cunnilingus on her. We see the back of her head, her breasts and the man's head in her pubic area, she has an orgasm but they soon stop when they realize the people on the TV are watching them, but then they have sexual intercourse. We see the man lying on top of the woman and thrusting, then the men from before come to watch again. Then the woman gets on the man and bounces up and down presumably on his penis (We see her bouncing up and down.), and then we hear her have another orgasm, while everyone in the news studio has one too, then the woman lies on the man and starts kissing him again.
  • MODERATE: 3 topless women are seen being whipped. A woman asks a man to "show her his nuts" which he acts crazy to. A pie is seen being thrown up against a woman's buttocks in a close-up. A woman lies in bed topless with a rabbi. A topless woman throws a pie at a horse. An announcer says "The only motion picture to show the truth about masturbation" and a teenage boy is seen running out of a bathroom with hairy hands. A couple listens to an instructional sex tape, and they strip down to their underwear. Mentions premature ejaculation. A rubber dildo is seen.
  • WEAK: A few male characters do not wear any shirts. A man and a woman are seen fooling around under covers, only for the man to realize the woman is the man's girlfriend's mother. A woman's bra falls out making her breasts droop down. A woman opens her blouse, but the scene cuts away too quick before any nudity is seen. A gorilla tears off a woman's blouse, revealing her bra. A man says "I'm not wearing any pants, film at 11".

Violence & Gore

  • All played for laughs. A man's head is sliced off. There are several martial arts fight scenes throughout a lengthy skit (some of them have slightly bloody results). A boy's corpse is seen a few times. There is a fake trailer for a disaster movie, with buildings being destroyed, among other destruction. A man (acting out a movie) holds a knife to another man's throat. There are various slapstick comedic gags throughout the film.


  • Rather mild, with only a few very bad words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some very brief smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Nothing serious; a few scenes are a little gross though.

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