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I promote it as an unappreciated B-movie classic.
lwalker26 July 2001
This deserves "cult classic" status and, judging from IMDb's previous reviewers' t(h)rashings, it is poised for a most cult-ish fate. You will indeed be disappointed if you take it more seriously than its principals did. It is camp -- at Kilimanjaro levels. That the wanton energy invested in these frames was unleashed for filmed capture only during the 1970s seems clear, alas, from the sad spectacle that contemporary reviewers seem to miss it entirely. It was fun to be alive then, take my word...

The unlikely hero is a stiff who is cut squarely, so to speak, from the then-Governor Reagan mold. All cinematic stereotypes were piquant: the dance scene at the soda shop was as honestly hot as the cafeteria food fight was actually nuts -- they acted like they weren't acting. There is indeed gratuitous nudity, but only of the most nubile variety [Betty Page, move over for Helen Lang]. The aide to the Evil Developer was a perfect cross between Bob Eubanks and Garner Ted Armstrong. And the presence of transcendental nutcase Carl Ballantine was just the right bubble gum icing on this tutti frutti cake. It Rocks 'n' Rules.
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Such Cheesy Goodness!!!
whiteshaft26 March 2007
Just saw this at Quentin's Grindhouse Fest at the Beverly in L.A... Best Movie Ever!!! We haven't stopped giggling since we left the theater... this is one of those movies that's so awesomely bad it's good. It's a teen comedy, soft core porn, musical and action-adventure extravaganza! This movie has it all: wacky high school hijinks, sexy cheerleaders who get naked at the drop of a hat, crooked developers out to destroy the school and full-on musical and dance numbers. Be on the lookout for David Hasselhoff in his best role ever: Boner! The whole movie was so insane, so wall to wall outrageous it almost blew our minds. Seriously, who needs drugs if a movie can get you this high? Truly, a cinematic milestone not to be missed!
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Truly a classic of surreal American celluloid!
kingdaevid24 May 2004
Not only was this the most enjoyable of the three CHEERLEADERS flicks (see also THE CHEERLEADERS and THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS), it was the wildest of all the drive-in California teen sex comedies of the '70s. In this full blast over-the-top world of high school social anarchy, even the idea of Rainbeaux Smith wearing a cheerleading uniform while in the advanced stages of pregnancy actually fits. Undoubtedly the closest to a porno reel without actually becoming one, although the encounter between two of the cheerleaders and a Boy Scout out in the woods looks like there was some actual sex taking place that was hidden only by the camera angle and some judicious editing. The idea of a bubble-bath orgy in the basketball players' shower is truly inspired. Also a nice comic cameo by "McHale's Navy" veteran Carl Ballantine. (God, why couldn't I get a principal like that when I was going to school?) Forget David Hasselhoff here; in this movie he's (thankfully) a non-entity. But dig those dance numbers! My wildest teenage fantasies put on celluloid, and while I was still a teenager yet! Truly surreal!
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full-frontal genius
rod_furlong4 August 2003
What were you expecting, Sachiel, 400 Blows? It's not exactly high art, but this movie is hilarious. As if there was ever a shortage of ammunition to use against Hasslehoff, this movie has all you could ever need: awkward, Elaine-style dancing; no shirt wearing, ever; and a full-frontal orgy scene. Genius, I say.
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Delinquent jiggles and snickers, seasoned with a fat pinch of weird.
EyeAskance7 November 2003
Unexpectedly strange sex romp has a gang of horny teens resisting shifty land-developers who plan to raze the local high school and replace it with a shopping mall. This probably should have been a garden variety pea-brained libido comedy, and it does, of course, subsume the compulsory parade of birthday suits and ribald chuckles. A differentia of abstract/surreal touches, however, certify this flick as a "stand alone" oddity...malt-shop analingus...a golf course sand-trap portal to the local high ignominious subito dancing scene...the waitress who refused Jack Nicholson toast in FIVE EASY PIECES...future KNIGHT RIDER stud David Hasselhoff(who probably doesn't talk much about this one). Subtleties, all, but it's just enough to keep the viewer slightly cross-eyed with a crooked grin.

