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Terrific comedy...
secook9 January 2006
I agree with the reviewer who said that George Segal and Jane Fonda are an unlikely couple to star in this movie. But, oh, does it work! This is one of my top ten all-time favorite movies. The humor is a bit more subtle than the Jim Carey remake and I happen to prefer that kind of humor.

The premise of the movie would be hard to beat at any rate. It really works as a comedy situation. Some of the scenes in this movie will absolutely make you roar with laughter.

If you want a good laugh on a Friday this one. :) Or better yet, buy yourself a copy so you can watch it again and again. It really is that funny.
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George and Jane are an unlikely pair
Walter Frith9 September 2000
George Segal and Jane Fonda are not he kind of actors you would expect to find in this movie with low brow humour that is a delightfully guilty addiction. Dirty jokes, a rancid social commentary and the glib life of bad mid to late 1970's economics drive 'Fun With Dick and Jane' to a level of crime that makes you root for them. Three scenes stand out. Watch for them! One has Segal practicing his stick up routine in the mirror dressed totally in black with a nylon wrapped over his head. Another one has Fonda visiting her conservative parents to ask for financial help and her father turning her down with an evangelical sermon and Dick and Jane's first stick up at a cheap motel. This movie has some slapstick that is hard to resist.
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Classic 70's Couple Caper!(Better Than Any Jim Carrey, Remake!)
Kieran Green28 June 2006
The Excellent George Segal And The Equally Excellent Jane Fonda, Play Dick And Jane, A couple who have it all, a large dream home complete with maid, and swimming pool(Under Construction) and a young son, and even a dog named Spot!

George Segal, is a successful Aerospace Executive, who get's laid off due to some unforeseen cutback's, unfortunately the couple who are living beyond their mean's, and soon hit rock bottom as the pair struggle to find employment, with exceptionally hilarious result's

But where there's a will their's a way as Dick And Jane 'Accidently receive stolen money from a botched bank raid, the couple who develop an appetite for robbery then devise various and ingenious method's of grand larceny to pay off their mortgage/Bill's,

Unfortunately they had to unnessesary remake this gem for the attention deficit generation,(which is nowhere as great as this!
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Bonnie and Clyde they ain't.
Jessica Carvalho26 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
''Fun with Dick and Jane'' is not the best comedy I watched, but still is a nice movie from the 70's starring George Segal and Jane Fonda as Dick and Jane, a couple from the upper-middle class who suddenly stay with high debts, since Dick was fired, and decide to steal to pay their bills and keep their life style.

This version is much better then the remake with Jim Carrey. In this one, George Segal plays a serious executive engineer, while in the new version, Jim Carrey makes Dick a stupid idiot. Jane Fonda is very beautiful, and I am amazed that she was already 40 years old when she did this movie,since she doesn't look more then 32.
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Anti-heroes in suburbia
moonspinner556 January 2002
It's a sign of the times (i.e., the 1970s) when Dick and Jane rob the telephone company at gunpoint and all the customers applaud. It's distinctly un-PC now, but very funny back then. As usual, it's a "Jane Fonda movie" that thinly conceals a social message underneath its comic scenario, but I didn't feel it got too preachy until near the finish-line. George Segal works very easily with Fonda, and there are some hugely funny scenes after an arduous opening wherein Segal loses his cushy job. The desperation of unemployment is touched upon briefly (for a comic effect), but there are some stabs at social commentary that do not work (as with two bad caveats involving a transsexual and a man with no vocal chords). But for every foul ball there comes along something fresh and groovy, like the sequence where Fonda acts her way out of neighborhood humiliation once the gardeners start rolling up her lawn, or when the gentleman from Food Stamps shows up at an inappropriate moment (a ritzy family dinner) confessing he just had a Big Mac and a Coke. **1/2 from ****
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Fun with Dick and Jane gives you a wonderful time with George and Jane!
mallard-61 October 1999
This is certainly my favorite show for both George Segal and Jane Fonda. They are marvelous as folks trying to make ends meet (by hook OR crook) in the face of unemployment. Their hijinks are marvelous, as they exhaust ALL the possibilities for humor in the search for employment.

