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18 Apr. 1978
Scavenger Hunt
Mysterious deadly canisters buried at the ocean floor resurface on a primitive island, where Muldoon has the natives believing he speaks for a powerful god.
25 Apr. 1978
Disaster strikes at the Triton undersea habitat and threatens to spread to the world upon the appearance of Moby, a being that turns men's minds to those of a child.
2 May 1978
Mark believes a series of sonic "attacks" to be the song of a siren. He finds a young siren held prisoner on a submarine and must free her from the underwater pirates.
6 Jun. 1978
Deadly Carnival
When a man who works in a carnival dies from drowning, Mark is sent to investigate. He learns that two men who work at the carnival are planning something that requires a someone who can hold their breath under water.

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