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  • Neurotic New York comedian Alvy Singer falls in love with the ditzy Annie Hall.

  • Alvy Singer, a forty year old twice divorced, neurotic, intellectual Jewish New York stand-up comic, reflects on the demise of his latest relationship, to Annie Hall, an insecure, flighty, Midwestern WASP aspiring nightclub singer. Unlike his previous relationships, Alvy believed he may have worked out all the issues in his life through fifteen years of therapy to make this relationship with Annie last, among those issues being not wanting to date any woman that would want to date him, and thus subconsciously pushing those women away. Alvy not only reviews the many ups and many downs of their relationship, but also reviews the many facets of his makeup that led to him starting to date Annie. Those facets include growing up next to Coney Island in Brooklyn, being attracted to the opposite sex for as long as he can remember, and enduring years of Jewish guilt with his constantly arguing parents.

  • Comedian Alvy Singer examines the rise and fall of his relationship with struggling nightclub singer Annie Hall. Speaking directly to the audience in front of a bare background, Singer reflects briefly on his childhood and his early adult years before settling in to tell the story of how he and Annie met, fell in love, and struggled with the obstacles of modern romance, mixing surreal fantasy sequences with small moments of emotional drama.

  • The story of comedian Alvy Singer is recounted through a series of flashbacks that examines where his relationship with the titular lady all went wrong. Annie Hall is a aspiring nightclub singer and Alvy is a struggling writer and one day the two meet, hit it off together and eventually fall in love. The trial and tribulations of this modern romance highlights the comedy, emotion and sadness the two go through.

  • Romantic adventures of neurotic New York comedian Alvy Singer and his equally neurotic girlfriend Annie Hall. The film traces the course of their relationship from their first meeting, and serves as an interesting historical document about love in the 1970s.

  • After breaking up with his girlfriend Annie Hall, neurotic comedian Alvy Singer goes on a stream of conciousness journey through his memories of their relationship, trying to find out what caused them to part ways. He often breaks the fourth wall, speaking to the camera, entering peoples' stories, and even using animation.


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  • Annie Hall is a film about a comedian, Alvy Singer (Woody Allen), who falls in love with Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). Both of the characters are completely different but both strikingly entertaining and unusual. Alvy is an extreme pessimist that obsesses over the subject of death and has very sarcastic and cynical views about the world and the people around him. Annie is a ditsy and clumsy talented singer and photographer. When Alvy and Annie meet for the first time they are instantly attracted to each other and as a result their conversations are awkward but never the less adorable. The film takes you through the couple's love lives, before and after their relationship. Alvy often comes out of the scene he is in to talk directly to the audience about his views on whatever situation he is in.

    Alvy Singer is a neurotic comedian who desperately wants to analyze his relationship with his former girlfriend Annie Hall. The beginning is romantic. Then problems arise. He is not too enthusiastic about her idea of moving in with him, and leaving her apartment. He dislikes her habit of smoking weed before having sex and her lack of education. After she enrolls in adult education classes, she soon gets attracted to a professor. Alvy and Annie break up in a fight. He tries to calm down and starts a new relationship but with no success. After a while she calls him and they start again, convinced they will make it this time. Everything looks wonderful. But soon they both reveal to their shrinks that the relationship has gone sour again. After visiting California they break up, peacefully this time.

    Alvy is proud about their calm transition from relationship to friendship. He tries to date another woman but again with no success. He gets a panic attack and flies to California where Annie is in a happy relationship. She rejects him. He gets so upset that he ends up in jail. After coming back to New York he writes a play about their relationship, but with a happy ending. He meets her again later in New York with some other guy. They go for lunch as friends, remembering their good times. At the end he realizes that although relationships are absurd and irrational, we still need to go through them. We need to believe they are not what they are.

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