Especially memorable are the fashion show, the celebratory dinner, and the performance of Carmen. But good spots in this film are too frequent to even cite!
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Fonda and Segal Shine in this Tale of Financial Woe!!!
Dan Briggs15 May 1999
Warning: Spoilers
This film brings a smile to my face every time I think about it!Jane Fonda and George Segal are Jane and Dick Harper,A typical Suburbia Couple in LA.When Dick loses his Aerospace job,he goes downhill,first losing his Welfare status by Working one night at the Opera,and getting caught by the welfare adjuster!!And the laughs just keep on coming.Jane loses her job,Dick borrows money from a loan agency,but as they collect the cash,the place gets robbed.The Harpers get a new idea:Rob to pay the bills!As the story progresses,they rob:The telephone company,A record store,a no-tell motel,and a minister!But the best of all:When the Harpers are invited to a party at Dick's old job,they go in and steal all the money out of his old boss's safe.Since the Money is not supposed to exist:He let's them go:WITH THE MONEY!!All in all a good film and one that will make you laugh to see that crime does pay......In Laughs!!
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Amusing but lacking the sharp edges that I was hoping for
bob the moo4 August 2006
Dick and Jane Harper are happy and very well off; they have a dog, a son, a great house and Dick has a high-powered job as an aerospace company executive. However when the company hits a bumpy patch, Dick is laid off and very quickly the family is running up more debt than they can handle. Dick keeps trying to find work and even Jane leaves the family home to try and get a regular job type job. However things do not go that well and, as their possessions start to get repossessed, they get increasingly desperate.

Recently the subject of a remake (which I never bothered to see) this comedy is a sort of satire on the American dream and the attitudes of big business. Or at least that is what others have said. Personally I think it has a vague swipe at this but mainly it just settles for being a gentle caper that draws laughs from the unlikely descent of the middle classes into crime. It isn't anywhere near as sharp or caustic as I would have liked it to be but it flows along cheerily enough and entertained me reasonably well. Big laughs are few and far between but it is nicely comic for the most part.

Given the light material, I thought this was mostly down to the lead pair working with it well. Segal is reasonably good but his strength is in his chemistry with Fonda. She is good and has a nice comic touch. Support is generally solid if unspectacular with turns from Mcahon, Garcia and others but generally the film is carried by the leads. Direction feels a little dated now as the film has a very 1970's look and, without a sharp edge, it doesn't feel as relevant as it should do.

Overall this is a comic little film that is amusing and works thanks to easy performances by the lead pair. I would have preferred it to have had a much sharper edge to have blended satire with the comedy but it was still an entertaining little film albeit one that won't stick in my mind or have me coming back for repeat viewings.
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Delightful Politically Incorrect Comedy
Claudio Carvalho20 September 2006
When the executive engineer Dick Harper (George Segal) is unexpectedly fired by the president Charlie Blanchard (Ed McMahon) of the Taft Aerospace, company where he works, his wife Jane Harper (Jane Fonda) and him get completely broken, full of debts including the mortgage of their fancy house and without means to support their lifestyle. Dick unsuccessfully tries to find a new position, while Jane looks for a job and cuts their costs to the minimum. While using the insufficient unemployment paycheck of the social security to survive, they contract a loan in a bank. There is a heist in the bank and Jane accidentally steals some money from the thieves, and the couple decides to robber to survive and maintain their social status.

