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17 Jan. 1988
One of Nature's Little Miracles
Siegfried decides the time has come to hire a full-time assistant and he thinks he has the perfect candidate in Calum Buchanan. Tristan is now a full-time employee of the Ministry of Agriculture where he sets his sights on the attractive Deirdre McEwan. Mrs. Pumphrey needs uncle Herriot's help when Tricki Woo goes 'flop bot', yet again. James is invited to join the local milk subcommittee, but is concerned as to whether he can afford it. Siegfried has difficulties with a colleague, Mottram, who is convinced that Siegfried is poaching his clients.
24 Jan. 1988
Barks and Bites
Tristan is named the Ministry of Agriculture's sterility adviser for the north riding of the county. As such, he's responsible for promoting the use of artificial insemination to some very doubtful farmers. James acquires a new record player, but is reluctant to let anyone else use it. Rosie accompanies James on his rounds, but nearly has a serious accident. Calum takes up residence in Skeldale House. Tristan is assigned to examine a flock of sheep being exported to the Soviet Union so he and James head off to the docks in Hull.
31 Jan. 1988
The Bull with the Bowler Hat
With his new responsibilities, Tristan tries to convince skeptical farmers of the benefits of artificial insemination. Getting nowhere with Deirdre, Tristan accepts Calum's suggestion that she be invited for dinner where Calum will prepare a special dish for them. Unfortunately for Tristan, Deirdre and Calum seem to have a lot in common. James blames himself when a cow he was treating dies and he's now concerned that legal action might be taken against him. He also has to treat Humphrey Cobbs' pregnant dog. There's nothing wrong with the dog except when its owner who,...
7 Feb. 1988
The Pig Man Cometh
Siegfried deals with two brothers who are constantly bickering. He also treats Mr. Bootland's sick horse and receives an interesting offer. Lionel Brough decides to buy a pig farm, but runs into problems when his stock fall ill with what James suspects is swine fever. When Tristan finds himself the butt of a farmer's practical joke, he decides to return the favor. Tristan begins to see the writing on the wall when he learns Deirdre left her dogs in Calum's care. When Mrs. Dryden tells James that she is selling her house, he sets his sights on buying it at auction but ...
14 Feb. 1988
Hail Caesar!
Siegfried takes Tristan to task when the bus in which he was a passenger hits and kills one of Lord Brawton's stags. Tristan wasn't driving, but Siegfried feels he should have done more to report the accident. Soon after, venison is available on the market. Tristan and Calum are still vying for Deirdre's affection, but Tristan seems to be making little headway despite his attempts to appreciate all things Scottish. James treats Tricky Woo who, according to Mrs. Pumphrey, is going completely cracker dog. Siegfried treats Mrs. Westby's dog, who is suffering from a ...
21 Feb. 1988
Only One Woof
James has another encounter with Mr. Biggins, who is convinced the vets are just out to take his money. When his cow dies, he suggests it's James' fault. The vets also meet Jip, a sheep herding dog who has never barked. Siegfried accuses Calum of pandering to panicky clients when he tells them to call the vets anytime, day or night. Tristan assists Mrs. Derrick who wants advice on raising goats. When she tells him her husband is retired, Tristan's picture of an elderly gentleman with a pretty young wife proves to be only half accurate. Calum meets the Duke of ...
28 Feb. 1988
Ace, King, Queen, Jack
James is unhappy when Siegfried acquires a second car while he has to put up with his aging heap. Siegfried has a surprise for him however. James treats a dog who has a broken leg which has yet to knit after six weeks in plaster. James is aghast when he's asked to judge the dog competition at the Darrowby Show. Mrs. Pumphrey subsequently informs him that she plans on entering Tricki Woo. Siegfried visits a farmer who has installed a modern milking parlor. He's dismayed however when he diagnoses the possibility of hoof and mouth disease and has to make a report to the ...
6 Mar. 1988
...The Healing Touch
Siegfried takes Calum to task for wasting medical supplies. Of course, he doesn't quite live by his own rules. He also treats a flock of sick turkeys whose owner is convinced the vets are out to cheat him of his hard earned brass. Zoe Bennett and Helen take in lunch at the country club where Helen learns that Granville Bennett is looking for a partner in his small animal practice. Helen is attracted by the financial security this could provide them and gets James to thinking about the possibilities. When he visits Granville with a seriously injured cat, James starts ...
13 Mar. 1988
City Slicker
James' friend from school, Andrew Bruce, visits Darrowby for a few days. Andrew is a London banker who loves the Dales and is thinking of relocating to Darrowby. He accompanies James on his rounds and their first stop is at the Hugills, a farm run by four eccentric, middle-aged brothers. Siegfried visits Mr. Dumbleby, a demanding farmer who rarely pays his bills. James is still considering buying into a partnership with Granville Bennett and Helen in particular seems to be quite keen.
20 Mar. 1988
For Richer, for Poorer
James and Helen are proud parents when Jimmy is asked to play in his piano teacher's music recital. James becomes fed up when his car breaks down and it may tip his decision on whether to accept the partnership offer from Granville Bennett. The time has come again for Kit Bilton to slaughter his pig. As usual, he has become so fond of the animal that he can hardly bear it and begs Tristan not to do the deed. Siegfried visits the Hardwicke family who seem to do everything as a pack. Calum is supposed to collect Deirdre at the train station but finds himself literally ...
