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Season 1

4 Sep. 1977
Operation Petticoat
A veteran naval commander is given command of a submarine full of misfits, miscreants and with a group of nurses as passengers.
17 Sep. 1977
Yeoman Hunkle, Yeoman Hunkle Part 1
The old submarine,Sea Tiger is finally sent on a real mission after several errand jobs. Their task is to attack an abandoned Japanese ammo dump to take explosives that the US desperately needs.
24 Sep. 1977
Yeoman Hunkle, Yeoman Hunkle Part 2
Yeoman Hunkle and Lt. Claire Reid are trapped in the submarine's flooding torpedo room. Commander Sherman faces a difficult decision concerning the two when evasive actio beeds to be taken.
1 Oct. 1977
Dooley Is a Daddy
The long-delayed mail tells Seaman Dooley his wife is expecting. Holden conspires to get more information.
8 Oct. 1977
Operation, Operation
Holden arranges the swiping of two torpedoes from a supply base so the Sea Tiger can go into action, but just as they get their opportunity for their first combat engagement, the Captain is stricken with a seeming case of appendicitis.
15 Oct. 1977
And Out of the Sea Came a Marine
The Sea Tiger gets orders to pick up a downed Marine pilot, who is also Lieutenant Holden's brother.
29 Oct. 1977
And Baby Makes 33
Holden and Nurse Duran bring a goat and a baby aboard just as the crew is attempting frantically to conceal the nurses when a tough admiral arrives for an inspection.
10 Dec. 1977
On a Clear Day You Can See a Bulkhead
The five nurses are becoming claustrophobic aboard the submarine. When given the opportunity for R&R the women jump at the chance to fly to Pirt Moreby not realizing how much they'll miss their naval situation.
17 Dec. 1977
I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas
Lt. Holden is determined to get everyone aboard the Sea Tiger a Christmas gift but he needs to evade the authorities to make it happen.
4 Feb. 1978
General Who?
The submarine has orders to transport a secret personage, and are instructed he will stay in his cabin, and not to bother him. From catching glimpses of him as he boards, everyone on the crew is convinced it's General Douglas MacArthur.

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