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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene where a young woman is taken out of the back of a covered wagon and some men begin abusing her and rip her blouse open baring her naked breast, moments later she falls to the ground and her bare leg up to her buttocks is revealed as she lay on the ground and she is rescued and a man tells her to cover herself (meaning bare leg to buttock).
  • Implied that a lot of men rape a wife of a household (off screen, and not sexual at all).
  • Two men start raping a woman; they throw her down on a table and begin forcefully kissing her, but another man saves her.
  • A brief attempted rape scene. Nothing comes of it, as she is saved.
  • A man and a woman show affection towards each other, and first during the last third of the movie. Eventually they have sex, but off screen. We see them after the sex, both obviously naked under the sheets, but we see her bare shoulders and his chest.
  • A few sexual references and innuendos.

Violence & Gore

  • Several men are shot or wounded in this movie. While it never gets graphic, there are a lot of dead bodies and a few instances of a lot of blood.
  • Men on horses attack a peaceful family. They burn down the house, and one of them slashes a sword across the husband's face (blood is shown and he falls to the ground, knocked out). It's implied that they rape the wife (off screen). Later, the husband wakes up to find the house burned and his family killed. The scene is very disturbing.
  • Brief scenes of battle, involving musket and cannonfire but no blood.
  • Men are lined up and executed by firing squad.
  • A man takes control of a gatling gun and guns down several other men (some blood). He then pulls out his pistols when the ammunition runs out and continues on killing. A teenager is shot in the back during the battle and we see a bloody bullet hole.
  • A man pulls out a concealed handgun and shoots another man in the gut (blood).
  • A man draws two handguns and kills four men on the street (no blood).
  • A rape scene (see sex and nudity for more details).
  • A man charges through a camp gunning down several men without mercy (some blood, but not graphic).
  • A man shoots another man in the bar (no blood).
  • One man faces off against several other men. They draw their guns and the one man is shot in the gut and falls of his horse, and we see a bloody bullet hole, but he returns fire and kills or wounds several of his opponents. The men then charge the house and most are gunned down (some blood).
  • A wounded man with an incredibly bloody arm staggers out on the street, while another wounded man with a bullet wound in the gut (we see a bloody bullet hole) dry fires his handguns at him. They then fight for a sword, and one of them stabs the other one through. This is the bloodiest scene in the film, as there is quite a lot of blood.
  • A man stands on the street talking to another man, and blood drips out of his gut shot (we see a bloody bullet hole).


  • The movie contains the words SOB, hell, ass, damn (at least once with god)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is alcohol use throughout the film. There is also smoking and chewing tabacco. No drug use is seen or implied.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Plenty of violence. The opening where Josey's family is killed and his farm is burned down may be intense for younger viewers including the comancheros scene.

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