"Fun with Dick and Jane" is a great amoral comedy that has not aged or dated. The politically incorrect story is delightful and very funny, and is a sharp critic to the American Dream, satirizing the hypocrite need of maintaining a status and also to the corruption related to the big business of the corporations. Jane Fonda is very beautiful and shows a great chemistry with George Segal. This is the first time that I watch this movie, which is an excellent entertainment. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Adivinhe Quem Vem Para Roubar?" ("Guess Who Is Coming to Robber?")
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" No kidding Charlie, . . You're really firing me! ?? "
thinker169116 November 2008
In these trying times, when American's financial world is going down the drain, and the dreams, aspirations and livelihood of millions of Americans are evaporating, a film like this one is just what a despairing audience needs. The story of the American Middle Class in jeopardy and is aptly personified in this movie, called 'Fun With Dick and Jane.' There have been several other films based on this theme, but for my money, the stars of George Segal and Jane Fonda are solidly entrenched and not easily replaced by later film couples. Segal stars' as Mr. Richard Harper a Aero-space executive who as his boss (Ed McMahon) states is the very best at his job, but like so many other corporate executives is no longer needed. His position is one which promised security, but has fallen on hard times. Thus he soon learns he is unemployed. The fun begins when Harper and his wife try to adjust to the downward spiral of economic descent. They like so many Americans take what they can get and object poverty is not attractive at all. Thus, when the bottom is ready to engulf them, they turn to a life of crime. Can they do any worse? Not being prepared, they soon realize, they are not cut out to be white collar criminals and decide to quit. That's when opportunity beckons once again. A great movie and one fitted to our time. ****
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A light but very funny comedy!
Mr Skoooooter9 March 2001
This is one of those "sleepers" that you hear about from time to time. It's a perfect movie for a Saturday afternoon when you're by yourself and have nothing to do but want to see a film you can really get in to and enjoy. Watch for Dick Gautier's cameo as a crooked tele-vangelist; he's hilarious! I really do rate this one a 10; it's funny and very well acted.
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creative comedy with questionable moral standards
Matt Moses20 May 2001
Fun with Dick and Jane serves as an entertaining satire on the upper middle class standards of living, produced in the presumably stifling corporate environment of the mid-1970's. A drunken Ed McMahon lays off overpaid executive George Segal. Lovely wife Jane Fonda, who handles matters fairly well when their landscapers tear up all their unpaid work, finds herself forced to find some source of income to maintain their expensive lifestyles – it would seem Segal's unemployment only takes them so far. Fonda secures a job as a model while Segal manages to lose his benefits when a gay unemployment officer spots him working as a bit character in the opera. When Fonda loses her apparently not very secure job, the now poor couple head out to get a loan. There they stumble upon a holdup, get taken hostage, and somehow wind up with all the loot. Enjoying their first taste of crime, the pair bungles their way through a series of hold-ups and eventually become near pros. They manage to restore their house to its previous splendor, cockily inviting McMahon to a chic pool party so he can have a gander at their newfound success. Of course, a sip only gets you thirsty, so the greedy couple find themselves faced with the quest for the Big Gulp. The story is funny for the most part, with memorable moments akin to Segal discussing music with a record store clerk during a robbery. There's healthy dose of anarchy for good measure, with destruction happily joining hands with the nouveau pauvre and the will to get back what has been lost. By having its characters steal primarily from the allegedly greedy or malevolent – the phone company, loan sharks, the Climax Court Motel – the film does maintains some shaky moral standards. In addition, Fun contains a few instances of dated racism, with jabs at homosexuals, Hispanics and African-Americans (who hold a pajama dance party in McMahon's office as Segal and Fonda crack his safe, their loud drill protected by the celebrants' louder music). A startlingly racist part goes to Hank Garcia, as an unemployed cleaner who works a bad influence on Segal. Nevertheless, the film on the whole manages to function well as a thoroughly entertaining comedy, with an ample dose of anarchism for good measure.
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Keeping Up Appearances
bkoganbing7 September 2016
Fun With Dick And Jane has George Segal and Jane Fonda as this upper middle class suburban couple living the American dream with their son Sean Frye. It all comes to an end when aerospace engineer Segal gets fired by his unctuous and smarmy boss Ed McMahon. Owing a lot because they're keeping up appearances in their neighborhood it all comes crashing down. After trying other ways to get an income and failing, Segal and Fonda turn to a life of crime. Though they have many setbacks, they begin to like it.

Watching Fun With Dick And Jane put me in mind oddly enough of dealing with World Trade Center families at Crime Victims Board who were a lot like Segal and Fonda. Working in the Towers for various wealthy companies when the male breadwinner was taken away, these families in most serious way were in the same kind of trouble this family was. That lifestyle can be expensive. John Dehner who was Fonda's father may be a self righteous creep, but there is a grain of truth in what he preaches at them about spending on luxury items.

McMahon who America knew for decades as the announcer and boon companion of Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show turns in a really good performance. He's a guy you learn to hate more and more as the film progresses. There's a great cameo part from Dick Gautier as a crooked televangelist Fonda and Segal rob. That should almost be legal.

