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  • Yes, by authors William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, published in 1967 Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Many. One is the age limit before Lastday/Sleep: 21. Logan works for Deep Sleep and his palm flower is grey and about to start blinking red/black as the story begins in 2116. Armed Sandmen are the primary enforcers armed with guns loaded with multipurpose rounds from Tanglers to Vapor to Homers to Nitro to Rippers to Incinerating Blister charges. Guns (6 shooters resembling Colt Peacemakers) are kept under palm flower lock at DS headquarters. "Doyle 10's" palm flower color sequence: Yellow = child; Blue = age 7-14; Red = age 14-21. "Jessica 6" is the sibling of "Doyle 10," first hunt of Logan's work shift. "Doyle 10" is killed by amped up feral "cubscouts" in the jungle called Cathedral. His last word is "sanctuary," and "Lilith 4's" key falls out of his clenched hand for Logan to collect. Tobacco is a controlled substance(!). A Risky night film camera (Peep) voyeur mission with Lilith 4 leads to a kind of underground railroad to Sanctuary. Logan's gun tips off Doc and Holly 13 to the presence of a Sandman. Doc and Logan's fight to the death occurs after the New You surgical table self destructs. After Holly 13's suicide, Logan finds a half-awake "Jessica 6" in another New You room. With maze car key in hand, Jessica and Logan begin their journey to Sanctuary, which ends at Cathedral. They meet Mary-Mary 2, who hands them a key and tells them to use it...soon. Jessica sums up doubts about nursery practices that led her to seek out information about Sanctuary. After the battle with the cubscouts, Logan and Jessica take a maze car to an undersea city. Having used his gun, Logan's Sandman status sparks heated arguments with Jessica, as her palm flower turns black. In a panic, Jessica runs through the complex, crashing into a door release. Her struggles to open it are halted by a harpoon hurled by the mutant, Whale. Disarming Logan, Whale leads the two runners through "Molly's" crumbling compartments. Logan is left in a compartment with a failing wall, while Whale advises Jessica on the next part of the journey to Sanctuary. Jessica rescues Logan, and they take the next maze car. An electrical fault sends them to an icy North Pole prison facility called Hell, where the Warden outlines the rules of survival. After the death battle with Harry 7, Jessica and Logan hear of Box, and decide to brave the Arctic wilderness. After falling into exhausted sleep on the ice, Jessica and Logan wake to find the seal-oil-smoky lair of Box. In his ice sculpture studio, Box invites the pair to pose for him, to be immortalized in ice forever. Logan demands that Box tell them how to leave Hell before they pose for him. After the session, Box knocks Logan unconscious and puts him into an ice cage, then, using ice chains, sets Jessica on an ice slab and suggests that she beg for her life before an ice block crushes her. Logan breaks out of the cage, fences with Box, burying the man machine in a pile of his ice creations. Following Box's singsong directions, Logan and Jessica find themselves on the undersea city maze car platform. (There is more, but stopping at page 67 of 148 is quite enough.) Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, but in 1967 terms. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Ballard, a shadowy figure in the book, has ALL the answers. Edit (Coming Soon)


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