All things considered, this is a novelty more weird than legitimately good, but it might be worth a look(if only for the presence of the late, great Rainbeaux Smith, preggers to the max during production).

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Revenge of the Cheerleaders
Scarecrow-883 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm guessing that out of the Cheerleaders series, Revenge of the Cheerleaders would have to be considered the most deranged and wildly uneven of the bunch. It's a very good example of the "decade of decadence", the "celebration of excess" that was the 70s in all it's spirited glory.

I have to admit that since the DVD age has led to such a renaissance in releasing obscure drive in fare, that I've become drawn to the exploitation genre, a fixture in a decade known for pushing the envelope as far a feasibly possible. Revenge of the Cheerleaders is a definite example of this.

The rinky-dink plot which holds the shenanigans together concerns a developer's grand scheme to have Aloha High School shut down due to lewd conduct and bad supervision by an incapable staff, merging with their rivals, Lincoln. This plot is really all there is. You have the big basketball game, lunch room fight(..except this time, everyone participating are drugged out of their mind thanks to confiscated narcotics and liquor from a class of LIncoln students raided by two of Aloha's cheerleaders, using a fire extinguisher to hold them at bay!), bubble shower orgy( can't make this up!), and "rescue" finale where the cheerleaders must save their new principal kidnapped by the evil nurse of their school(..working with land developer who wishes to demolish the school to use the location for a mall). The film utilizes a dinosaur sculpture in California desert(..a landmark of sorts many will remember from Pee Wee's Big Adventure)and the historic Bronson Caves which, in the film, leads to the land developer's mall(..his office is located under a sand pit for a golf course which capsizes after the nurse fell into it's soggy quicksand portion!).

Patrice Rohmer is who I will devote a special paragraph for the girl remains practically naked throughout the entire farce. She seems quite liberated and care-free about going around naked no matter who's in the room with her. She, along with fellow cheerleader Susie Elene, has sex with a boy scout they find jogging along a trail! She is always in the arms of a young, scrawny David Hasselhoff who has every right to be embarrassed about his involvement in this.

The film often has the cheerleaders and basketball players breaking out in one pathetic(..but quite energetic and lively, despite the lack of talent or quality of choreography) boogie dance after another. They matter little to the plot and seem to exist out of the idea of those who wrote it just proclaiming within the script.."If all else fails, let's dance!" Cheryl Smith(..using her Rainbeaux moniker)doesn't really have a substantial role because she was(very)pregnant! She seems along for the ride due to her involvement in the previous Cheerleaders installment. She's still quite beautiful and photogenic, but is limited to what she can do along with her risqué colleagues. I thought the final moment in the film(..featuring a thinner Smith, holding her baby)was a wonderful idea. It just reminds me of the tragedy which would end her career and life. The decade of decadence had it's repercussions, an "epidemic of sin" regarding transmitted diseases took the lives of many after such a free-spirited, "everything goes" lifestyle left plenty of damage in it's wake.

If you like your movies batty and manic, uninhibited and trashy, without a care in the world regarding content or conventional film-making, Revenge of the Cheerleaders just might be up your alley.
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Another nudie, high school cheerleader movie.
bergma15@msu.edu13 March 2006
"Revenge of the Cheerleaders" is another nudie flick from the late 70's. As with most of these movies, the plot is paper thin, but no one seems to really care anyway. There's the good cheerleaders (who get naked and have sex a lot), the evil school board head, the fat obnoxious school nurse, and idiot athletes who are only interested in scoring on and off the court.

The film centers around a group of promiscuous cheerleaders at a high school that seems to be in California but is called Aloha high school (I don't know, I didn't write the script). These little ladies have a good time with the basketball team and seem to only care about partying. Their care free days are cut short when the evil school board head decides to shut down their school so he and his business partner can buy it cheap and put up a shopping mall. This is basically what is going on. I could tell you about the drug induced school inspection, basketball games, and other "hilarity" that is in this film, but it's really not worth it. Everything is pretty standard.

