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"Your Mother is a SL*T!!!"
Chris Barry2 August 2005
No, I'm not insulting your mother with that summary. That golden prose is actually uttered (poorly) by Cathy's drunk driving father to his psychic/psychotic child in the first five minutes of the film. It's a pretty good encapsulation of what you're getting yourself into.

Amazingly, I forced some friends to watch this and they actually made it to the end. Unfortunately, some of them only squeezed by, relieving their frustration by punching chairs, screaming into pillows and then, when all else failed to relieve their seething rage, they physically attacked me. Lets just say, I'm not allowed to pick the movies at the video store anymore. Along with the freakish "Pieces" and Doris Wishman's "A Night to Dismember", this film is basically the worst horror film ever made. That might be a pretty bold statement, but Cathy's Curse is a pretty bold movie. The car crash at the beginning of the film is so poorly shot and edited, it will probably give some of you seizures.

Of course the only way to watch this film is on the worst print you can find. I strongly suggest the Brentwood release. The full-frame, non-pan and scan makes the dialogue even more hilarious when it's coming from talking noses at opposing ends o the screen.

As a Canadian, there's no excuse for this exercise in crap.
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Truth in Numbers
m-p-driscoll25 January 2009
Seeing multiple pages of commentary on IMDb is an excellent way to judge the "watchability" of any film. Some love the work, some hate it, some are indifferent, but ALL feel compelled to give up a little bit of their lives to talk about it. Here's my 5 minutes worth. Cathy's Curse is a godawful thing. A stupid plot, community theater acting, really inept production work...and yet, for all that, there's something strangely addictive about this movie. If you don't believe, just Google and you'll see. For a crappy late-70's throwaway there's a lot of stuff out there. Ask the movie poster sellers (reproduction and authentic), the purveyors of film media and the endless horror sites and blogs, Cathy's Curse is a genuine cash stream. I myself own far too many horror and giallo films and even the worst of them is better than Cathy's Curse, but for odd chemical reasons this movie truly rocks. From Beverly Murray's spooky eyes and (you would assume disqualifying) speech impediment to Roy Witham as the wonderfully drunken caretaker & semi-lecherous babysitter, I just can't get enough. There are odd character's and sub-plots that appear and disappear at random. A dog who's got it all figured out in the first couple of minutes and a white statuette that Daddy likes a little too much, but somehow never notices when it goes missing. Great stuff! The music is pretty cool too, very odd funky. I actually own 6 copies, (2 on DVD & 4 on VHS) and still haven't seen a complete version of the film because they're all different! It's a public domain hell. As of this writing all the commercially available DVD versions are cut and missing important scenes ranging from long minutes to a few seconds. Why was this done? Probably nobody knows. The missing scenes are completely inoffensive and integral to the plot. Just more mystery. Some, but not all of the VHS versions are also cut. The DVD's all seem to use the same horrible (and I mean HORRIBLE!) print. VHS copies, even those in EP are much-much better. I have a mid-80's SP copy which is a revelation and luminous but is also the cut version. I have an EP copy which is almost complete but is missing one scene of about 15 seconds that's on the cut versions! It's even more complicated but you get the idea. If you're thinking about watching the film avoid the DVD's like death itself. They're an embarrassment and the people selling them should be ashamed. It's just plain old VHS for the best (such as it is) experience. I know plenty of you really hate this movie and importantly declare it "worst ever", and maybe it is. But hey! Here-you-are reading and writing about it. The thing is in your head, under your skin and all over the net. Clearly you can't ignore it or you wouldn't be here...Me, I dig the film for a lot of reasons, but mostly because Cathy really DOES curse & that's truly the BEST part of all.
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Cathy's Curse; The Bad Reviews Miss The Point
Joe Gooch30 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Cauchemares aka; Cathy's Curse is one of the most quotable 'so-bad-it's-brilliant' films ever made. Ignore the negative reviews, hunt down a copy, invite your friends round for a few beers and enjoy the hilarious genius that is; Cathy's Curse. Every scene is a classic in terms of quotability, lack of narrative sense and bizarre acting. You know the story; man who's father and sister were killed in a car crash caused by a rabbit, returns to his childhood home (where his father used to drink blood "as a kind of tonic"!!??) his wife soon starts going hysterical while his daughter, Cathy, becomes possessed by some malevolent spirit that is somehow linked to her dead aunts doll that Cathy finds in the attic and soon people start dying or going a bit weird(er). I can't think of a scene without it raising a smile; be it Agatha the psychic getting taken over by the evil spirit whilst visiting the Gimble household for a nice cup of coffee, speaking in a variety of voices, screaming and smashing a framed family photo, then calmly straightening her jacket, or Paul the caretaker being plied with whiskey by Cathy whilst having a good old laugh sat on the attic stairs, then, when confronted by a visiting Agatha, unleash on her a barrage of abuse such as; "Fat dried up old whore!" before running her out the house. This film is a favourite of mine that never fails to entertain, be it unintentionally. The only 'curse', as mentioned in previous reviews is the horrendous print that is used for the DVD. It's time a full uncut DVD with a documentary and commentary was released. It's what this classic film and its fans deserve.
