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4 Jan. 1981
Crash Course
Sonny Matson is a getaway driver who was recently released and back on the streets committing robberies. Ponch has difficulties with his bank account.
11 Jan. 1981
Forty Tons of Trouble
Thieves are stealing large construction equipment. The CHP officers also chipped in to buy a dragster.
18 Jan. 1981
11-99: Officer Needs Help
A new dispatcher is having trouble handling calls. The CHP try out a new device that sends out an emergency signal when an officer is down.
1 Feb. 1981
Home Fires Burning
Arsonists are setting fires to RVs in an insurance scam.
22 Feb. 1981
Ponch and Jon stumble across a drug smuggling ring while scuba diving.
28 Feb. 1981
Ponch's Angels: Part 1
Ponch is assigned to train a female motorcycle officer who shares many of his rebellious traits; CHP officers try to recapture an escaped prisoner.
1 Mar. 1981
Ponch's Angels: Part 2
Jon, his female trainee and the rest of the CHP officers must work together to shut down the marina operation and recapture the escaped prisoner.
8 Mar. 1981
Ponch uses karate to try and convince kids at a youth center to stay away from gangs and drugs.
15 Mar. 1981
New Guy in Town
There's a new rookie officer working with the CHP. A man is trying to avenge his brother's death by trying to kill Ponch and Jon.
5 Apr. 1981
The Hawk and the Hunter
Barizca's father, a crop duster, is being threatened by someone who believes the chemicals he is using are dangerous. When Barizca also learns that his father is not physically able to fly, he decides to take some time off to fill in for him. Jon tries to find the man threatening Barizca. He also tries to get the Barizcas to talk as Barry will have to make a choice if he will stay with the CHP or quit to work for his father full-time.
3 May 1981
A criminal whom Getraer arrested is back and is terrorizing his family. At the same time a newly formed watch group tries to help by calling the cops when they come across a crime. But one of the members who lost a family member takes things too far.
10 May 1981
Dead Man's Riddle
After joining the Accident Investigation Team, a psychologist fears she may have accidentally caused an accident; the CHP team recreates a crash.
17 May 1981
A Simple Operation
When Getraer is injured he is brought to the hospital. While there and under sedation he sees someone do something to the man in the room with him. While trying to find out who the perpetrator is, the man tries to take Getraer out.
4 Oct. 1981
Suicide Stunt
The CHP is keeping an eye on a motorcycle star from Hungary (still under Soviet rule) who is in town for a benefit.
11 Oct. 1981
A family of con artists are operating in the area. Jon and Ponch meet the son of one of them before they knew of them. At the same time the mother of the son wants her husband to go straight but his brother won't let him.
18 Oct. 1981
Toxic waste is being dumped. Jon and Ponch have their four-year anniversary for riding together, and Ponch works an off-duty detail on a movie set.
25 Oct. 1981
The Killer Indy
The CHP is looking for a biker gang who goes around racing in the streets and who were also responsible for an accident. New CHP officer Steve McLeish thinks that the gang is trying to emulate something McLeish calls an Indy which is a motorcycle race. And it turns out his brother Toro's considered to be the best at it. And the leader is challenging him. And it turns out that his other brother, Ted hangs with the gang.
1 Nov. 1981
Weed Wars
When a young boy witnesses an accident caused by feuding drug syndicates reckless driving along a mountain road. Jon and Ponch take the case.
8 Nov. 1981
Anything But the Truth
Jon's new girlfriend is the only eye witness of the man who has been conducting a string of hit and run robberies. However, she is a compulsive liar, and any testimony she gives isn't credible.
15 Nov. 1981
Bomb Run
Baricza is suspicious when his old girlfriend, who's afraid of flying, is going to perform in the air show.
22 Nov. 1981
Diamond in the Rough
Thieves are planning a con job. Before the job takes place, they are in a hit and run crash with a friend of Sgt. Getrear's son, who is taken in by the Getrears. Jon investigates the crash and finds there is more involved than a crash.
29 Nov. 1981
Finders Keepers
A stolen car causes problems for Steve McLeish, Jon meets a popular singer, and a bounty hunter is trying to get a fugitive back to Texas.
5 Dec. 1981
Fast Money
Thieves are ripping off couriers on the freeway using a unique method, Ponch has to find a new apartment, and Jon is dating one of Ponch's neighbors who becomes Ponch's temporary roommate.
13 Dec. 1981
Concours d'Elegance
Ponch and Jon investigate a wealthy man who is ripping off his family's charity car auction.
18 Dec. 1981
Mitchell & Woods
In a spin-off episode, Ocean City PD motorcycle officers Paula Woods and Melanie Mitchell are promoted to detective and investigate a murder.

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