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25 Apr. 1982
Blue Marigold
Myra - known as Marigold - is the celebrated face of the Blue Marigold advertising campaign. However, when she appears in a television commercial, she is told that her voice is unsuitable and another girl, Sophie, will be dubbing her. At the same time her married lover Paul leaves her. She is already hitting the bottle and suffering mood swings and she has a breakdown, being admitted to a psychiatric home. On discharge she goes to live with her sister Beryl at a sea-side resort. Here she meets Sophie, who is getting married to Paul, but he too has undergone an ...
2 May 1982
The Eavesdropper
The 'eavesdropper' is married Moira who, whilst in a restaurant, overhears a younger woman at an adjacent table tell her friend how she had a weekend in Paris with her lover Donald. Moira is aghast. Not only is her husband called Donald, he was in Paris, supposedly on business, the previous weekend. To make matters worse, the woman, Louise, has a distinctive watch which she says was given to her by Donald. And it looks exactly the same as one Donald gave to Moira and then got 'mislaid'. Should Moira approach this woman? Or is it all a bizarre coincidence?
9 May 1982
Operation Safecrack
Sam 'The Touch' Morrissey is the most famous safe-cracker in Britain and advertising executive Jack Harrison uses him in an elaborate live television stunt to promote his company. Sam has to break into the impregnable new Holdwell 801 safe in the studio, thereby claiming the twenty-five thousand pounds in an envelope in the safe. Time starts to run out and it looks as if Sam has failed. Fortunately for Sam he came to the studio with another skill as well as safe-cracking.
16 May 1982
Run, Rabbit, Run
Ten years after he was, as a young soldier billeted in Paris at the end of World War Two, Robert Simpson returns to the house where he stayed, owned by Resistance hero Hector Vareille. Hector was a bully to his put-upon wife Nathalie, who had to do everything as he always sat in the same chair and never left the house. Robert is writing a book about the Resistance but Hector is now dead and Nathalie tells the former soldier how she turned the tables on her overbearing husband.
23 May 1982
Stranger in Town
An eccentrically-dressed stranger gets off a train and within a few days has endeared himself to the citizens of the town with his jovial behaviour and magical tricks. He is known as Sir Columbus. However, when he calls upon prominent citizen Mr. Latham, he is neither jovial or eccentric, he is out for revenge. But then who would suspect such a delightfully off-the-wall middle-aged gentleman of being capable of murder?
30 May 1982
The Moles
Edward and George are friends whose businesses are in financial trouble but neither can get a loan from the bank, which makes them feel like robbing it. They enlist the help of an elderly safe-cracker called Meakins and, over the course of a weekend when the bank is closed, they tunnel into it from the shop next door. They successfully enter the vault after much arguing but, sadly for them they neglected to observe the notice on the door of the bank before they began their operation.
6 Jun. 1982
Following the murders of young women in a local park Woman Police Constable Mary Bryan agrees, somewhat reluctantly, to go undercover as a decoy. The chief suspect is a man called Timothy Burton, who frequents the park, and, with a police presence to back her up Constable Bryan gets him into conversation. But is he really the murderer? Might the real killer still be close at hand and prepared to strike again?
13 Jun. 1982
Pattern of Guilt
A man desperate to divorce his wife takes drastic action to rid himself of her.
20 Jun. 1982
A Harmless Vanity
When her best friend Liz tells her that husband George is having an affair with the much younger Carol, Mary Hitchman decides to meet her rival and invites her to a civilized beach party, having first lost weight and enjoyed a glamorous make-over, enabling her to wear a sexy red bathing suit identical to Carol's. This will all lead to George losing his mistress, though not in the way Mary had expected.
27 Jun. 1982
Death Can Add
Oliver Platt is defrauding his firm Bulmont Investments, not just out of greed but revenge as his father killed himself when a similar firm, for whom he worked, would not give him a loan to pay off his debts. Alan Corwin, an auditor, tumbles to Oliver's deception and demands a quarter of a million in hush money. Oliver puts the money in a brief-case along with a bomb, due to go off at six o'clock when Corwin will be in an aeroplane. Unfortunately for Oliver, his devoted secretary Leila cannot stand by and see her man beaten so she takes action. . .
4 Jul. 1982
Light Fingers
Ralph Stackpole runs a glove factory but gloves are being stolen on a regular basis, throwing suspicion on all those employed there, including Cotter, his designer. Henry brings in Semple, a private detective who comes up with a plan to trap the thief and at breakfast Henry explains it to his usually disinterested wife Joan. As a consequence stolen items start to crop up in the most unlikely places.
11 Jul. 1982
Death in the Morning
Recently married to wealthy country squire Ian Karen Masterson feels not only alienated in his large house but senses an evil spirit trying to get rid of her. She befriends neighbour Linda Larch, who suggests this may be the spirit of Ian's first wife who died in a car crash, but when Karen comes across a book of witchcraft she suspects that Linda may not be the good friend she had thought and has to take supernatural action of her own.
18 Jul. 1982
What Have You Been up to Lately?
Fergus Locke, an irascible and frankly washed-up actor, has a row over money with his put-upon wife, during which he kills her. He flees to London and meets Richard Mellor, another failed thespian who depends on his wealthy other half for funds. When a radio news flash reports the death of Mrs. Locke, Fergus escapes in Richard's car and is involved in a high speed chase, after which he crashes the motor. Crawling from the wreckage he makes a grisly discovery.
25 Jul. 1982
The Absence of Emily
Magistrate Norma allows her sister Emily, a children's author, and Emily's failure of a husband Bob to live in a house in her grounds. Bob's first wife died in mysterious circumstances and when Emily disappears Norma is deeply suspicious that she has come to harm despite Bob's assurances that she has merely gone somewhere quiet to complete her latest book. However, the opportunistic Bob comes to realise that it could be in his interests to play along with Norma's doubts.
1 Aug. 1982
In the Bag
As safe-breakers go, Sam is the best. He is painstaking and thoroughly cautious and consequently has never been caught, which is why Cara wants his services. As a result of a lover's tiff her family's jewels have been taken from her and locked in a safe, which she wants him to open. He is not overly happy when she opts to come with him for the job, but he has disguises for them so that they can make a quick getaway. But is this to be the first mistake in Sam's illustrious career?
8 Aug. 1982
A Man with a Fortune
Californian vineyard owner John Smith strikes up a conversation with a young woman called Eva whom he meets in a bar. He tells her that he has come to England to trace his ancestry and that he is going to the Norfolk village of Bedham, from where they originated. When Eva tells her flat-mate Janet, Janet, seeing the opportunity to bag herself a rich man, contrives a meeting with Smith in a records library, claiming that she too is going to trace her forebears in Bedham. However, Eva hears no more from her and, when she goes down to Bedham to look for her, she is told ...
15 Aug. 1982
Who's Got the Lady?
'The Patrician Lady', a priceless painting, is coming from France on loan to Parnell's London gallery but, at its unveiling, there is an explosion and gun-shots, suggesting a robbery although it is all over in seconds. The painting is still in place but the name 'Zarchetti' is stamped on the back of the canvas, suggesting a switch. Since the real painting is presumed stolen, Parnell's girlfriend Bernice, a talented forger, makes several copies of the original which are palmed off as the original and offered to interested parties. But did 'The Patrician Lady' really ...
22 Aug. 1982
The Skeleton Key
Andy, a hospital radiographer, is losing his girlfriend Emma to the self-centred Max, who is planning to take her on a romantic holiday. When Max complains of pains and Andy sees him in a professional capacity, an opportunity for revenge arises. Did Max really swallow that key, or is Andy just making him suffer ?

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