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What's that Smell?
suspiria106 May 2003
Many Years after his father and sister die in a horrible car crash, a man brings his new wife and child to live in his first home. Before long his daughter starts to exhibit strange behavior due to the curse of her dead aunt. This barely passable fare is lacking in about every area imaginable. Its' amazing that it took three writers to come up with a script as mundane as this. The dialogue is pretty bad. The acting is nothing special (Especially the wife.bleh!) The direction is ok and the music is bearable. If you have a craving for cheese look no further. If you want a good movie get the Exorcist and leave this one alone. 4 / 10
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Strangely unsettling movie...
Coventry20 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I seem to be in the minority again around here, but I honestly think "Cathy's Curse" isn't nearly as hopeless as every other reviewer on this site claims it is. Of course, if you can't stand horror movies that were shot on a shoestring budget with amateurish people in front as well as behind the camera, this isn't the movie for you. But in case you're looking for an obscure gem that provides a couple of simple scares and/or an effectively sinister atmosphere, you might end up really liking this little known Canadian horror effort. The story is extremely UN-original and most of the occurring events don't make the slightest bit of sense, yet strangely enough this movie is almost CONSTANTLY creepy and full of mild shocks. With a slightly more intelligent screenplay and proper financial support, I'm convinced that "Cathy's Curse" could have been a truly great movie, actually. George's father and sister died in a terrible car-accident when he was just a child, caused by the sudden decision of his mother to leave her husband. Years later, when he has a wife and child of his own, George returns to the family mansion to make it their home. His daughter Cathy occupies the room of her deceased aunt and, after discovering an old hideous doll, she becomes possessed with her restless spirit. People (and dogs) that approach the house die in mysterious ways and Cathy's disturbing behavior drives her mother into the nut house. The creepy atmosphere of this film totally relies on some macabre pieces of scenery, like the freaky doll and an old portrait with gloomy eyes, and some genuinely odd sequences, like the one where blood streams from the tap or giant spiders crawl up an old man's sleeve. Unfortunately and as mentioned above, the script is really unoriginal and borrows obvious elements from the three biggest horror classics of the 70's decade, namely "The Exorcist", "The Omen" and "Carrie". The dead girl's unstoppable urge to kill, inflicted on little Cathy, never gets properly explained, as are many smaller aspects of the story. The climax is sadly disappointing and I think I even could have come up with a better open ending myself. The acting's pretty terrible. Especially the adult performers suck badly while the child actresses are still somewhat decent. The picture quality and editing are almost unbearably poor and don't go looking for stylish cinematography here, neither. By listing all the bad elements here, I'm even beginning to wonder how it impressed me in the first place? Um, it's CREEPY and HAUNTING, let's just keep it at that.
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Why does it show the title twice?
gridoon8 August 2003
Hokey supernatural thriller about the possession of an innocent little girl by the spirit of a mean-spirited little girl who died in a car crash, and who would've grown up to be the first girl's aunt. The possessed girl now seems to have powers that equal those of the Antichrist in the "Omen" films, although how she got them is never explained, and we also never understand what exactly she is trying to accomplish with her random killings (she even kills the dog!). The film is totally unbelievable and ineptly edited, but there is the occasional effective moment (the scene with the spiders may give you the willies). (*1/2)
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alfredryder5 March 2005
Cauchemars (nightmares in french, no "e" in word) was made using the tax credits afforded by Quebec and Canada governments; even if in co-production with France, it was made in English, in Westmount (rich English section in Montreal) with a ridiculous budget(The production co. doesn't exist anymore). Acting is really bad (but I suppose acting direction was also!). This is a bad "b" movie. Only for collectors of such genre (90% of action evolves in or around the house!). French actor Hubert Noel, who played the role of the doctor, dubbed the voice of Prentiss Hancock in the french (Quebec) version of Space:1999. You can find this movie in DVD collections (like 20 movies on 10 double-sided discs). Won't make history...
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dolls are scary
nromanosky24 October 2003
Even though this film is cheesey and uber-low budget, it's not too bad. Although many of the scenes are more than shades of The Exorcist, Omen, Carrie, and The Fury, there are some unique moments that gave me the shivers (such as the snake-and-rats scene and when Cathy appears and disappears before her mother on the steps). The low-budget, grainy film quality and super cheesey "score" are at the same time distracting and effective, and although the gore quotient is modest, it's gross fun when you get it. The editing and story are a little loose and sloppy at times, but not so much that you want to give up on the film. Sometimes, these weaknesses create an (I'm guessing) unintentional ambiguity that adds to the spooky fun.

