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10 Jan. 1979
The Yearning Point
Both Elizabeth and Tommy learn that there is no easy way to success. Elizabeth wants to go to an expensive college in Vermont with a good dance program but Tom can't afford the tuition. Nancy takes a correspondence course in hair styling. Abby discovers a dance scholarship. Elizabeth can compete for Elizabeth starts studying dance with a professional dance company. Tommy tries to earn some extra money.
17 Jan. 1979
Moving Out
Tired of Tom's strict rules, Nancy, Susan, and Joannie look for an apartment of their own because Tom has trouble accepting that his daughters are growing up. David buys a new truck and agrees to sell Tommy his van. Tom is upset when Abby loans the girls the money to get their own apartment.
26 Sep. 1979
Ten Ships in the Night
Nicholas feels neglected as the youngest with everyone busy in his large family. The young boy resorts to some shocking behavior as he sees it being the only way to get attention.
7 Nov. 1979
Fathers and Other Strangers: Part 1
The family takes a trip to Hawaii, where Auntie V has discovered that her and Tom's father is living.
7 Nov. 1979
Fathers and Other Strangers: Part 2
Still in Hawaii, Tom and his father contemplate whether they can or should bother to reconcile their relationship.
12 Dec. 1979
Mary, He's Married
Mary's friendship with a doctor begins to develop into a romance. Nicholas dabbles in sales with face cream. Joannie tries to produce a documentary on her family for a promotion at work.

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