With all the humor Fun With Dick And Jane is an interesting social critique and commentary on American values. It even got a remake in this new century. I'll have to check it out to see if it is as good as this one.
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guilty pleasure
blanche-29 July 2009
"Fun with Dick and Jane" from 1977, starring George Segal and Jane Fonda, is the type of comedy that's rarely made anymore in mainstream cinema. Like the remake, which had a different script but the same premise, it's about a financially totally overextended couple who find themselves flat broke when the husband, Dick, loses his job. Jane takes it well, announcing an end to European wines and agrees to drop a book of the month club. When the landscapers roll up their lawn and remove the shrubs, they have to stop putting in the pool, and they start using candles instead of lights, it occurs to them that there's a problem. When Jane looks over the bills, she declares her husband "the Typhoid Mary of finance." What follows is a very funny comedy as Dick and Jane try to make it on unemployment, apply for food stamps, and attempt to borrow money at a 17% interest rate ("That's illegal!" Jane yells). Finally, they decide to try to get money through robbery.

I only saw part of the Jim Carrey version. What I find most interesting is that the 1977 version takes a while building up to the decision to rob, while it comes much earlier in the later film. That's the big difference between films made 30 years ago and now - the art of the buildup is gone. If you don't get to the meat of the plot in 10 minutes, the film is criticized for being slow. Personally, I like getting to know the characters and seeing what leads to the main plot. It's a pity that our MTV generation demands this.

I miss this type of comedy. The humor isn't vulgar, and it's about adults and not teenagers. And, given the financial climate, it still resonates. Today you need a Jim Carrey to sign on for a film like this in order for it to be made, where in the '70s and '80s, these movies were plentiful. Fonda and Segal are great. Recommended.
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Wacky mid-to-late '70s fun
shlevine18 May 2004
I love this movie! I saw it with my mom in '77 and even though I couldn't have possibly gotten all the jokes and double entendres, I loved it. Seeing it now (I own it on VHS; they don't put movies like this out on DVD all that often), I love it even more.

Everything about it positively SCREAMS mid-1970s, from Dick's Thunderbird with the 600-feet-long hood to Jane's clunky Mercury Montego wagon to JANE FONDA WEARING HER JEANS ROLLED UP TO JUST BELOW THE KNEE TO SHOW OFF HER BOOTS! If you're a 70s afficianado, you can't help but love the time capsule that this movie represents. Another big bonus is the guy who played Schneider on One Day at a Time, who here plays a loud contractor with a big bullhorn.

As others have noted, the movie is also a time capsule to an era when it was not only OK, but funny to slam African Americans, Hispanics and especially gays. It was a little painful to see George Segal be so homophobic, but I choose to see this as a reflection of how far society has leapt in the last 25 years.

I've read elsewhere that Jane only made this movie for the $ to support then-husband Tom Hayden's political campaign/career. Even still, the late 1970s was Jane's era, in which she cranked out gem after gem, from the Electric Horseman to an incredibly bitchy role in The California Suite to a powerful performance in The China Syndrome.

All in all, FWDAJ is a funny time capsule that has a few messages, but don't be mislead by posters here who say it's a thinly-veiled moralistic movie. IT IS NOT! It's a fun romp, nothing more or less.

PS: Remember when they sold those things called record albums, the sleeves of which could conceal a gun during an attempted hold-up?!
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marblehead-115 January 2002
This is a great 1970's movie with a hint of Blaxploitation. We have a couple of actors hear from Blaxploitation flix. Harry Holcombe who plays the pharmacist was in Foxy Brown and Thalmus Rasulala(the income maintenance technician) was in Blacula and Willie Dynamite. Gene Page who does the music for this movie wrote the music for Blacula. Lamont Dozier also contributes to the music, I think thats him singing in some of the songs towards the end of the movie and he also did the music for Detroit 9000(1973, another Blaxploitation flick). I also like the theme song to this movie sung by a group called "The Movies". This is a fun movie that I highly recommend.
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Really Funny, With a Pointed Subtext
dougdoepke9 July 2017
Consistently funny spoof of America's caste system from bottom to top. The Harpers (Fonda &Segal) are yuppies trying to hang on to middle-class status after Dick is fired from well-paying aerospace job. Increasingly desperate as creditors close in, they eventually turn to robbery, a clumsy Bonny and Clyde with country club credentials. Their early lame stickup efforts are particularly humorous.