In my world, haunted kids and (even more so) freaky-looking dolls are always the makings of a good horror film. This film has both in spades. I found it on Brentwood's "Possesion" 4-movie DVD set, which is a steal at $8. Don't expect winning performances or slick effects, but check it out if you want some good B horror movie fun.
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A True Mess
Hitchcoc11 January 2007
This is just a thrown together, anything goes horror movie. There is almost no groundwork set for the characters. There has been a horrible fiery car accident which kills a man and his young daughter. Then, later, her brother and his wife and daughter move into he old house. For whatever reason, the first daughter decides to inhabit the new girl and she becomes evil and dangerous. The mother is tortured for some reason, even though she is not a bad person. I suppose it's an attack on women, whom the original father didn't think much of. There are a series of attacks, using a doll, and hypnotic images, to do away with people who aren't liked. So it goes. Not much here, not to mention an incredibly awful print.
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Low budget but half decent!
cfc_can17 November 2000
Cathy's Curse is a made-in-Montreal horror flick about a little girl who becomes possessed by the spirit of an evil woman who once lived in the same house. It's pretty cheesy by today's standards but it has a great mid 70s feel to it and despite a low budget, has some pretty good make-up and performances. It was clearly inspired by The Exorcist but it has enough original ideas to deserve some degree of respect. Too bad it's so hard to find.
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sol-7 July 2017
Possessed by the spirit of her aunt, who died in a childhood car accident, a young girl acquires supernatural powers in this strange Canadian variation on 'The Omen' and 'The Exorcist'. The film gets off to a mediocre start with a poorly edited, intertitle-heavy exposition segment that tells us the circumstances by which the aunt died even though it has little bearing on the plot. The film improves somewhat as it cuts to decades later with an expressive Randi Allen well cast as the young protagonist who gradually progresses from using foul language to becoming totally unhinged as the movie plods along. The doll that she finds (and which supposedly leads to the possession) is pretty creepy too; same goes for a painting upstairs with glowing eyes. Unfortunately none of the adult actors here are up to Allen's level. Beverly Murray is particularly over-the-top as her overbearing mother and the less said about the man who plays a constantly coughing drunk who she befriends the better. The biggest issue (or 'curse' if you like) with the film though is that it never really makes up its mind what it wants to be. There is no tangible motivation driving the possessed aunt and a lot of what Allen does comes off as weird for the sake of it. The film does benefit from a pulsating music score and refreshingly minimal (decent) special effects, but to what end here is uncertain.
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Bizarre but atrocious 70's demonic child movie
Red-Barracuda11 February 2010
Cathy's Curse is a bargain basement version of The Omen meets Carrie, which were contemporary horror hits at the time. It's a truly terrible film that has the added disadvantage of seemingly being only available in prints that are in an atrocious state (in the one I saw, the colours were so bad that the blood was purple). But even if this movie was released on high definition it wouldn't change the fact that it's abysmal.

The story is senseless. A mother takes her son George away from the family home, leaving the father and daughter. The dad isn't too pleased about this, so he jumps in his car with his little girl Laura. They swerve off the road to avoid a rabbit and the car blows up. Thirty years later, the son returns to the family home with his wife and daughter, Cathy. Pretty much right away Cathy becomes possessed by George's sister Laura's old doll and becomes homicidal, killing various people. Laura seems to be an embittered soul, angered by her early death and wrecks havoc via her brother's offspring.

