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  • In the novel, D'Hubert tries to join Napoleon during his 100 days campaign after escaping from his exile (like Feraud does), but is stopped by his sister; in the movie, he simply refuses the offer, knowing that Napoleon's time as ruler is over. After Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, Feraud is imprisoned and sentenced to execution; D'Hubert asks the powerful politician Fouchè to save him.

    D'Hubert's action might have been caused by several factors. His sense of honor might have made him feel a connection with his old adversary. Despite the fact that they are enemies, D'Hubert may feel that Feraud is simply loyal to his old commander, so the fact that the political climate has changed and Napoleon has been labeled an enemy does not necessarily make Feraud a traitor. The book also implies D'Hubert feels somewhat ashamed not to have joined Napoleon while a brute like Feraud was coherent enough to do so. Edit (Coming Soon)

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