Look out for a young David Hasselhoff playing Boner(I would make some cracks here, but Hasselhoff seems to make himself into a joke better than I can) and a lot of nude girls. The only reason I gave this a higher rating than some of the other films is that it seems to make fun of itself and not really care that it is doing so.
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Revenge on David Hasselhoff!
Poseidon-325 July 2002
Bizarre doesn't begin to describe this hellaciously bad movie. A curio of it's time, today the film offers almost no entertainment value except as a method of torture to future international celebrity Hasselhoff. Plot, such as it is, concerns a gang of sleazy cheerleaders trying to interfere with school business. This film does not take place in any world that viewers will be familiar with. Aside from the expected older actors playing teens, the story and script are so completely unbelievable that this is nothing more than a reason to show some crude drug jokes and display some supple young flesh. For these reasons alone it will appeal to certain "midnight movie" fans. Cheap is the word that comes to mind in every aspect of the movie. A hefty, blonde-wigged nurse (portrayed by an actress who's had a few bit parts in legitimate films) tries to inject some campy laughs into the mess, but fails. This atrocity was unearthed from certain obscurity when supporting player Hasselhoff hit it big on "Night Rider" and "Baywatch". And why? Because midway through the film, his character is shown in a group shower and for a few frames David, jr. makes an appearance. This is not going to turn many people on since the Hasselhoff from this film is light years away from the tan, built TV star they are all familiar with now. Still, it is amazing to note that in 1970's drive-in-style comedies, female AND male nudity was trotted out in surprisingly large doses while now the human body is all but shut away while viewers are asked to watch explosions, gunplay, knives plunging into people and other malicious acts. Sex, however, is considered taboo! (Which is why a movie like "American Pie" can come along and break returns to a sort of innocent piece of sexual trash like this movie was in it's day...although "Revenge..." is definitely way down on the totem pole!) Another striking thing is the bodies themselves. People weren't as bent on physical perfection and surgically enhanced looks. The girls are naturally presented (one even has hilarious tan lines!) and the guys are just lean, pale "dudes". The movie has curiosity value, but only a VERY patient person will make it through the whole thing unless they were alive during that time. Bad....
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Not exactly what I was expecting....
MovieMan-231 October 1999
I found this title in the horror movie section of the video store. It did not have a cover, so I just expected it to be some campy horror movie with cheerleaders taking their anger out on random people. Instead I got a very bizarre film that tried to pack as much random nudity into it as humanly possible. There wasn't exaclty a script, and the plot was kind of confusing- but it made up for it in the sheer stupidity of the movie. You have to wonder what the film makers were thinking. The first half of the movie consisted of the cheerleaders running around (completely naked!) and then turned into some bizarre chase plot about trying to save a school from the "evil" commercial developers. OOOOOOH! And what was with all the messed-up dance sequences- all they did was fill time and they were REALLY bad. Also, at least on the copy I rented, after the credits was an ad for a porno video series- complete with footage from the movies!- Rent this movie for what it is - a bizarre porn. Do NOT rent it expecting any more.
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Exactly what the title says...
the_raven718 December 2001
I saw this film at about 3am with a cinema full of rabid "bad film junkies" during a movie marathon for a local trash film festival. It was the perfect thing at that time of the morning, but I cant imagine watching it at any other time of my waking life. Plot - awful. Acting - campy. Singing/dancing routines - appalling. I wouldn't even degrade the porn industry by labeling it as such. This is 100% unadulterated crap, beyond anything that bears that stigma... I LOVED IT!!!!

Apparently (we were told before it unspooled before our unsuspecting eyes) it is on high recommendation from Quinten Tarantino...

