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  • Not in any movies, but it has made appearances in commercials, and in an episode of Chris Elliott's Paperboy 2000 (1990). It was not used in the Ark II (1976) TV series, which featired a vehicle with a similar appearance.

    The Landmaster appeared in an early 1980's television commercial for Conoco. The commercial featured a male character called "The Road Worrier", who looked and acted as a spoof of the "Mad Max" character in the movie "The Road Warrior" which had recently been released. In the commerical, the Landmaster pulls up to a Conoco gas station and "The Road Worrier"--accompanied by his girlfriend--get out. The gas station attendant asks "how are you doing" and the guy replies "I'm worried!". The girl is then shown on top of the Landmaster checking an enormously long oil level dipstick, and says to the camera "Oil looks good, Road!" The commercial concludes with the Landmaster driving off into the sunset.

  • The filmmakers used relatively benign Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches . For the closeups, live roaches were used, as well as in some small group shots (consisting of ten to fifteen roaches). Some group shots used a combination of live roaches and rubber mockups. For the scenes with thousands of roaches,"sheets" of fake rubber cockroaches were used -- a close look at the video reveals they are pulled across the floor like a sheet.


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