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One of a kind!
ajji-212 February 2007
I have seen plenty of cop shows on TV, but nothing comes close to Target, especially from amongst its contemporaries (Minder, The Sweeney, Van Der Valk, Switch, Streets Of San Francisco, etc). Consistently well-written and tautly directed, this was an intelligent cop show as well as an unpredictable one (the cops didn't always win). It was at times brutal, violent, and bleak, but always kept you on the edge of your seat, which happens all too rarely on TV. Miami Vice may have upped the gloss and glamor, but it couldn't manage half the grit. Or even the performances: Patrick Mower played Hackett like a British 'Dirty Harry', and would have eaten Crocket & Tubbs for breakfast. This is a series that begs for a full-on DVD treatment. If only someone was listening...
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That has GOT to chafe!
ubercommando31 August 2005
I couldn't disagree more with the other comment that we must thank god "Target" couldn't be made in this P.C. world...go back to your vanilla cop shows I say! In the 70's, Starsky & Hutch were tough, The Sweeney were tougher, The Professionals were tougher still but Target was the toughest of all. Right from the opening credits which featured a silhouetted fight scene and music that just screamed ACTION at you, Target was the kind of show you watched as a naughty vice. Patrick Mower was a hairy chest, medallion man of the 70's who knew who were the bad guys and proceeded to beat them up or gun them down depending on his mood. There were stunts, car chases and everything to make sure you didn't get bored. This was as far removed from the plodding Inspector Morse as you could get. Alas, the show was criticised as being too action packed and violent and it went just as it was becoming cult viewing (Patrick Mower and Brendan Price appeared in a drinks advert as Hackett and Bonny at one point) to be replaced by the boring, plodding breed of British TV detectives in the 80's and 90's.

As an aside, Target was created and produced by the guys who made Tom Baker's era as Dr. Who such a success...and they were criticised for putting action and violence into that show.
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DVD Release?
paulcannon122 February 2006
Can anybody out there tell me if this is going to be released on DVD. The BBC have finally dusted down Philip Martin's Gangster's for a March 2006 release, now surely its time for this long lost item. I just think for all of us out there who have the Sweeney and the Professionals, this is the next logical step. If this is not likely in the near future is there anyone who may already have this on VHS, that could convert it to DVD? I'm too young to remember the show but it sounds great even though it was dropped half way through the first season due to its excessive violent contents. I think in this day and age we are all a little bit more grown up about seeing this sort of stuff on TV.
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