I'll never look at David Hasselhoff the same!!!! :)
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Low-Grade Eroticism
Uriah434 April 2014
Set somewhere in California, "Aloha High School" is undergoing a crisis. Not only is the administration and faculty completely incompetent but a greedy land developer named "Walter Hartlander" (William Bramley) wants to bulldoze the school for a real estate project which will increase his fortunes. Not helping matters are the cheerleaders who are essentially running wild without any shame or decency. As a result their conduct is playing right into the land developer's hands and when they discover that they may be forced to merge with a rival school by the name of "Lincoln Vocational" they use everything at their disposal to stop it. So much for the plot. Now, although this film is billed as a comedy I really didn't see much humor in it. Instead, what this film has to offer is plenty of nudity and some scenes which surprisingly flow together rather smoothly. As far as the cheerleaders were concerned, they were more slutty than sexy and other than possibly the Oriental named "Tishi" (Susie Elene) and the cute blonde by the name of "Sesame" (Patrice Rohmer) I didn't see anyone remotely worth mentioning. Certainly the addition of a pregnant cheerleader named "Heather" (Rainbeaux Smith) didn't add anything worthwhile in any way. Be that as it may, as I stated earlier there wasn't much humor in this movie and considering the low-grade eroticism presented in this "sexploitation" film I rate it as below average.
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Is Hasselholff-ploitation a word?? It SHOULD be
movieman_kev22 October 2003
Old & future TV stars collide in this bizzare sex-ploitation flick. Carl Ballantine from McHale's Navy, Mike Steele from The Rockford Files, and Regina Gleason from Days of our Lives show up.But David Hasselholff as a guy named "Boner" with his seizure-like spastic dance moves is the most ridiculous. Highlights (or lowlights depending on your view) include the aforementioned dancing, permasian cheese snorting, a food fight that goes on forever, and seeing the same dinosuars from Pee-Wee's big adventure. Over-the-top to say the least, but with a six-pack in hand it's oddly enjoyable. Kind of a guilty pleasure akin to Clue. The Dvd in Anchor Bay's Cheerleaders Collection (The Cheerleaders, Revenge of the Cheerleaders, & the Swinging Cheerleaders) is presented uncut.

My Grade: B

DVD Extras: Ex-cheerleader commentary (TOO sarcastic); Still gallery; 3 Radio spots; an 8 minute behind the scenes featurette; 2 theatrical trailers; and a TV spot

Eye Candy: both female & to a lesser extant male naughty bits are in view
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Revenge of the Cheerleaders wasn't any good except for the sex and dance scenes
tavm12 September 2014
Okay, this is my third consecutive review of a cheerleaders movie after The Cheerleaders and The Swinging Cheerleaders. We're back in high school for this one. Two of the writers of The Cheerleaders-Ace Baandage and Richard Lerner who also directed this one-are involved and they provide some pretty sexy scenes and also some good dance sequences. But the rest of the movie is pointless with a plot of a possible merger with another school and many unfunny scenes of a drug-infused lunch and a chase at the end. Carl Ballantine is pretty funny in his brief scenes and it's interesting seeing David Hasselhoff at the beginning of his career. And seeing a pregnant Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith-who previously was in The Swinging Cheerleaders-and her actual baby at the end was also nice to see. Too bad about her tragic end. Really, though, except for the sex and dance scenes, I don't really recommend Revenge of the Cheerleaders except for what I cited...
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My all-time favorite outrageously wild'n'raunchy 70's cheerleader flick
Woodyanders18 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When a greedy jerk land developer threatens to raze Aloha High School to make room for a shopping center and force the affluent California-based educational institution to merge with a nearby vocational school the five members of the Aloha High cheerleader squad resort to various drastic tactics (e.g., spiking the cafeteria spaghetti with booze and grass) in order to thwart the guy. That's about it for the admittedly flimsy plot -- and frankly who honestly cares about some stinking useless no-good story? What truly matters is if this darling delivers the expected blithely lowbrow drive-in exploitation trash goods. I'm happy to say that it does.

Jerii Woods (one of the black revolutionaries in Jack Hill's immortal "Switchblade Sisters"), a pregnant, pot-bellied Rainbeaux Smith (Rainbeaux at one point does a truly startling pre-Demi Moore bun-in-the-oven nude scene!), Susie Elene, July '76 "Penthouse" Pet Helen Lang, and especially the gorgeous, slender, apple-cheeked blonde cutie pie Patrice Rohmer all disrobe quite often so they can show off their sexy, sensuous, sizzling smoking hot stuff. A pre-stardom David Hasselhoff makes an enormous fool of himself as "Boner," a totally sex-crazed cretin who earns his name from his perpetually raging insatiable libido. Hardcore Hasselhoff haters will find his constant embarrassingly imbecilic antics hugely amusing, but I must warn everyone: lanky and ungainly Dave actually shows a lot more of his then scrawny stringbean body here then he ever displayed in a single episode of "Baywatch" (yuck!).

