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One of Amitabh's first father-son dual roles
silvan-desouza1 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Amitabh has done several double roles in his career, ADAALAT was one of his first ones after BANDHE HAATH(1973) In ADAALAT he plays a father-son

In the start he plays a simple villager who falls in problem and is arrested, then he takes revenge and then becomes a gangster His son returns from London and then there is a conflict between them

The movie starts well and slowly we are sweeped into the life of Dharma and keeps you engrossed throughout

Even the second half is handled well only flaws include the film tends to drag at times and also it's never shown who informs the Dharma The climax is well handled

Direction by Narendra Bedi is good Music is decent, Mukesh sings for Amitabh and the song BEHNA O BEHNA is superb, Kung Fu is good

Amitabh Bachchan excels in the dual role, this was the first time perhaps he played father-son followed by several more films The intensity in which he plays an AYM is matchless and he plays all facets of character superbly, as the son too he does a good job Waheeda excels, Neetu Singh does a decent job Anwar Hussain and the other villains are good in their roles Kader Khan excels
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An Underrated movie with awesome performance by Amitabh in a double role..
prabhat-shukla-19873 April 2010
Directed by Narendra Bedi starring Amitabh Bachchan(double role),Waheeda Rehman,Neetu Singh,Kader Khan. the movie was a "semi hit" at the box office and Amitabh was nominated for FilmFare best actor for this film.

Adalat is a story of a brave village farmer Dharma(Thakur Dharam Chand) and his wife Radha(Waheeda Rehman)and the injustice done to Dharma and how he takes his revenge and becomes a Don ,Amitabh himself plays Dharma's son Raju educated in Britain with a Geeta Verma (Neetu Singh) as his love interest

Dharamchand, known as Dharma, an ameniable village farmer is thrilled when his wife, Radha, gives birth to a baby boy, who they decide to call Raju. Dharma heroically saves the lives of Ajit, Suresh, and Sujit, when they are being attacked by a tiger, and they graciously offer him a job in Bombay whenever he decides to visit. When the village experieces economic difficulty and drought, the family migrate to Bombay, where Ajit makes Dharma the manager of his warehouse in the city. Dharma is a success, until one day he is arrested by the police. His cries of innocence are ignored by the authorities and he is sentenced to 18 months in jail plus an additional six months for contempt of court. When he eventually returns home, everything has changed. His wife and Raju are near destitution; Laxmi has been raped by Sujit and has killed herself. Dharma decides to avenge her death and kills all three of them. He then joins forces with another gang, where he is rewarded for his loyalty and soon makes his way to the very top. He sends Raju for further education to Britain, and moves into a palatial home. Years later Raju returns home, and would like to marry Geeta Verma, who he met in Britain but is unable to meet his father's approval and comes into conflict. Unknown to Dharma, Ajit is still alive and has returned and it is time to avenge the past by trying to murder Dharma at any price.

Music by Kalyanji Anandji is decent with a couple of very good songs like "hum ka aisa waisa naa samjho" and "tumse door rehke"

Direction by Narendra Bedi is good,Dialogues are good,story is new and unpredictable. Amitabh gives a praiseworthy performance in the double role one of Dharma as a brave villager speaking in Awadhi who later becomes a Don and other of Dharma's son Raju a modern young guy educated in Britain. He shows an excellent range considering how diverse both the roles he plays are , this movie shows his talent as an actor to the fullest, Waheeda Rehman is natural, Neetu Singh adds glamour,Kader Khan is good as the honest cop, Anwar Hussain is alright as the villain.

Watch this movie for Amitabh...he's too good in this one..
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underrated Bachchan classic
sharankandhai17 February 2010
This movie is much better than many people think. Story : Amitabh is a simpleton in a village with a wife, Waheeda Rehman, and a sister. 3 guys from the city come (Anwar Hussain, Sujit Kumar and another one) andtell Bachchan to come to the city and they will help him. Bachchan and Waheeda get a son and movie to the city where the 3 guys rape his sister, sent Amitabh to jail and much more happens to him. Emotionally devastated Amitabh kills them and becomes an underworld don. Years later the son, Amitabh again, wants to marry his girlfriend Neetu Singh. That when things take a turn. Watch out for an yet unknown Kadar Khan as inspector Khan who wants to arrest bachchan senior but is also his friend as he has seen the transformation in Bachchan happen in front of his eyes. One of the few movies in which not Kishore but Mukesh sings for Bachchan. And the songs are known till date " Humka aisa waisa na samjho" , " Kung Fu" and the classic " Behna o Behna Teri Doli Main" are some of the songs. A tearjerker!
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