There's no mistaking the subtext that takes a shot at about every rung on our economic ladder, from minority welfare cheaters to middle-class status seekers to upper-class hypocrisy. And throw in a shot at televangelist hucksters guarding their own loot. A couple points are easily overlooked. Note how Jane's wealthy dad refuses to help, lecturing them on the virtues of rugged individualism. Tellingly, this is the one scene without a humorous overlay. Note also that Dick's thanks for helping get a man on the moon is to get fired. Thus, it's declining profits, the logic of capitalist efficiency, that prevails over all else. Essentially, what storybook Dick and Jane find out is what it's like to survive on the margins, and since their tastes are elevated, it's an inflated margin.

Don't get me wrong. Thanks to both an excellent script and ace performances,the movie manages its many serious points in consistently humorous fashion. After all, we never expect Dick to actually use his stickup gun. He's too humorously inept, though he does get more skilled as time goes on. And catch how the now destitute Dick and Jane live in a rambling home with a bombed-out lawn and a pit for a pool. Now what will the neighbors say.

Big kudos to Segal who handles his difficult role in expert fashion, and also to Fonda who makes a perfect bickering soul mate and for being maybe the first woman to take a discreet leak on screen. McMahon too shines as the slick company president who smiles even while stabbing a guy's back. As an actor, he certainly proves he's more than Johnny's affable TV sidekick.

Anyway, in my little book, the 90-minutes succeeds on a number of levels, making it both really watchable and still relevant.
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Always a favorite; Fonda and Segal make a gr r r eat team!
Amy Adler20 September 2016
Dick Harper (George Segal) and Jane, his wife (Jane Fonda) believe themselves to be living the high life. Dick has a great job and they are just putting the landscaping and pool into their dream house. But, alas, Dick gets fired by his asinine boss (Ed McMahon) and they are quickly behind on payments. Although Dick signs up for unemployment and gets it, its still crazy hard to pay any of the bills. Also, when Dick hilariously tries to moonlight as a gypsy song and dance man, his act is caught by the State officials and his income is cut off. No other jobs in the aerospace industry come along. That's when Jane gets the zany idea to try holding up businesses and doing other shady crimes to make ends meet. They even take the offerings of an obviously crooked evangelist ( an hilarious Dick Gautier) as he starts spouting off some VERY UNCHRISTIAN sentences. When they find out Dick's former boss is a cheater, too, D and J make plans to fix him but good and vastly increase their incomes. Can they pull it off? This adorable movie is a comedy classic that everyone will like. After a string of very serious roles, like Klute, Fonda chose to show her funny side again and she's great. So is Segal, who has never been more likable or attractive. Gautier, McMahon, and all the supporting cast is quite nice, too. Also, you will like the sets, costumes, script and energetic direction. This is fun, fun, fun, indeed, with Dick and Jane.
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Amusing and occasionally hilarious...
corky-2715 July 1999
Amusing, occasionally hilarious satire lambasting the hypocrisies of American capitalism. This deft comedy pokes fun at the aerospace industry, the welfare system, and may be one of the first to harpoon televangelism. Segal and Fonda are a great team, and the movie ages surprisingly well. Jay Leno makes an early cameo as a construction worker; Dick and Jane earns 3 and a half (out of five) on the Corky-meter.
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Zany look at layoffs and adjustments in the '70's
aromatic-28 March 2000
Those of you who look at Jimmy Carter as a handsome statesman didn't have to live through his economic times as Jane & Dick do here. Ed McMahon steals the movie as Charlie, Dick's boss. But Segal and Fonda work well together in this farce of the suburban dream turned suddenly and wrenchingly upside down.
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Crime comes with comedy
HotToastyRag29 September 2017
Fun with Dick and Jane is a take on the Dick and Jane children's books; George Segal and Jane Fonda play the title characters who've always played by the rules and done everything society's told them to do. Just when they've incurred $70 grand in debt for home improvements, George gets fired. They try everything they can think of to get jobs and money, but when they reach the end of their rope, they turn to crime.

This movie isn't made to be taken seriously, so don't expect a dramatic heist film. This is a fun frolic through the 1970s with a few robberies along the way. George and Jane bounce off each other well, and they let the lines flow naturally, which makes the farcical situations even funnier. Hollywood remade the film in 2005, but it wasn't nearly as funny as the original.
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"I have a white collar mentality, I panic in the face of death".
classicsoncall26 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Well, Bonnie and Clyde they ain't. I recall this movie getting a lot of fanfare when it was first released back in 1977, hard to believe it'll be forty years old soon as I write this. Today was the first time I watched it and it was sort of underwhelming. I've never seen Ed McMahon in a principal movie role before so that was new for me. George Segal and Jane Fonda had the right chemistry to pull off their roles here, but a lot of times I thought the story was forced and didn't ring true to character. The stereotypical use of black and Hispanic actors in the picture would never pass muster today, though I don't generally have a problem with those kinds of portrayals when used to comic effect.

