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Season 1

19 Sep. 1977
Angels and the Bums
The Angels' are called upon to judge a Miss Harbor Beauty Contest.
26 Sep. 1977
The Shortest Yard
While attempting to teach some young football fans about fairness and good sportsmanship on the playing field, the bums find themselves in a game against the meanest and dirtiest team in San Pedro. Frank Gifford plays a coach who tries to help the bums win.
3 Oct. 1977
The Magnificent Moose
A bully tries to humiliate Moose to impress Marge.
10 Oct. 1977
Godfather's Five
Stuf is duped into thinking he is the next Marlon Brando by two cons, who con him out of $2,000 for a Screen test.
17 Oct. 1977
The Winner's Circle
Marge's uncle asks the Bums to hide a Thoroughbred because he owes everyone money.
31 Oct. 1977
Sweepstakes Bums
A lost lottery ticket sends the Bums into a massive hunt.
21 Nov. 1977
A Bum Thanksgiving
The Bums help a street woman put on a wonderful Thanksgiving to impress her son.
12 Dec. 1977
The Bums Take a Cruise
The Bums take a cruise and find adventure.
19 Dec. 1977
Lifting Is My Life
Moose is fired after a keg of beer rolls off his truck and explodes, soaking the President of the company.

 Season 1 

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