From the above synopsis, I think it's only fair to say that the film, strictly speaking should have been called Laura's Curse. But this is only a glaring detail and this film quite frankly doesn't concern itself with such trivialities. There are many moments of WTF in this film. At one point Cathy teleports from the bottom of the stairs to the top and vice-versa, and her mother, witnessing this, just gets annoyed; she doesn't actually seem to be, well, a little surprised that her daughter has developed the ability to teleport at will, she is merely irritated with her misbehaving child. In another scene Cathy sits down for breakfast and throws her plate across the room at the opposite wall, smashing it to bits, and the housekeeper simply picks it up and seems to imply that she just dropped it, rather than launched it 3 metres over the other side of the room. In other words, people in this movie do not act like Earthlings. A further example of utter madness, is where the medium takes hold of an old family picture then starts talking in creepy voices, getting progressively more and more demented until she smashes the picture on the floor while screaming; she then turns around and says that she's really had a marvellous time and would simply love to pop over again. It's just weird. What perhaps makes these people all the stranger is that absolutely no one can act. The performances are universally atrocious. The handyman is abysmal too, although it's maybe not surprising seeing as he appears to be Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac in a rare acting appearance.

There are one or two occasions when Cathy's Curse is almost effective. And it can't be argued that it's pretty bizarre throughout. But despite all this, it drags. The unintentional hilarity is something to behold but you really need some buddies and beer to enjoy this one.
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Cursing Cathy
Zeegrade13 December 2009
Uttterly unwatchable dreck that's plagued by a serious degradation of the original copy. The movie is in a constant orange hue that I began to wonder if this was actually filmed on Tang. It doesn't really matter anyway as the poor editing which appears to be done by hyperactive toddlers renders most of the plot useless regardless of the clarity of the picture.

The story begins with the father and sister of George Gimble who were apparently abandoned by George's mother who took the young George with her. The dad gets into his car with the young girl in pursuit, one might gather as his motivations are never addressed (they could be going to Pizza Hut for all I know), when a rabbit in their path causes them to swerve off the side of the road into a small embankment which of course causes the car to go up in flames. Flash forward to the now adult George who has returned to his childhood home along with his wife Vivian and his daughter Cathy. Left to investigate her new home on her own, which happens a lot mind you, Cathy comes upon a doll with her eyes sewn shut that for some reason she becomes infatuated with. Turns out this doll holds the tormented soul of George's dead sister Laura who transfers her powers of telekinesis along with her virulent hatred of women over to Cathy. Wouldn't that make this Laura's curse instead of Cathy's? You might want to look into that. Anyway, Cathy begins her reign of terror as she maims and murders any living thing in sight along with the occasional "bitch" or "whore" peppered in for good measure. This provides the lone amusing scene as Cathy verbally abuses an admittedly creepy medium along with the drunk handyman Paul who really looks like Mick Fleetwood.

It was approximately two seconds after Vivian screeched her first line about her nervous breakdown that I wanted her to die first. I would compare her voice to nails on a chalkboard except for the fact that even that would be the sound of angels singing next to the grating effect of her New Joisy accent. She bitches and moans the whole movie: "George I heard the do-awg barking, the do-awg" or her complaint that someone is watching her from the yard even though her back is to the window. At one point she watches Cathy teleport multiple times in front of her to which she responds by irritation rather than open-jawed disbelief. In her defense she gets no help from her useless husband George who does absolutely nothing throughout the film except refer to his construction job that requires a shirt and tie. A neighborhood medium introduces herself to Vivian, holds a photo of George's father, goes into a violent flashback trance of the car crash complete with speaking in different voices, and then acts like nothing happened. What parallel universe do these people live in? Or is this just typical of Canadian suburbs? Scenes are edited so abruptly, like whenever the doll moves on its own, that Cathy's Curse resembles more a flipbook with random drawings rather than a movie. On top of the picture quality, editing, and poor character development is the sound effects that go from obnoxious to down right earsplitting such as George's electric razor and the constant crackle of "silence" that resembles someone running a shower inside the room. The only reason I made it through this film in one viewing is the fact that it was about five degrees outside and the thought of shoveling all of that global warming snow wasn't enough to get me to turn this crap off. But not by much.
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Ai, carumba!
capn_crusty17 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
If the MST3 boys were still doing their schtick, they no doubt would take one look at "Cathy's Curse" and immediately reprise one of their famous lines: "This has got the bacony stench of Canada all over it".

I didn't bother to do any research on the production of this gobbler, but I visualize a handful of Canadian film students (high school?) with about a twelve dollar budget and one (count 'em, one) really, REALLY cheap video camera--below the old standard 8 mm quality; maybe 7 1/2 mm.

