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Season 1

16 Sep. 1977
Logan's Run
In the 24th Century in the year 2319, survivors of a nuclear war live within a domed city, sealed off from the outside world, where citizens are allowed to live only until thirty years old. Logan, a Sandman, an elite policeman whose job is to terminate all "runners" who seek escape from the extermination ceremony "Carousel," begins to question the system. Logan and his companion Jessica leave the city in search of a mysterious place called "Sanctuary," where successful runners are said to have found refuge. Logan and Jessica stumble upon a mountain city where they ...
23 Sep. 1977
The Collectors
Logan and Jessica are abducted by John the Protector and Joanna, aliens from another planet where like other Runners they've abducted, are manipulating their minds, making them believe that they have found Sanctuary. Will Logan and Jessica escape and free the captive Runners?
30 Sep. 1977
James Borden, a hunter captures, Logan, Jessica, Rem and Francis, after Francis captures the three runners. Where Borden decides to free Logan and Francis and he decides to hunt them like animals, where Logan and Francis decides to join forces and set out to rescue Jessica and Rem from Borden. Can Logan and Francis save Jesscia and Rem?
10 Oct. 1977
The Innocent
Logan, Jessica and Rem encounter a young woman named Lisa whose parents left her alone along with two robots for company. Where Lisa has a crush on Logan where she plans to get rid of Jessica, so she can have Logan for herself.
17 Oct. 1977
Man Out of Time
David Eakins, a scientist time travels 200 years into the future, where he encounters Logan, Jessica and Rem, where he plans to change history and prevent the nuclear war. Can Logan, Jessica and Rem stop David from changing history?
31 Oct. 1977
Half Life
Logan, Jessica and Rem are attacked by two bands of duplicate humans with vastly different temperaments. One group is kind and gentle, while the other is violent and vicious. Jessica is captured and split into two different people with completely opposite temperaments.
7 Nov. 1977
The runners find an underground room with six survivors of the nuclear holocaust cryogenically frozen. A series of earthquakes complicate efforts to rescue the frozen humans.
14 Nov. 1977
Fear Factor
The runners are captured by a pair of scientists who plan to use them in their experiments to remove all human emotion and create a docile human race.
19 Dec. 1977
The Judas Goat
A Sandman has plastic surgery so that he appears identical one of Jessica's friends. In this form he convinces the runners to return to the City of the Domes to supposedly assist other runners escape to the outside world.
2 Jan. 1978
Logan and Jessica are kidnapped by a woman named Ariana who uses a dream analyzer of them. Logan dreams he is back in the domed city and he is being interrogated by the Sandmen about how he found Sanctuary and Jessica dreams she is being forced to take part on Carousel by a sinister man who forces her to wear a mask. Unaware Francis and a Sandman have arrived to apprehend Logan and Jesscia and Arianna isn't what she seems.
16 Jan. 1978
Logan is shot with a dart containing a serum which erases his memory, Francis takes Logan back to the domed city, where Logan is to be terminated on Carousel for his actions. Where Jessica and Rem returns to the Domed city to rescue Logan, who cannot remember Jessica and Rem and has loss of memory of the previous year. Can Jessica and Rem save Logan from being terminated on Carousel? and will Logan's memories be revived?
23 Jan. 1978
Night Visitors
The runners stop at a house haunted by devil-worshiping ghosts. Jessica is captured so one of the phantoms can use her as the receptacle for his dead wife's spirit.
30 Jan. 1978
The runners are captured by desert dwellers and condemned to death. Francis attempts to rescue the trio.
6 Feb. 1978
Logan, Jessica, and Rem meet some people who are actually aliens who have assumed human form by taking the body of people they encountered. Logan and Jessica are held captive. The aliens take an interest in Rem because they need his parts to repair a device that they use to transport to and from their home world. A man who's among the ones they tried to capture and take over helps Logan and Jessica and they try to save Rem.

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