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12 Nov. 1995
The Secret of Lizard Woman
A teenage boy's search for his uncle on a Navajo reservation discovers his own Native American heritage.
7 Dec. 1995
The Boy That Could
Five-Year-Old Rocky Lyons, Son of the Jets' Star, Thought He Could Save His Mom's Life and He Did They were in a horrific car accident at night, rolling off the side of a cliff. With her 4 foot, 60-lb. son pushing from behind, they crawled up together. Kelly keeps thinking she couldn't do it; it hurt so badly. Rocky kept reminding her about the locomotive that climbed a mountain in the story The Little Engine That Could, repeating the engine's refrain, 'I think I can, I think I can ' adding '"You can do it, you can do it.'
18 Dec. 1995
Sibyl and the Spy
Sibyl Ludington takes a long night, hard horse ride to warn her father's Continental Army troops and the villagers that the British are coming from Long Island. Enoch Crosby, her friend, and a spy go underground as a double agent to find out what the British are planning. He is caught and Sibyl must help him escape.

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