The Car (1977) Poster


James Brolin: Wade Parent



  • Donna : Wade... there's something I... I wanna tell you about last night. Well, the old lady... well, Chas, he didn't translate everything that she said.

    Wade Parent : What do you mean?

    Donna : Well, uh... she said... there was no driver in the car.

  • Wade Parent : Whatever happened to last Thursday? I had it made last Thursday.

  • Chas : I shouldn't have left her.

    Wade Parent : Nothing would have changed. He would have taken you out too. I talked to her... she called me when she got back here. She could hear the engine coming down the street.

    [choking back the tears] 

    Wade Parent : She was so frightened. I don't know... I don't know.

    Luke : I know why he didn't go into the cemetery.

    [Wade turns to look at Luke] 

    Luke : I know why. There's no other reason... the ground... was hallowed.

    [Wade gives Luke a skeptical glare] 

    Luke : That's what I say... but you think about it. Everything that's happened... what it did to the guys, and how.

    [Wade turns and walks out of the house] 

    Luke : Everybody else was killed on the street! Lauren was killed in the middle of her own living room! She was special... why? Because she cursed him, that's why!

    Wade Parent : I don't believe it, I don't accept it.

    Luke : Wade, that car flew into that house four feet off the ground. And how did he know where she lived?

    Wade Parent : Keep the road blocks up, get all the other guys. Get 'em down at the station right away.

  • Wade Parent : Yeah... yeah, ten years of giving out traffic tickets, and all this in one day!

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