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And yet I laughed
jbels12 May 2003
This movie seems to have been made from a very old dirty joke book. You can see the punchlines coming a mile a way, and yet there is something strangely charming about this movie. Perhaps it's the fact that something like this could never be made today. All I know is that The Little Red Riding Hood skit made me laugh so loud, I had to rewind it and watch it again. If nothing else, it is only 70 minutes long, so if you hate it, it won't be two hours of torture like most movies.
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Fond Memories
wjbrocker15 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
While the first film, "If You Don't Stop It...You'll Go Blind", was very funny, "Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?" is far superior. As a movie junkie, I have had the privilege of seeing all THREE versions of this film in the theater. THREE versions, you say? How can THAT be?? Version #1: The original had none of the sketches that Robin Williams did. It DID, however, have three sketches by the comedy duo of Roger & Roger as the "Lone Stranger & Pronto." Version #2: The first re-release of the film had Robin Williams hyped as a featured player, although he only appeared in TWO sketches! A total rip-off! Not only that, but two of the original sketches were deleted from Version #2 to make room for the Robin Williams sketches. One of them was the third & final "Lone Stranger & Pronto" sketch. Version #3: After threats of lawsuits from Robin Williams (and others, possibly), the movie was again released in theaters without the Robin Williams sketches, but the two deleted original sketches were NOT included!! An even BIGGER rip-off!!

The first "Lone Stranger & Pronto" sketch was described by Theo Robertson in the User Comments, so I don't have to mention that. The 2nd sketch had The Lone Stranger in a saloon telling the bartender about the rattlesnake bite, how Pronto left him to die, and how he survived (that can still be seen). Here is the third, "Lost", sketch. The announcer states that The Lone Stranger has forgiven Pronto and are back together again. Hiding behind boulders, they are beset by large tribes of attacking Indians. The Lone Stranger points out the various tribes (using stock Western footage) charging from all sides. He then sees smoke signals, and asks Pronto to interpret them. After a few seconds, Pronto tells The Lone Stranger that the smoke signals say, "You going to DIE Kimmasabe!!" He then stands up an starts giving hand-signs to the attacking Indians(the Peace sign, the raised Power fist) while saying things like, "Don't shoot! Me Soul Brother! Peace, brother!", etc. FUNNY!! And LOST forever, unless the producers have the courage to release it on DVD. Just think; They could release it with ALL the sketches restored, including the lost sketches! Come on,guys! Other old movies are being revitalized, why not YOUR two masterpieces??
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Burlesque Redux
Tomlonso20 May 2002
An update of the skits and jokes you would have seen on a Burlesque stage in the first half of the 20th Century. It's a string of several jokes acted out. Some of them you could tell your Grandmother, some of them not, but it's a fairly safe bet she's heard them all before. For what it tries to be, it's not too bad. Before you rent it, remember that it's an older style of entertainment and has more value as history than as comedy or titillation. Robin Williams has a couple of bits, but he's interchangeable with the other players.
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Low Brow But Amusing
Theo Robertson25 September 2005
I saw this when I was sixteen years old and perhaps this was the reason I found this sketch based film so very amusing and I can still remember some of the sketches more than half a lifetime ago

Man in nudist colony with back to camera hands two female nudists two cups

" Coffee ? "

" Thank you "

" Donuts ? "

" Thank you "

Guess where the donuts are being kept ? Ha Ha Ha . That sums up the level of humour and my favourite joke involved the Lone Ranger who is bitten by a rattlesnake while urinating ( Guess what part of his anatomy got bitten ? ) so sends Tonto to get medical help . He manages to go into town a find a doctor who tells him that the only way to treat snakebite is " to suck out the poison " so Tonto goes back to find find The Lone Ranger :

" What did he say "

Tonto sees his friend lying in sheer agony : " He said ssss , he said sss , he said you're going to die Kemosabi "

When asked most fans of this movie will admit the bus sketch is their favourite moment where a man sits on a crowded bus reading a porn mag . He unzips his pants and starts to masturbate . Yeah I know it's crude and near the knuckle even if the camera is locked onto a medium shot of the man's face but the joke works because it becomes long running . After the initial scene it cuts away to several more sketched then returns to the man who is more and more excited at pleasuring himself . Cut away to a couple more sketches then back to the bus which has now stopped with most of the passengers running out screaming . Back to a couple of more sketches then back to the bus with an overly excited man then back to the bus where he reaches a climax . In a state of sexual relief he pulls out a packet of ciggies and sticks one in his mouth . Thoughtfully he turns to the one remaining passenger on the bus , a priest and asks " Excuse me father do you mind if I smoke ? " The picture freezes and a caption and voice over is played - " You meet the nicest people on a bus "

Hey guys I saw this when I was sixteen . Don't blame if me if CAN DO IT TILL I NEED GLASSES hasn't dated well
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Old stale jokes
movieman_kev18 September 2008
No real plot to this one, just a series of short skits acting out some VERY old jokes. I chuckled once or twice in the beginning, much to my chagrin. But even at only 73 minutes this film wears out it's welcome before too long and becomes stale and tedious (with some nudity sprinkled in here and there to keep you awake). Still as bad as this movie is (and that's pretty putrid), it's a comedic gem compared to pretty much ANYthing by Aaron Seltzer & Jason Friedberg (Date movie, Epic movie, Meet the Spartans) Also the song is sadly kind of catchy in a sad way.

Eye Candy: 11 pair of tits, 3 bushes, 3 asses

My Grade: D

Code Red DVD Extras: Original trailer for this film; and trailers for "Beyond the Door", "Dead Pit", "the Farmer", "obsessed Ones", "Power Play", "Sole Survivor", & "Wacky Taxi"
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Old Ribald Jokes in the Flesh
pimp4u1 May 2007
Right up there with Groove Tube and Kentucky Fried Movie, 'Till I Need Glasses acts out on every old ribald joke you've ever heard. Non-stop from the beginning to the end, there is never a moment's rest.

