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Sex & Nudity

  • Sex & Nudity 10/10 - like most Emanuelle movies, it contains a lot of nudity and simulated sex.
  • Woman masturbates tied down mental patient in insane asylum. The patient's pubic hair and labia can be seen. Emanuelle's hands then cover her vulva and she masturbates her. No penetration is shown.
  • Man and woman have sex on a dock. Woman's butt and pubic hair can be seen when man lowers her panties. Woman's breasts are shown when man raises her shirt. No penetration shown.
  • Man and woman have sex on bed. her breasts, pubic hair, and butt are shown. Man performs oral sex on woman, not fully shown. No penetration shown during sexual intercourse.
  • Man and woman have sex in bed, woman's vulva, pubic hair, butt, and breasts can be seen. Man's butt can be seen. No penetration shown. While they are in bed, a woman stands outside the room and masturbates while watching them. Her pubic hair and hand rubbing on her genitals can be seen. No penetration shown.
  • Two woman bathe in river fully nude. Breasts, butt, and pubic hair can be seen. The river bath becomes sexual in nature and they touch each other's pubic region.
  • Woman lies nude in bed and removes mosquito net. Her breasts and pubic hair can be seen. She begins to masturbate and turns around. Her butt can be seen and her hand rubs her genitals. Digital penetration is obscured by the shadows and mosquito net. Hand covers up most of vulva and labia.
  • A nude woman performs oral sex on a nude man (not shown). His butt and her breasts can be seen. They have sex and her breasts and pubic hair are seen. Another man watches the two have sex from behind the bushes. Anal sex is assumed during the sexual encounter. Penetration is not shown.
  • Man peeps into women's tents and see's them partially nude. Women's breast, pubic hair, and vulva can be seen.
  • Man rubs his hand on sleeping woman's legs then fondles her inserting his finger into her vagina. No actual penetration is shown.
  • Natives attack a woman tearing her clothes off. Her breasts and pubic hair are shown.
  • Couple has sex on jungle floor, female's butt is shown.
  • Woman is stripped and tied to posts. Her breasts and pubic hair can be seen.
  • Another woman is stripped nude by the natives. Her breast, butt, pubic hair, and vulva can be seen. The native chief then rapes her (she appears to be drugged). After he finishes, other tribesmen rape her.
  • Woman strips nude, paints tribal signs on her body, and takes the other nude girl into the lake. Both women have exposed breasts, butts, and pubic hair.
  • A lot of soft core sex scenes and graphic nudity. Female characters are seen completely nude with breasts and genitals visible. Characters masturbate and have sex with each other.

Violence & Gore

  • Only a few scenes, but very gory violence.
  • A woman's head is cut off and a man's penis is sliced off in a black and white documentary characters are watching.
  • A woman is brutally killed and mutilated. She is gutted and her innards devoured and her breast is hacked off.
  • A woman is stabbed in the vagina and her guts are ripped out through her vagina.
  • Mutilated, rotting corpses are seen after being killed offscreen.
  • Some characters are stabbed with spears, not very graphic or bloody.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Characters are pursued and attacked by a tribe of cannibals. The film's scenes of violence could be frightening to some, though more campy than scary.

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