Neither Richard Lerner's merely competent direction nor Nathaniel Dorsky's rather static cinematography are particularly impressive, but overall this one makes the grade with flying freaky day-glo colors: the gratuitous nudity and soft-core sex is pleasingly abundant (one sequence with an Asian girl burying her nose in a dippy blonde dude's butt is genuinely shocking), the gleefully witless humor shows not a slight iota of sophistication (meaning it's frequently funny in a wonderfully raunchy and ridiculous sort of way), there's no less than four uproariously pathetic'n'protracted disco dance sequences (Dorky Dave's jerky, spasmodic, highly arrhythmic sub-John Travolta boogie woogie moves are an absolute gut-busting riot to behold), John Sterling's catchy, poppy, slow-grinding oh-so-70's synthesizer and wah-wah guitar heavy score really hits the funky spot, and magician/actor Carl Ballantine of "McHale's Navy" fame has a nice bit as the doddery old principal. Patrick Wright, the lecherous macho man football coach in "The Cheerleaders," has a nifty cameo as a stuffy cop and served as the assistant director. Okay, we're not talking work of cinematic art here. But I still totally dug this outrageously awful picture just the same. Besides, there's no way I'm going to be too hard on a flick that uses elaborately gaudy wipes and dissolves in order to cut from one scene to another and boasts one of the greatest glaring continuity errors in dimestore cinema history: two mysterious brunette girls who are never clearly established as secondary characters magically appear out of nowhere to cut the rug with the rest of the gang in those previously cited absurdly atrocious disco dance sequences!
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Early David Hasselhoff and 1970's High School Cheerleader HiJinks
renner199919 September 2014
This is a bad movie, but has some redeeming qualities. More specifically, the movie is intentionally hilarious and stupid. This is in stark contrast to another hilarious B Movie (Cool as Ice-aka the infamous Vanilla Ice Movie)that tries to take itself seriously.

In addition, we have young David Hasselhof playing a High School jock named "Boner" who acts like an idiot. All you have to do is watch him try to dance to see what I mean.

To top it off, you have high school cheerleaders (probably played by adults in their 20's-30's :) ) who fool around with a bunch of dudes and plant illegal substances in the cafeteria food to get all of the teachers and their fellow students high.

Oh yeah, I guess there's somewhat of a plot. A land developer is in cohorts with a sleazy school board official. They want to close the school where Boner and the cheerleaders attend (Aloha??) so that the developer can build a mall or something that will make them both rich. The corrupt school board member rigs a school inspection/audit to ensure that the school fails. While Boner is being a "boner", the cheerleaders attempt to make sure that doesn't happen.

However, I apologize in advance for discussing actual plot in a B movie where there are promiscuous cheerleaders and a young David Hasselhoff acting like a fool.
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It's a '70's cheerleader movie; you expecting 'The Godfather' or something??
boramaster23 January 2009
Plot!? This thing has a plot!?! No, no my friends, that is not why we are here. This thing is just basically insane and needs to be taken at that value. When this was shown at Tarantino's first film fest in Austin way back when, the second reel of the film was accidentally upside-down and backwards. However, pretty much no one (excepting Quentin, of course, who had at least seen it before) really thought that anything was actually wrong. No, we are here for 70's style sexplotation!. See boobies! See David Hasselhoff in the altogether (frontal)!See him sniff panties (which revives him for The Big Game, an integral part of any cheerleader movie). See people getting stoned! See people getting accidentally stoned!! And, of course, the butt-munching scene is both charming and amusing. Let's not forget the wild and crazy dancing scenes!! Really, if you are looking to be amused by something totally wacked out from the past, here you go. Otherwise, go back to watching your Bergmann or whatever. Note (oops): I accidentally confused this with 'The Swinging Cheerleaders' (which actually does have more or less of a plot and was double-billed with this one at the first QT festival). I have removed this comment from that film.
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This is the only reason why I watched this movie...
ilcd12 November 1999
Because David Hasselhoff appears nude on this movie while taking a shower. Personally, I think this movie is one of the worst movies I have ever watched. At least 1/2 of this movie shows nudity of either the girls or the guys. I have only seen this movie once & will never watch it again.
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It's 2003, so you should know what you're in for
VichusSmith19 October 2003
I rented this on DVD because basically, it's a classic, crappy excuse to get women naked. Sometimes, I think that a mainstream movie is better than porn, and although this does have its share of nudity, the non-existence of plot is so crazy that i don't know how anyone could stand to watch it from beginning to end.