3 Sep. 1988
Against the Odds
Much is happening in the practice. Helen is bedridden due to a bad back. Calum, much to his chagrin, is dispatched to Ireland for several weeks to undertake tuberculin testing. During a fierce winter storm, James tries desperately to reach a farmer in need. Tristan announced that he has resigned from the Ministry of Agriculture to join the practice full-time: but are Siegfried and James prepared to take him on?
10 Sep. 1988
Place of Honour
Mrs. Pumphrey consults James and Siefried on the use of music as a means of relaxing Tricky Woo. She then throws a birthday party and surprises uncle Herriot with a special request. In the end, she is astonished to find that Tricky Woo has very specific tastes in music!
17 Sep. 1988
Choose a Bright Morning
Calum returns from Ireland and is thrilled to hear that Deirdre will be spending a week in Darrowby; unfortunately, the week doesn't quite go as planned. Siegfried treats a horse after it suffers a serious fall and James is introduced to a family of cat lovers. Tristan meanwhile treats a dog who seems to take great joy in biting him. He subsequently learns that he must go to Ireland for the next month to continue the tuberculin testing.
24 Sep. 1988
The Playing Field
Life is a bit more hectic than usual at Skeldale House with Siegfried away at a conference, Helen still confined to her bed and Tristan undertaking a round of farewell parties before heading off to Ireland. James' friend Andrew Bruce visits for a week and accompanies him on his rounds. James treats a horse with a mysterious ailment, Calum takes delight in gently tormenting a straight-arrow farmer and everyone grows tired of Tristan's limited culinary skills (which seem limited to bangers and mash - fried sausages and mashed potatoes). James panics when he realizes he ...
1 Oct. 1988
When Dreams Come True
James and Helen make an offer on a house but it's now up to the bank to provide them with a mortgage. Will their less-than-friendly banker oblige? Siegfried starts to lose confidence in their pharmaceutical supplier, Mr. Barge, thinking that he only has remedies from the dark ages. James disagrees and puts Mr. Barge to the test. Calum treats a flock of sheep with an everyday remedy.
8 Oct. 1988
A New Chapter
Helen is packing for the move to their new house and expresses concern when James and Calum must visit Granville Bennett with a sick dog requiring an urgent operation. James confidently assures her that she has nothing to worry about. With the operation complete, Granville suggests they attend a veterinary lecture at a nearby village. To no one's surprise, Granville's main interest seems to be in the buffet dinner and open bar and both James and Calum return home somewhat the worse for wear. While he is away, James' pet dog Dan has a heart attack and James may have a ...
15 Oct. 1988
A Present from Dublin
A busy time for Calum. He must perform a minor operation on "Puppy" but James' advice on administering the sedative doesn't seem to quite work. He also needs to operate on a sick cow, but has some difficulty keeping the owners focused on the task at hand. Calum also receives a visit from Molly McFeely, with whose family he stayed with while in Ireland - and Deirdre decides to visit at the same time. James meanwhile receives an invitation to examine Lord Buttermere's new stallion.
22 Oct. 1988
The Salt of the Earth
Still short-handed with Tristan away in Ireland, Siegfried proudly announces that he has arranged for a vet, Willy Bannister, to assist them for a fortnight. To Calum's dismay, Willie is teetotaller who is fond of opera, but he brightens somewhat when Willy claims to be a good cook. James has to deal with the Wains, a brother-sister team of farmers who have somewhat different approach to life and work.
29 Oct. 1988
Cheques and Balances
Siegfried goes on the warpath as a result of the number of farmers not paying their bills - in one case, no payment for three years! They draw up a black list of the worst offenders and decide to tackle the issue head on. But Siegfried doesn't worry when rumors have Major Bullen being bankrupt - as he is a gentleman, Siegfried is quite sure the Major will pay up. James once again has to deal with Mr. Biggins, who is constantly worried about paying too much for veterinary services.
5 Nov. 1988
The Female of the Species
Siegfried decides to take on a new student for a bit of practical experience. Calum is none too pleased but the student is a close friend's only child and he won't hear any complaints. Calum is also in a bad mood when Deirdre has to leave earlier than planned but regrets her departure less when the student, Emma Styles, arrives. She accompanies him on his rounds and he is quite taken with her but he questions whether it's practical for a woman to be involved in heavy animal work. Jack Sanders dog doesn't seem to be recovering from a fairly minor cut.
12 Nov. 1988
The Jackpot
Having just returned from a two week holiday in Scotland, James has trouble re-adjusting to work. On his first day back, he does his rounds in shorts, much to the amusement of local farmers. Siegfried heads off on his own holiday and that means a lot of extra work for both Calum and James. Deirdre come to spend a week to help them out and the practice receives an unexpected visit from a nearby vet. James and Helen attend the local horses races where James places a bet on a horse called The Jackpot.
19 Nov. 1988
Two of a Kind
Calum nurses a young fox back to health but releasing it back to the wild proves to be more challenging than expected. Deirdre unexpectedly shows up in Darrowby on business, but is with someone called Anthony. Siegfried purchases a television in time to see the inaugural TV broadcast in the Dales; he even helps out one of the locals who won a television in a raffle. James and Helen treat an elderly gentleman's cat and only later realize that the owner is also in great need of care.

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