Single takes, all the way; direction by a palsied moose; written by someone whom had just discovered Horror, but wasn't sure what they had. And the actors: oy vay! Either chosen at random from the timber camps of British Columbia (beware: plaid!), or else picked out carelessly from Calgary's gutter-sweepings. The latter especially applies to "Old Paul", the handyman, who would look more at home "sitting on a park bench, eying little girls with bad intent" (thank you very much, Ian Anderson, for one of my childhood's more indelible images, ie, "Aqualung").

Whatever the case, surely no one associated with this film can be any kind of professional, not even by the hypothetical standards rampant in the Great White North.

All that taken into account...yeah, there actually ARE a few genuinely creepy scenes, like (possible SPOILER!) that which takes place in the attic, with the little girl, the doll, the painting and the ever-lovely Agatha the Medium. Thus, I really DO recommend this, but with the following caveats: drink much Molson first; and it is best viewed at the tail-end of a Saturday-night-all-guys-with-beer-and-pizza bash, when the gang's thought processes are sufficiently enhanced to where ANYTHING is entertainment.

By the way, as did some of the other posters here, I got this on one of those schlocky 10 DVD Brentwood Specials. It was a birthday present, believe it or not, by people who actually like me (well, they claim they do).
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What a find
Sam Panico24 October 2017
Back in 1947, a man learns that his wife has left and taken their five-year-old son, George. His daughter, Laura, is a crying mess, but her father yells that, "Your mother is a bitch! She'll pay for what she did to you!" They race out into the snow and narrowly miss hitting a white rabbit. The car crashes and they burn to death.

When he grows up, George moves back into his family home with his clinically insane wife Vivian and daughter Cathy. George is really happy that Cathy is adjusting so well, which upsets his wife, because he always judges how crazy she is.

Well, Cathy isn't doing so well. She sees Laura's face in the mirror and has started to play with the dead girl's doll. When anyone tries to take the doll, she throws her cereal across the room, to which the maid answers, "Don't worry about it!" No. Much like The Babadook and Manhattan Baby, the majority of these supernatural kid problems come down to bad parenting.

Basically, this movie is a collection of Cathy doing crazier and crazier things, like getting neighborhood kids to re-enact the car crash that started the film, which includes making young boys say things like, "All women are bitches." Then she tries to stab a girl's eyes out.

Then she throws a maid out the window in a scene that has nothing to do with The Omen.

There's also a medium who shows up just to hang out and see the past through a photograph, yelling out moments of the car crash. Because you know, that's what you do when ladies lunch. She keeps coming back to try and stop Cathy, but the first time she's scared off when the little girl is rude and calls her an old bitch and a fat whore. This being Canada, one can see how that level of improper behavior could scare off anyone. But she comes back a third time and Cathy conjures another old woman who refers to her as "not a medium, but an extra rare piece of s**t," a line I will be using quite often.

The handyman agrees to watch her, but she keeps making him drink. Then, she kills his dog.

Cathy's powerset is never clearly defined. She can teleport. She can become other people. She can change her voice. She can shake, smash, move and explode objects. She can make food go bad just by looking at it! What else can she do?

That said — the reason why Laura's ghost possesses Cathy is never really defined either. Does she want to get back at George? Does she want to be alive again? Does she want Cathy to die when she tries to drown her? Does she want to kill Cathy's mom? You'll wonder, too!

Even the ending makes no sense!

So you'd think I hated this movie. No. I loved it. It has no establishing shots. Characters and subplots float in and out and are never referenced again. None of this matters to me. The fact that a seven-year-old girl has glowing eyes and a filthy mouth and is out to kill people makes me filled with joy.

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Boring, Cheaply Made, Uneventful Canadian "Omen" Clone
Kind of hard to be nice to this one. I watched it twice, trying to find something positive to say other than parts of it are unintentionally hilarious. But with low budget, ineptly made Canadian tax shelter horror that's sort of par for the course. If only the movie wasn't so boring and derivative, right down to the scene where the young mom is soaking in the bathtub and finds herself covered with leeches. Saw that one coming a mile away.

There are a couple of eye opening aspects about the movie however, the most remarkable being the somewhat creative use of profanity and personal insults used not only in the presence of the young moppet at the center of the story, but by her as well. I've heard drunken Marines on leave argue over who's turn it is to pay for the next round who would blush at some of the things that were written to come out of her mouth. And they do, spoken with a relish that is somewhat disturbing: Did they explain to the young actress what the words meant? She can't be more than 11.