If this movie somehow brings back memories for you, then you might enjoy it, especially with the ex-cheerleader commentary.

You've had about 30 years to learn that this movie is only worth the nudity (and it's not really even worth that). I feel sorry for the people who saw this movie when it originally came out.

If you like to see 70s women naked, then this might be your thing.

At least they could have tried to have a better plot!
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Inferior to it's Predecessor
Falconeer31 October 2017
'Revenge' isn't really a sequel to "The Swinging Cheerleaders," as I was hoping. This is a silly movie without any focus. It feels like the story was made up as they went along, until it becomes little more than a series of vignettes that rely on silliness and "dirty jokes." It is obvious this one had a different director than that other movie, as the style and feel is completely different. Of course you don't expect Shakespeare while watching a movie like this, but the previous movie actually had some kind of plot, and didn't rely on nudity and sex scenes alone. I originally sought out the series because Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith is in all three movies. But in this movie she is mostly in the background, mainly due to the fact that she was noticeably pregnant during the filming. For some reason i found that a bit depressing, especially during the scenes where she is smoking. I guess they just put her in this movie as a way to connect it to the other films. I just found the humor to be a bit too silly, and without ANY kind of dramatic arc, it became a chore to sit through. "The Swinging Cheerleaders" is the most well- made and well-scripted of the series by far. This one had a few sexy and funny scenes, like the one in the ice cream parlor, but it just didn't capture my interest. However it was really nice to see Cheryl with her baby at the end of the movie, so it might be worth a look for Cheryl Smith fans, of which I'm sure there are many.
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Not even David Hasselhoff's early role is reason enough to see unfunny, gross-out 'Revenge of the Cheerleaders'
Michael_Pilkington15 February 2004
The cheerleaders of Aloha High tries to put the kibosh on a forced merger with their school and its rival Lincoln High. Their plans include spiking cafeteria food with drugs, locker room orgies, and a secret weapon for winning the big basketball game.

This teen comedy has something in common with "The Swinging Cheerleaders": it tries too hard to be funny, but can't with gross-out humor. David Hasselhoff (TV's Knight Rider and Baywatch), in his early role as a jock named Boner, can't save this one. At one point, he actually gets naked. Rainbeaux Smith ("The Swinging Cheerleaders") also stars. My evaluation: * out of ****.
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The Tarantino Connection.
punishmentpark12 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I stumbled onto this one via YouTube and read on IMDb that el grande QT selected it for a film festival. So I checked out a few fragments and just had to see it, pretty much immediately. And it turned out to be a lot of fun. And quite obviously I got to see where some of the inspiration for Death Proof came from.

It's not actually a good film (of course, I'd almost say), but the swearing, the dancing, the sheer young female rebellion (in short skirts or less) of it is contagious. And then there's even The Hoff being silly, a giant play-dinosaur and lots of fantastic funky music. Some scenes should have been altogether deleted (the cooking principal for instance) and others could have been trimmed down considerably (e.g. the final basketball match and the drug induced lunch hell); with a runtime of some twenty minutes less it could have been much more fluent and vibrant I believe.

Still, this is fun stuff. 6 out of 10.
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Silly '70s Sex-Comedy...
EVOL66625 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm gonna jump right into this one because there's not much going on in REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS to waste much breath on.

This one involves a group of slutty  cheerleaders getting nekkid a decent amount and a barely-there plot about a developer that's trying to get the school shut-down in order to develop the land for a money-making project. There's also the requisite 'rivalry' between the main cheerleaders and those from another school, etc...

