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27 Jan. 1998
Episode #21.1
On Caveman Day for the Year Sevens, Ian Hudson takes his role of "hunter" too seriously, while Adam Hawkins is extremely nervous. Gemma has fun at Mr. Urdy's expense.
29 Jan. 1998
Episode #21.2
Adam is found in the woods, but his befriended dog comes back with him, Joanna shoplifts earrings for her mother's present, but her mother has no time for her.
3 Feb. 1998
Episode #21.3
Miss Carver gets Year 8 to look after "flour babies" while Zoe and her friends are determined to find the mystery dog they can hear. Adam gets locked in at night.
5 Feb. 1998
Episode #21.4
Some truths about Adam are revealed. The flour babies are kidnapped for a ransom. Joanna disgraces herself at the karaoke session in Ray's café.
10 Feb. 1998
Episode #21.5
Joanna confesses her alcoholism to her mother. Franco's indoor baseball causes Adam to smash some glass in Max's house, and Ian breaks Max's glasses, blaming Adam.
12 Feb. 1998
Episode #21.6
Lisa uses dirty tactics in the Snakeboard challenge, Adam causes his class to earn a detention, and Joanna comes clean about her problem to the other Sixth Formers.
17 Feb. 1998
Episode #21.7
New boy Sean helps his friend Alec get close to Judi, but first they have to eliminate Colin from the scene. Adam seeks refuge at Miss Carver's house.
19 Feb. 1998
Episode #21.8
Mr. Brisley's Art show turns into something more popular with Nathan as the D.J. Alec has zero success with Judi, while her interest in Wayne becomes apparent.
24 Feb. 1998
Episode #21.9
With his parents absent, Chris sleeps with Laurie: but the next day he evades her clutches. Ian overhears Miss Carver talk about Adam's mum, and spreads the news - Adam runs away to his old house.
26 Feb. 1998
Episode #21.10
Chris and Laurie make up. Sean extracts revenge on Wayne for Alec's failure with Judi, but it's Judi herself who pays the price.
3 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.11
In the aftermath of Judi's knife attack, Wayne goes on a wild goose chase to find her attacker. Judi learns that the wound will leave a significant scar on her face.
5 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.12
New roller hockey equipment arrives, but it's far from clear who will get to use it. Chris and Dill's friendship grows into something else, and Judi meets Wayne's unpleasant brother.
10 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.13
Franco battles with the school chef to prove his spaghetti recipe is better. The Double Dare Gang try to solve the mystery of the stolen hockey equipment.
12 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.14
Laurie catches out Dill and Chris, Judi removes her dressing, and Dennis suffers an ordeal in the courtroom to settle his compensation claim.
17 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.15
Arnie punches Chris when he discovers Chris's relationship with Dill. Matt plants drugs on Wayne who is expelled when they fall out of his pocket after a talk on bullying.
19 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.16
The Double Dare Gang return the stolen hockey gear in an unconventional manner. Judi realizes that the CCTV might prove that Wayne is innocent.
24 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.17
Sean replaces Judi's CCTV video and persuades Matt to lie low. Learning of Matt's name allows Wayne to look up his address and soon he and Judi are knocking on Matt's front door.
26 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.18
Cracker and Gemma's mice escape, convincing Mrs. Holmes there is a rodent infestation. Wayne persuades Matt to tell the truth to Mr. Robson, and Sean is brought to justice.
31 Mar. 1998
Episode #21.19
Dennis buys Lucy a horse, but she refuses the gift. Later, he treats his friends to a great night out, but misses the important interview the next day.
2 Apr. 1998
Episode #21.20
There's a final surprise for Dennis including a reunion with old friends and the coach for the French skiing trip departs.

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