In fact wondering about certain statistical aspects regarding the movie are more interesting than discussing the movie itself. Currently the film is going around in a moth eaten 82 minute print on bargain bin DVDs that shouldn't cost more than a nickel. I've managed to see the complete 88 minute version and it didn't improve matters much. There's one great howler of a scene where an old lady gets pitched out of a window, but I guess because of the presence of a young lady on the set the producers shied away from the nudity & gore that one would expect from a cheapo R rated Canadian tax shelter horror movie. There's a creepy old doll, an elderly family friend who is apparently welcome to drink as much booze as he can stomach while watching the young tyke, plus a drowning sequence for the young lass that looks a bit too hazardous for it's own good. Little Randi Allen must have grown up to be one twisted lady.

What we are left with is a puzzling little film that tries to be mega-spooky but doesn't have the balls to be more than an oddity. Stranger still the film has developed sort of a cult following that is difficult to explain, unless they are all film students who are marveling at how to make a movie for less than your average Mastercard debit spending limit. Many seem to be referring to it as an EXORCIST clone, I am more reminded of THE OMEN with a touch of AUDREY ROSE mixed in for good measure.

Is there anything to recommend it? Sure, if ultra low budget regional horror is your cup of tea. It's strange seeing a young actress being asked to do some of the things that are seen/heard on-camera, and the expected Freudian undertones are all over this cookie. And I guess if you are writing a chapter about Evil Child horror movies you shouldn't leave this one out.

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Below even the bottom of the barrel
Wizard-810 April 2010
There is one good thing I can say about this Canada/France co-production, and that is unlike many filmmakers in Canada or France, they were not making another boring art movie, and were instead trying to make something entertaining. But their attempt to make something mainstream fails in every other way you can think of. It's a real cheap movie - it seems they blew almost all of the budget on the classic car they destroy at the beginning of the movie. It actually seems that they didn't have enough money to shoot every scene in the script, seeing how *constantly* important actions take place off-camera, and that the beginning of the movie would be incomprehensible had the filmmakers not added written on screen text explaining things. The movie is poorly photographed (a Canadian trademark) in depressing-looking Quebec locations in winter, it has shabby special effects, and things happen that make no sense (what was the point of the scene with the rats and snakes?) If I could vote "zero" for this movie, I would, but for now I have to stick with IMDb's lowest available vote of one.
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terrible but watchable
callanvass13 May 2004
terrible low budget flick has awful dialog that is just extremely bad the acting is actually not bad and the characters were okay but the script was poor and the make up effects are very shoddy the gore well not much of it when we do see it it looks totally fake yes this was watchable but not enough to go pay for it and the ending was lame and as i said the dialog is terrible it was hilarious i paid almost $2.00 for this crap (dumb idea) the directing is awful this looks like it was made on a camcorder with a bunch of friends yet is was oddly watchable and cheesy still it does not mean that this is a lousy flick so i say don't bother i was gonna give this a * out of 5 but it was watchable so i give it a *1/2 out of 5 avoid this piece of cow dung
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"Go on, you filthy cow. Make us laugh!"
Scott LeBrun3 December 2017
Low budget Canadian knock-off of superior major releases such as "The Exorcist" and "The Omen" is nonetheless fairly pleasing on a "so bad it's good" level. It begins in the 1930s, as a man (Peter MacNeill, "Crash", "A History of Violence") and his young daughter perish in a car accident. 40 years later, the girls' now grown-up brother George (Alan Scarfe, "Double Impact", 'Seven Days') moves into the old family home with his wife Vivian (Beverly Murray, "Street Smart", "The Carpenter") and their kid, Cathy (Randi Allen). Soon, the kid is behaving strangely, the wife is coming unglued, and various bizarre & macabre things are happening.

"Cathy's Curse" is NOT without entertainment value: it's slipshod - and hysterically scripted - enough to make it pretty amusing in spite of itself. The acting is pretty bad from just about everybody, but that doesn't mean that it isn't enjoyable. The pretty Murray is the worst offender; she seems incapable of delivering a good performance if her life depended on it. Young Allen is a hoot, especially as the story progresses and the movie gets more and more priceless.

Special effects and gore are kept to a minimum, with French-born co-writer & director Eddy Matalon ("Breakout", "Sweet Killing") struggling in vain to give his movie some semblance of gravitas and atmosphere. But ultimately, "Cathy's Curse" is entertaining because of it being so laughable. It's hard to say whether this was intended; the actors, as underwhelming as they are; do largely play the material straight. Roy Witham ("Agency"), as old caretaker Paul, is amusing, as is Mary Morter ("The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane") as the medium. Best of all is when the dialogue suddenly turns vulgar, and the kid is hurling insults at her elders.