Something I'd like to point out that really has nothing to do with the movie itself, but I've noticed this in other pictures as well. I generally turn on captioning when watching films so I don't miss any nuance in the dialog, and fairly consistently I find that any words that might be considered controversial are 'X'ed out. So for this picture, any time someone uses Dick Harper's (Segal) first name, it appears in captioning as 'XXXX'. You can do the translation, but the only thing that it does is draw more attention to the more prurient use of the word. I have to laugh every time it happens.

I guess you can have some fun with this one in a Seventies nostalgic kind of way, but for me it wasn't very memorable at all. I actually know a married couple whose names are Dick and Jane who are friends of mine, and managed to reference the film the last time we got together. It was for a Happy Together concert tour we went to featuring a bunch of bands from the Sixties and Seventies, so at least we kept it in the same era as the picture.
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Serving the white middle class on a shtick!
Marc Israel24 November 2014
Why do I keep coming back to this late 1970's politically incorrect story of a suburban couple who finds out they were one paycheck away from calamity? Oh, because so many people out here can relate to that on some scale. Our couple, portrayed by George Segal and Jane Fonda are really, really good a defining how we saw ourselves at that time. The man, upwardly mobile and celebrated as successful. The woman, liberated (and who more liberated than Jane Fonda?) and choosing to stay at home. yet they were both fooling themselves with their false sense of superiority. Sounds like the while middle class. We are laughing at ourselves, of course, and mostly because it's so true! Ed McMahon makes for a believable drunken ploy, so we are set. Put it in the player and enjoy!
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First half needs more laughs
SnoopyStyle8 July 2014
Dick (George Segal) and Jane Harper (Jane Fonda) are living the American dream. He has a good job at Taft Aerospace but then he get laid off by his boss Charlie Blanchard (Ed McMahon). At first, they're unconcerned. Eventually it gets so bad that the landscaper even takes back the grass. He needs to cut back on spending while on unemployment and she needs to get a job. Her job isn't working out and he gets kicked off unemployment. When they get robbed at the loan place, they get an idea.

The first half is basically a spiral downwards for this upper class family. It needs more comedy. It has the potential but it doesn't take full advantage. It plays as a light comedy. The couple is materialistic. They aren't the most nicest but they are likable enough to root for. There are some edgy social commentary with Dick as unemployed dealing with the lower class problems. Then the movie turns with the Bonnie and Clyde antics. It gets funnier and more edgier. George Segal and Jane Fonda play a good bickering couple. It could have been even more outrageous if they treated their help with less than friendliness. Then they could learn something as their table gets turned. The setup could be better.
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Have Fun with Dick and Jane
wes-connors1 July 2011
After upper middle-class aerospace executive George Segal (as Dick Harper) is unexpected fired from his high-paying job, he and housewife Jane Fonda (as Jane) are forced to tighten their economic belts. The family decides to give up membership in a "Book of the Month Club", French wines at home, and ski lessons. Another sacrifice is deciding not to heat their new swimming pool, currently being constructed. However, when Ms. Fonda fails to hold a job of her own and Mr. Segal is exposed as a unemployment check cheat, the increasingly desperate couple must become the "Bonnie and Clyde" of the corporate world...

Watching "Fun with Dick and Jane" alongside the 2005 re-make elevates this version of the film, although neither really approaches classic status. Some of the topical humor is painful, but this one has many genuinely funny sequences. The satire is good and tight, but the anti-corporate subtext is all over the map (obvious at the end). One of the best scenes here is Segal's botched robbery; when the leading man has trouble getting a gun out of his pants, the clerk thinks he desperately needs a condom. In the re-make, Jim Carrey's "Dick" has no such trouble. Don't blink once or you'll miss Jay Leno, twice for Thayer David.

****** Fun with Dick and Jane (2/9/77) Ted Kotcheff ~ George Segal, Jane Fonda, Ed McMahon, Hank Garcia
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