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Season 1

9 Feb. 1977
Adam's Cub
Little Eliza and her parents are headed out west. During a stop, she wanders off and they (unknowingly) leave without her.
16 Feb. 1977
Blood Brothers
Adams recalls the tale of how he met Nakoma when he was a new "Greenhorn" to the ways of the wilderness. How Nakoma helped him learn survival and also the tribal ceremony that bonded their friendship as Blood Brothers.
23 Feb. 1977
The Fugitive
Adams saves a man,Will Boker from drowning. Will states he lost his possessions by the river. Adams goes back but finds a lot of money in a carpetbag. He questions Will,who says he came by it accidentally...or did he really?
2 Mar. 1977
Unwelcome Neighbor
A widower and his son move into a nearby valley and refuse friendly advice from Adams and Nakoma, with disastrous consequences.
9 Mar. 1977
Howdy-Do, I'm Mad Jack
Mad-Jack disappears down a river on a raft. Adams later finds some of his belongings. Thinking he may have perished,it causes him to reflect back on the time he first met the mountain man. Will James Capen Adams bid farewell to his friend?
16 Mar. 1977
Adam's Ark
A silent volcano becomes active and may erupt,so Adams and Nakoma try to save as many animals as possible. Also,a lawman named Pinkerton arrives to capture Adams and take him in for trial. Will the animals or Adams be lost in the end?
23 Mar. 1977
The Redemption of Ben
Adams may be buried alive by a rock avalanche and Ben the Grizzly may never see home or be the same,after a traveling circus owner catches him and treats him with cruelty. Will these 2 friends survive to see each other again?
30 Mar. 1977
The Tenderfoot
Jack and Adams meet a young man from back East named Teddy Roosevelt Who seems to have no clue in outdoor survival and seems to leap before he looks. Can the men help guide Teddy through or is it a lost cause?
6 Apr. 1977
The Rivals
Jack finds a gold nugget while seeing Sumi (a female Indian) home and takes off to find more.
20 Apr. 1977
The Unholy Beast
Jack sees an unfamiliar four legged beast and asks Adams's help to figure out what it is. Nakoma has also seen it but a member of his tribe wants to kill it,thinking it's an evil spirit.
27 Apr. 1977
Beaver Dam
A beaver colony dams up the river in Adams' valley, placing his cabin and surrounding wildlife at risk. Should Adams take Mad Jack's advice and destroy the dam and run out the beavers - or is there a more humane solution?
4 May 1977
Home of the Hawk
A wagon falls on the leg of a settler,"Metcalf". He and his daughter are assisted by Adams,who lets them stay with him. She likes all the animals, mainly a hawk and the next day,despite her dad's warning,goes out exploring on her own.
11 May 1977
The Storm
Adams (and Ben) await the arrival of Mad Jack and Nakuma for a great feast. Before they come,an Indian woman shows up, seeking her missing daughter. With a violent storm coming, it's a race against time to find her and have the feast as well.

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