This is a sequel to the movie 'If you don't stop it you'll go blind'. Humorously titled 'Can I do it till I need glasses', the titles form a joke in themselves. There's not a frame that is not exposed with comedy.

I saw this when I was a teenager, and later married the girl I saw it with. I think this movie had a lot to do with that. But I like it anyway.

Plenty of sexual situations, mostly showing boobies.

This is a classic from the 70's, as the attire will attest. I'm going to rate it a MUST-SEE for anyone from 14 to 114. Find it on eBay or wherever and share it with your friends. You'll all truly enjoy it.
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This movie is absolutely AWFUL!
Jim M-216 June 1999
Can I Do it 'till I Need Glasses? at the very least proves the point that anyone can make a movie. Talent is not a consideration. The folks who unleashed this wretched pile of spewing vomit upon the world, lack any semblance of talent, taste or intelligence. The target audience must consist of the recently labotimized, and infants who play with their own feces. Anyone else would be far too world wise to get even a snicker out of this film. It consists of a series of sophmoric skits in which the punchline does not even extend to the obvious. It ends at the ludicrous. The jokes told are the types of jokes that elementary school children tell (usually potty or sexually related) where they don't know the meaning of all of the terms they use. You know, like the one about daddy's car and mommy's garage. To apply any sterner method of criticism would be pointless, since the usual standards of acting, writing, direction and such have never even been heard of by the creative "minds." behind this mess. Not to be judgemental, but anyone who enjoyed this film should seriously reflect upon their purpose on this earth.
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A joke-filled comedy on the adult world.
emm10 November 1998
Those skit-style comedy movies have been my personal favorites, and this is one of them, combining a variety show such as HEE HAW with MAD Magazine. I could not recognize Robin Williams throughout the entire program, and where did he come from? Well, you will certainly enjoy this one IF you are addicted to X-rated movies. If not, then you're not ready for this. The jokes are pretty outrageous if you can take them seriously. Watch the scene where a pervert rides on a bus and you'll get the idea! My biggest complaint is that it's way too racy and raunchy for my liking, which makes THE GROOVE TUBE (funnier!) and THE SEX O' CLOCK NEWS (not very funny!) mild in comparison. Be cautious when checking this title out!
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Wow... they made a movie of this?
gfulda12 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers... if such a thing is possible... . . . . . . . As a rabid Robin Williams fan, I felt it necessary to buy this film as first on-screen appearance. Wow... I could not imagine a more mind-numbing movie. Essentially, the movie takes one bad joke after another that your uncle Artie would tell you after dinner and dramatizes them. Robin Williams plays a lawyer in a 30 sec skit.

I'm all for bawdy humor, but this humor wasn't pleasantly vulgar, or ribald... it was just mind-numbing. There are no redeeming qualities to this film, other than Robin Williams fanatics, like me, who simply have to own every piece of film.
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Harriet Deltubbo30 August 2014
Here's a comedy comprised of short, sexually suggestive skits. Sounds corny? It's meant to be goofy. It's one of those films for which I could guess the plot exactly before I saw it. Never in my life have I laughed so hard! I really like this type of film, as it reminds me of Austrian comedies where it's more about the characters and their environment. It is simple yet effective and you'll likely like it at least a bit. Strong cast pulls the most out of mediocre material. I like all of the comedians. The people who put this one together really knew what they were doing. My final rating for this one is seven out of ten.
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Comedy skits that just don't work.
Richard Johnson1 December 1998
When I saw this movie, circa 1979, it became the first movie that I ever walked out of in the middle. There is nothing worse than comedy that just misses being funny, and this misses every time (although I can't speak for the last 25 minutes of the movie). There was nothing original about any of the skits. While I enjoy racy humor where appropriate, these skits were needlessly vulgar. What was even more irritating was that this movie was advertised as "Robin William's first movie", capitalizing on his new found fame in the "Mork and Mindy" television series. Yet his role turned out to be so minor that you cannot even notice him on-screen.
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Title tells all....
gridoon20185 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers to the level of wit on which this comedy operates. Barely even reaching feature length, "Can I Do It....'Till I Need Glasses" is a collection of (mostly) dirty jokes. Many of them are so short that you can't believe it when you realize that THAT was supposed to be the punchline (example: the Santa Claus gag); others are so long that you can't believe it when you realize that they needed so much time to set up THAT punchline (example: the students' awards gag). And nearly all are directed without any artistry. Don't get me wrong: about 1 every 10 jokes actually manages to be funny (the iron / phone one is probably my favorite). There is also some wonderful full-frontal nudity that proves, yet again, that the female body, especially in its natural form, is the best thing on this planet (there is some comedic male nudity as well). And I agree with others that the intentionally stupid title song is actually pretty damn catchy! But none of those reasons are enough to give this film anything more than * out of 4.
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Awesome last laugh is worth it
paz914 March 2004
Yeah, the jokes are old and silly, yeah, there's no continuity. But I remember seeing it in a theater, that last 20 minute skit, the longest one, was gut-busting and so hilariously funny that it was worth the wait. I have never cried tears of laughter so hard before or since.

Everything else about the movie is dumb. It is hard to imagine how it was ever financed. I remember the reviews of the time putting it down and calling it a big dirty joke in the poorest taste. Well, yes, every sketch is an unoriginal 5th grade toilet joke. Everyone, except the last. That is a 6th grade toilet joke. But the joke is acted out and drawn out and actually something comparable to a vignette from Woody Allen's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex", only way funnier, if you can imagine that.
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