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Review: The Girl in Room 2A (DVD)

Originally titled La Casa Della Paura/The House of Fear, The Girl in Room 2A is American director William Rose’s 1974 giallo. Produced by Dick Randall, the man behind the infamous Pieces and Don’t Open‘Til Christmas, it’s his entry into the Italian thriller boom of the 1970’s that was spearheaded by Dario Argento with The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.

Beautiful Margaret Bradley (Daniela Giordano) has just been released from jail on a trumped-up drug charge and is sent to live at a boarding house run by a mysterious woman named Mrs. Grant (Giovanna Galetti). Mrs. Grant has a middle-aged son, Frank (Angelo Infanti) who has taken a shine to the new boarder. Settling into her new life, it isn’t long before this peaceful new home becomes a nightmare of hallucinations and nefarious goings on.

In one genuinely creepy scene, Margaret imagines being back in jail
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The Girl in Room 2A (1973)

Written and directed by: William Rose

Cast: Daniela Giordano, John Scanlon, Angelo Infanti, Giovanna Galletti and Raf Vallone

The Girl in Room 2A is quite a tease. Her reputation as a violent giallo is unfounded. The girl may be rough, but she’s no giallo.

She’d like for you to believe that she’s a disturbing precursor to the torture porn genre. If such a distinction gets her some notoriety, I’ll not argue with her. She’s been through quite enough already. But cinematic sleaze merchants have been torturing beautiful, buxom women onscreen for decades. So her trauma (while not insubstantial) really isn’t anything unique. Her biggest problem, aside from her muddled identity, is that she’s just not very bright.

The film starts out in rough fashion with an attractive young woman leaving her apartment. She is abducted violently by several men and thrown into a
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The Girl in Room 2A Checks in on Home Video March 27th

The folks at Mondo Macabro dropped us a line to let us know that the 1973 film The Girl in Room 2A is finally getting an official DVD release on March 27th. If giallo is your thing, you won't want to miss this one!

From the Press Release:

Mondo Macabro is proud to present the official DVD release of The Girl in Room 2A, scrubbed and freshened up, with a sparkling anamorphic transfer from the film negative, new subtitles, and presented completely Uncut and Unedited. This special release of the 1973 giallo classic also includes special extras to entice genre film lovers to add this special treat to their collections.

The Girl in Room 2A (1973, Italy, 84 min.), directed by American filmmaker William Rose (Rent-a-Girl), stars 1966's Miss Italy winner and popular genre actress Daniela Giordano (Evil Eye) as Margaret Bradley, a recently paroled young girl who moves into a boarding house run by a kindly older woman.
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