A must if you're eager to delve into the cheesier side of Canuxploitation, but don't go in expecting anything resembling a good film.

Filmed in Quebec.

Five out of 10.
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Let's play car accident
Michael Ledo12 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In December of 1947 Jo Ann Gimble absconds with her five year old son George. Her husband and daughter Laura follow in a car (Packard?) and skid off the road to avoid a bunny and burst into flames...which is what happens to every car that goes into a ditch so don't text and drive. In November of 1979 grown up George (Alan Scarfe) moves back into the original house with his nervous breakdown wife Vivian (Beverly Murray) and his daughter Cathy (Randi Allen- only film). Cathy finds an old doll in the attic and sees a picture of Laura accompanied by creep music.

Cathy develops telekinetic powers and makes Damien look like a sissy as the ambulance works wheel ruts to and from her home.

This is not a film which time has treated well. I watched this on a multi-DVD and it was horribly unrestored. The acting was bad and this could be a "so bad it is good" type of film if you're in the proper mental state as the terror scenes proved to be on the funny side. The Medium who can talk to inanimate objects replaces the Ouija board and saved 10 minutes.

Unless you are Randi Allen or a collector far more serious than me, you might want to avoid. As always one man's garbage is another man's cult classic.

Guide: "B" word. No sex or nudity.
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OK Low-Budget Horror
Rainey Dawn19 October 2016
Watchable. Not great but I found it watchable. In the beginning of the film I thought I was going to watch it in fast-forward just to see what happens but I ended up watching it in it's entirety. The film is not all that grand but something about it kept me watching - I don't know, but somehow I got interested in it.

A possessed doll and a creepy photo in the attic that looks strangely like little Cathy are up in the attic of the old house that Cathy's father lived in when he was a boy. The family ended up moving back to that old house and strange things happen - like Cathy's possession.

This one I acquired in the Creepy Classic film pack - it's not all that creepy (just a little bit at times) and it's an older film but not really a classic. It's just somewhat entertaining junk.

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callanvass17 May 2004
okay i am going to have to re do this review this was just a stupid exorcist rip off i did not buy into this one bit it was too hokey and had extremely bad acting and bad dubbing and the dialog was terrible not much gore lame deaths and this was just not too particularly interesting for me i was just bored there is one scene where the grandma gets thrown out the window that was unintentionally hilarious and this was a routine exorcist rip off that gets tiring by the minute and it's unoriginal as well and we have seen this done quite a few times before and done better at that i rented this under Cathy's Curse so this all adds up to cheap repetitive and boring exorcist rip off please avoid it * out of 5
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One severely autistic child...
Emperor_Torgo16 January 2008
Ugh. I can't believe it's my duty to humanity to review this piece of crap. I suppose I should begin.

This...wasn't a thing to watch whilst staying home sick. I managed to crawl weakly over to my 50 Chilling Classics Collection and pick it up, stick in my DVD player, and stumble back to couch to watch what appeared to be a really poorly done b-movie.

I was way off.

This was the most horrible b-movie imaginable! The movie opens with the title "Cathy's Curse". I take a look at it and think, "Eh, crappy title, worse camera. Colors too bad. Must be made in 1960's." I look at the box...1979. I was thinking this was from '66 at the latest! Seriously, the camera is worse than that of Manos! I sit through the intro as a man walks into a house, proclaiming, "Your mother's a b*tch! She'll pay for what she's done!" I giggle a little, then immediately stop as the retarded dad, instead of *stopping* for a bunny, swerves off the road, killing them both in a fire.

Fast forward a couple decades, and look, there's the house again! The new retarded family moves in and paranormal things happen. Uh...let's see...the couple makes love...something about an old lady...most of the cast dies...some kind of exorcism by ripping off the stitches of a doll's eyes...really ugly African-American kid...Am I being too crude? Anyway, you have to see it to believe it. Why two stars instead of one, you ask? 'Cause the swearing made me laugh.
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So many spoilers you'll never have to watch this movie...
nealnels6 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"There's something wrong with this house, I just can't explain it." Well, hopefully I CAN explain this garbage well enough to spare most of you the intestinal pain it caused me. Here we go, I'm sorry...