There's a decent amount of nudity in this one and pretty much all of the female leads are more than f!ckable. There are a few semi-humorous scenes but nothing that I found to be hilarious by a long shot. I must applaud the casting agent for being very 'PC' for this era of film-as most ethnic groups are represented in our heroine's cheer-leading squad: black, white, Hispanic, Asian-even a pregnant one. Very forward-thinking I must say. David Hasselhoff in a supporting role as a gangly basketball player aptly named 'Boner' is another high-point. A bunch of goofy dance sequences round this one out. I see some people hold CHEERLEADERS in high-regard as a sexploit classic-I found it semi- amusing but mostly dull and uninspired. Might have been a lot better if I was really drunk...5/10
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2 reasons to see it....
Lyndsay-322 March 2001
the only 2 reasons i can think of to see this movie is (1.) the scene where David Hasselhoff dances with the other cheerleaders and (2.) the scene where David goes into the girls room with another cheerleader and the school nurse walks in. Yes he has a nude scene but its nothing big(literally....)
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Well, at least it was fun!
Boba_Fett113826 November 2011
What a big difference with the previous movie "The Swinging Cheerleaders", that was totally lacking in fun. At least I still could have a good time with this movie, though it obviously is far from a great one.

Actually, I could had forgiven this movie a lot, if it was more like its first half. In its first half the movie is basically being some mindless fun, in which there hardly is any story present at all. In its second half it suddenly is more about a silly evil plot, that was even just too dumb and silly to even understand. It never worked out and I was never interested in it. It really wasn't necessary for the movie at all.

But perhaps on the other hand you really shouldn't be paying that much attention to this. Since when you really start analyzing this movie seriously, for how it's written and structured, there is so much wrong with it. This is not a well made movie by any means but at least you could tell that the film-makers were still having a lot of fun with it, which pays off in the end eventually.

You could very easily just take and like the movie for what it is. As far as these sort of sleazy, sexploitation flicks go, this one is definitely one of the more fun ones out there, especially for its first half.

Yes, it's still a sexploitation flick, just not a very extreme or explicit one. There is just some nudity but nothing that the average viewer couldn't handle. As far as portraying cheerleaders as sexual objects in this movie, it's very tame all and seems to hold back on it, especially when compared to the first movie "The Cheerleaders".

But this movie is perhaps still mostly known and notorious for having David Hasselhoff, in his very first movie role, playing a character named Boner. It's not hard to recognize him, since he already seemed to have the same haircut and he also stands out because he seemed to be the tallest cast member. He isn't playing a big role though and he only gets to sniff a girl's underwear and shows some of his dancing moves but it was more than enough really. And what was with all the dancing anyway? Seriously, I have seen musical with far less dancing in it.

Simply a movie you could watch to have some mindless, silly fun with!

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That sucks !!!!!!!!!
martin-cheurlin25 March 2006
Oh God, this movie is so BAD !!! I'm just 20, I haven't known the 70's and I of course don't remember the 80's, but Geez when I watch such movies, I just can't stop wondering what is wrong with those people ????? So first, that movie has absolutely no scenario. It's just some random students who are just goofing around recklessly. They're not interested in school and the cheerleaders are the boss of the school actually… The way it's showed is totally far-fetched and unrealistic. And to make it worse, the second part of the movie unveils a crummy action movie with cheerleaders as heroes. COME ON !!!! I found out about that movie on here. I just searched for a cheerleader movie. I also found the GREAT "the cheerleaders" movie (1973) which is really good compared to that one. This "Revenge of the Cheerleaders" is a bizarre film but too bizarre. I found it very BORING. They're always singing, dancing, yelling, having fun… Gosh, you just wanna punch them in the face sometimes. It shows cheerleaders as brainless dummies.

Then, it says "comedy". I never laughed. Wait, I laughed only once… it was when the cops arrested the two naked cheerleaders, asked the put their hands up on the car, and he started feeling them up as if he was searching for some weapons or something. That was funny. So this movie is supposed to be some mix of porn and comedy but come on, I prefer the sex gags of "the cheerleaders" (1973).

So seriously, I don't advise this movie to anyone. I don't understand most people positive comments. Maybe it's because I'm not trendy or something. I just think it's long, noisy, boring and pointless. Make yourself your own opinion !!!
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