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Sex & Nudity

  • Note: The number at the beginning of each section refers to how explicit that aspect of the film is on a scale of 1-10. The fraction at the end of the Frightening/Intense Scenes category is the total sum of all the sections out of the highest sum possible (50) and therefore an approximation of how much explicit content of any kind is in the film.
  • 00:52:10-00:53:17---Rocky passionately kisses Adrian a few times. Adrian resists Rocky's kisses at first which may come off as uncomfortable. It's important to explain that she liked Rocky back but was extremely shy, and that he didn't try to force her into anything. The whole awkward scene is from 00:46:34-00:53:17
  • Paulie comments On Rocky's relationship with Adrian crudely and asks if Rocky is "Screwing her" & "Balling her"

Violence & Gore

  • 6/10
  • Rocky is in a boxing match at the start. It is short but there is just normal boxing and a head butt. Some bruises and minor cuts.
  • Rocky's boxing match with Apollo Creed is quite long, many punches are thrown, Rocky's nose is broken, many bruises are shown on his face especially his eyes and he is knocked down many times. Apollo Creed is shown with many bruises and cuts as well. The dialog tells us that Rocky intends to punch Creed in the body and mentioned breaking ribs as a possibility to hamper Creed's breathing, and then in the fight, we learn that Rocky did break one of Creed's ribs and we see Creed listing slightly to one side. Rocky wants his eye to be cut due to heavy swelling from Apollo Creed's attack. Benny cuts him with a razor blood and pus flood down his face.
  • Some may feel the scenes in the meat locker to be "gore". The half-carcasses of cattle hang throughout ("sides of beef"), and Rocky angrily punches one. Then gets the idea of using them for training. He uses them in a supplement to punching bags, and gets his fists all bloody. He mentions that he is able to break the ribs in the sides of beef.


  • Around 3 uses of "whore".
  • After Rocky walked Little Marie home, she says "Screw you, Creepo!"
  • Maybe 1 or 2 uses of "sh--."
  • Some uses of "hell", and "damn."
  • Paulie says to Adrian that she's "busted" as an insult.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Various characters are seen smoking, including Rocky himself.
  • Rating:4/10
  • Paulie comes home in a drunken rage.
  • Little Marie was smoking, but Rocky came by and took it away from her.
  • People are shown drinking in a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rating:5/10
  • A scene when Paulie gets drunk and breaks stuff with the baseball bat. This may be domestic to some viewers. Another in which Adrian says she can't leave the house because she is cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving, and Paulie responds by taking the turkey out of the oven and throwing it out into the alley. Another scene in which Adrian shouts at Paulie about his emotional abuse, about how he made her feel like a loser.
  • Rocky and Apollo Creed's boxing match could be unsettling. The heavy bruising and both of them and the punches may cause people to flinch. Especially when Rocky's eyelid has to be cut, the brief spurt of blood may cause any to look away.
  • Some emotional moments.
  • Total Content: 21/50

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