Title card (a badly painted piece of card-board straight out of a silent film) flashes (and I MEAN flashes. One has about 1.5 seconds to read what it says) on the screen. It tells us that a mother is leaving her husband and daughter, but taking her son with her. Boy, talk about favoritism. Bad cut to daughter crying on her bed holding a tragically ugly doll (that looks like an over-grown version of either the Living Dead dolls or the ones that go to Monster High.) She's explaining to her father what the audience just read on the card. Father grabs (10 year old?) daughter by the arm screaming what a BITCH her mother is. Bad cut, again, to another title card telling us father and daughter are in hot pursuit of wife and son. Why? Do they really want this bitch back? Bad cut, (Oh, I can't keep this up. All the cuts are bad. The entire film. Hey, I'm all for hiring the handicapped; but getting Helen Keller to edit this movie was a really bad idea.) Suddenly a rabbit hops across the road in front of the car. Daughter doesn't want daddy to hit it so she pleads with him to swerve out of its path. The car has reached the dizzying speed of 5 MPH at this point and tumbles, ever so gently, approximately 6 feet down (not even the entire length of the car) into a ravine. Because of this "impact" the doors seem jammed and the hood is on fire. But-Yay for the bunny! The daughter and dolly are conscious, but poor daddy has left this earth... and the movie. (Lucky bastard) Girl naively tries to wake her father. Does she try another door? NO! She screams, the flames get higher, and I guess she dies... because then the movie cuts to twenty years later.

The original mother has passed on but George (the son she took with her) has a wife and daughter. The new family moves into the old house. Wife's name is Vivian, daughter's name is Cathy (the titular character.) Cathy is near in age to her dead aunt (insert bad Pink Panther joke here) Laura (the girl that died in the crash.) Cathy explores the house one day and finds a doll (the ugly one that used to belong to Laura) up in the attic. It looks OK considering it burned in a car twenty years ago, except its eyes are now sewn shut. (Which makes it even SCARIER) Cathy becomes possessed by the spirit of Laura living inside the doll.

Possessed Cathy takes out a few people. Mostly women because Laura, the possessor, was told all women are BITCHES. Cathy starts with her mother, Vivian (who has already had several nervous breakdowns). Cathy never gets around to killing mom. What she does is vanish and reappear a few times, make a stairway and light fixture shake, and misbehave a tad. This is enough to send mommy back to the loony bin. A nanny steps in for a moment, but Cathy mentally pushes her out of a second story window. Making it look like a suicide. Cathy then turns her attention to caretaker Paul. One night while daddy's at work (a construction job we never see him at) she gets Paul drunk. A very easy task. She then makes Paul hallucinate rats, spiders and snakes. (Oh my) None of the creatures does anything to hurt Paul, but he is distressed by it. Cathy teases Paul outside with the doll. You see, Paul is convinced the doll is evil and must be destroyed. After running ten feet Paul falls to the ground and has what appears to be a stroke. He's not dead though. Probably because he is a MAN and therefore not a BITCH. There is a woman medium that visits Vivian for tea. Medium holds a picture of Laura and her father and proceeds to speak in tongues, shaking and wailing. When Vivian gets the picture out of the mediums hands it's as if nothing happened. This medium comes to visit Vivian one night (not knowing she was back in the bin) and ends up in the attic where Cathy is throwing her voice to sound like her mother. Medium sees Cathy, a portrait of Laura, and Laura's mother- who tells Medium to leave the house and never come back. (Sound advice) Then there is a very loud noise that causes Medium to cover here ears and run from the attic.

Phew. This is how it ends. Mom takes a bath that, in her mind is filled with blood and leeches. She dries off, puts on a robe and heads downstairs to confront Cathy. She, also, is convinced that the doll must be destroyed. Dad is just getting home from work and the house won't let him in. He breaks a window and steps inside. Cathy is between them in the dining room. Her face looks badly burned and she's insisting on being called Laura. Mother grabs doll from Cathy and rips the stitches away from its eyes. A few bottles and mirrors burst, there is a super imposed face of Laura over the front of the house that fades, and then it's all over. Cathy covers her face with her hands, then takes them away to reveal she is no longer burned (possessed). She reaches toward her mother and whimpers, "Mommy." Credits roll- Thank God!
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This Film Is Cursed
bkoganbing29 April 2011
Young Cathy gets taken by her parents to visit the old family home in Quebec where the spirit of her late aunt, her father's sister takes over her and people and animals start dying mysterious deaths around her. Only her clueless dad doesn't see the connection, but there's a photograph of his late sister who was killed at around the same age Cathy is now which anyone who has eyes can see the resemblance. They don't even need the medium who comes and visits to figure all this out.

This French-Canadian production is more tedious than chilling and it's got acting performances that belong in high school plays. The color print I saw is completely washed out and gray and will also put you to sleep. Pass it by folks.
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