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Season 3

30 Aug. 1979
Episode #3.0
A compilation special prior to the season 3 premiere. Jessica reminisces about the family with Benson, who is leaving the Tate household for a position at the state governor's mansion.
13 Sep. 1979
Episode #3.1
Burt finds himself captive on an alien spaceship, with a duplicate of him ready to take his place in Mary's bed; Carol's mother arrives with his newborn daughter Wendy; Jessica chooses Chester over Detective Donohue.
20 Sep. 1979
Episode #3.2
Mary exults about Burt's sudden resurgence in bed, unaware that he's an alien duplicate of her husband; since Wendy's mother abandoned her baby to run off with a cowboy, Jodie finds himself taking sole care of his daughter so long as his best friend Alice is out of the picture; Burt meets another captive on the spaceship, a 4000 year old Jew named Saul.
27 Sep. 1979
Episode #3.3
Billy is rescued from The Sunnies, after which Benson bids farewell to Jessica to work in the mansion of her cousin the Governor; Burt and Saul try to make their escape, while Mary begins to suspect that her Burt is not a different man but another man.
4 Oct. 1979
Episode #3.4
Jessica convinces Detective Donohue to leave; Chester falls into old habits with an old flame; Danny is rescued by Millie, the girlfriend of his wife's killer; and Billy's divorced teacher, Mrs. Leslie Walker, enjoys his flattery after confessing her loneliness.
11 Oct. 1979
Episode #3.5
Dutch is finally released from prison; the alien Burt mistakes Millie for stepson Jodie; Saul beams the real Burt back down to the Campbell home, coming face to face with his duplicate.
1 Nov. 1979
Episode #3.6
The alien Burt prevents Mary from seeing the real Burt; Eunice admits that she can't stand Dutch; Billy takes Leslie to an out-of-the-way place where they must avoid being seen by Chester and Eunice; and the mismatched Tim and Corinne agree to divorce.
8 Nov. 1979
Episode #3.7
Billy spends his first evening in Leslie's apartment, meeting her condescending first husband; the real Burt is beamed back to the ship right in front of Mary, who concludes that he really can make himself invisible.
22 Nov. 1979
Episode #3.8
Billy tries taking Leslie to a hotel, where apparently every member of his family plans to spend the evening; the two Burts meet for a final confrontation.
6 Dec. 1979
Episode #3.9
Billy tells his mother about Leslie; Burt reveals everything about his alien double to Mary; while visiting his wife's grave, Danny meets Polly, a pretty black widow.
13 Dec. 1979
Episode #3.10
Burt laments that Danny has fallen for a black widow; Jessica walks out on her cheating husband; Jodie gets a surprise visit from a social worker.
27 Dec. 1979
Episode #3.11
Chester begs Jessica for another chance; Jodie decides to move back home with his daughter Wendy; Leslie plans a surprise gift for Billy's 18th birthday.
3 Jan. 1980
Episode #3.12
Danny catches up with Polly; Chester and Jessica attend a counseling session with a minister; Burt's doctor reveals that Mary is pregnant, and that Burt's insomnia is caused by a fatal blood disease.
10 Jan. 1980
Episode #3.13
Mary's joyful pregnancy is tempered by the fear that it may turn out to be the child of alien Burt; after spending the night in bed with Leslie, the once virginal Billy admits he's finally found something better than television.
17 Jan. 1980
Episode #3.14
The Campbells receive a visit from Polly's family; Danny learns about Burt's illness, and suggests he leave his legacy by getting into the Guinness Book of World Records; Chester has fallen for the minister's daughter, so Jessica finally kicks him out of the house.
24 Jan. 1980
Episode #3.15
Burt cannot bring himself to tell Mary about his terminal illness; Jessica learns that her old flame Detective Donohue has married someone else.
31 Jan. 1980
Episode #3.16
Jessica goes to psychiatrist Dr. Alan Posner, who keeps a punching bag in his office; Wendy's mother Carol, who jilted Jodie at the altar, makes an unannounced visit; Burt's doctor reveals he's not really dying after all; and Eunice abandons Dutch.
7 Feb. 1980
Episode #3.17
Danny and Polly decide to buy a house; Corinne and Dutch spend the night together; Carol tells Jodie that she intends to go to court to take her daughter away from him.
28 Feb. 1980
Episode #3.18
Burt decides to run for sheriff; Jodie hires Jessica's attorney E. Ronald Mallu for his custody case; after meeting Jessica's crazy family, Dr. Posner believes he could open an office there.
6 Mar. 1980
Episode #3.19
Danny and Polly find their new neighbors hostile; Billy tries to break it off with a suddenly suicidal Leslie; the Tates welcome new butler Saunders, as Jessica collapses during a dinner party.
13 Mar. 1980
Episode #3.20
Dr. Hill treats Jessica in the hospital; Jodie's custody trial begins; and Burt is elected the new sheriff, if he can only get the old one to resign.
20 Mar. 1980
Episode #3.21
Dr. Hill tells Jessica she only has days or weeks left to live; Chester moves back home in time for Leslie's latest suicide attempt; Dutch and Corinne are startled by the surprise return of Eunice.
27 Mar. 1980
Episode #3.22
Danny proposes marriage to Polly; Sheriff Burt and Deputy Danny are set up for blackmail by mobster Elmore Tibbs; Dutch cannot choose between two sisters; Carol's mother joins her daughter in perjuring herself in court; Leslie now decides to kill Billy; and Jessica's death watch features a surprise visit from Benson.

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