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Awesome show I only dimly remember now
douglasp7 May 2015
Sometime back in 1977 this show came out as a summer replacement about two guys who get a music contract because the devil needs more souls.

I still remember, vaguely, two of the jokes, one of the Devil's victims try to warn Greg and Paul not to sign a contract with Mr. Hanover but she neglected to read the small print in her contract that stipulated the signee would not be able to warn anyone, so consequently when she tries to warn Paul and Greg not to sign a contract with Mr. Hanover, it comes out, "Don't sign a contract with a squirrel in your shorts."

And then there was the joke where an insecure Paul accuses Greg of stealing all his women because Greg is constant flexing, and Paul counts flexing as Greg moving his hand through his hair.

Over the years I have often thought of this show, but, apparently, I am the only one. I always wonder if Greg and Paul sign the contract and go to Hell or if they get out of it and foil Mr. Hanover. And now that Letterman is going off the air, maybe they can finally do a reunion show! Won't that be fun!
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