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cowboyfan198027 September 2005
I saw this movie at theater when I was 6. I made my dad take me at least 3 times because I could not get enough of it. The Supermarket scene is definitely the best scene in the whole film. I always got scared when Tom Bosley fell into the tank of lobsters because it looks so painful when he limps off down the isle with the lobsters hanging off his pants. Overall, this is a fun movie with lots of slapstick. To this day, I still remember the word that was used to get Gus to kick the ball: "Oyage!!" The live-action Disney film is a lost treasure and they just don't make them anymore like they did back in the 60's and 70's.
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Laugh-out-loud funny. . .
Missy C15 April 2002
As others have said, the plot is just totally unreal. But the cast, bless their hearts, play this one straight and before you know it, you're sucked in watching. Tim Conway and Tom Bosley pretty much steal the show--my husband, 6-year-old daughter, and I roll on the floor laughing every time we watch this and it's time for the scenes in the hotel and grocery store. Also, worth mentioning are Bob Crane (as the "Old PepperPot"--a sports announcer who's even more obnoxious than Dick Vitale) and football great Johnny Unitas (who can't get a word in edgewise to do the play-by-play). Oh, yes--Dick Enberg's in this one--it was filmed when he still had hair! This one ends with a little twist, too.

Great viewing for the whole family, or for one of those nights you want to have friends over and just laugh yourself silly. . .
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What a kick....
Mister-628 August 1999
Good old Tim Conway.

No matter what, you can always count on Tim Conway for a good laugh; in the movies or TV.

Especially here, in "Gus".

Never mind the fact that Asner, Knotts, Dick Butkus and a field goal-kicking mule provide big laughs here, this is Tim's movie.

Never was there a modern-day pratfall king like Tim, and the scenes featuring him and Bosley (as two losers who kidnap the mule to make Gus' team forfeit) give this movie the laughs that it has.

You'll love the supermarket scene. Guaranteed.

Eight stars. All for Tim's work. He's a national treasure.

Oh, and a nice mule, too.
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Good Movie, Fun to Watch, Tremendous Success Story
Seattle1020 January 2012
It is important to always remember that Disney movies, at least then, were made to entertain; to show happiness; success; and a happy ending. Thus, other reviewers perhaps should understand this. You probably would not like Disneyland.

A pleasant story of a man (Gary Grimes), from the former Yugoslavia, who has the chance of a lifetime to come to the USA, and with the help of Gus, his mule, win football know the plot, obviously.

I did not care for the role of Tom Bosley, whatsoever. It was too affected, and very goofy. How ludicrous, that in a hospital or supermarket, no one tried to detain him (or Conway), or otherwise notify the police.

Furthermore, the well-known supermarket scene, was WAY, WAY too long, and very silly.

Still, Disney movies of the 1960s and 1970s never fail to make us happy. The young man (Andy) has a father who does not value him very much.

Great footage, for you football nuts, and the ending is the whole entire movie-priceless.

This show belonged obviously, to Gary Grimes and to Gus, certainly not to Bosley and Conway.

Soon after this, Gary Grimes retired permanently from the whole entertainment world, and today is in charity work.
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Not too bad for its time
stevenackerman6927 January 2010
I saw this film for the first time when I was a little boy, which was when it came out. I remembered two funny parts: 1. The supermarket sequence, where everything gets messed up. 2. A lady's hat gets eaten, showing the woman being bald. As I got older, I understood more of the story and finally was able to tape the film off of TV and then Disney (no commercials). The film is not very realistic, but pretty funny. The opening sequences showing how bad the Atoms team are are so ridiculous that you think a Pee Wee football league could beat them. Also, how come they don't fire the Coach, played by Don Knotts? Could Hank Cooper be such a loyal friend that he can't do that? Also, notice how the owner, Mr. Cooper, is always on the sidelines during the games? What owner does that today? And you also have to wonder why the opposing team doesn't score each time, since the Atoms are so bad, right? Still, it is a fun movie and you can't take it so seriously. It was also nice to see a twist on the winning play, which I won't reveal here. Oh, here's something else. Notice how muddy the field is during the Super Bowl. When has it even rained on that day in real life? NEVER! Would like to see it happen, though, and have the field be so muddy. I'll also mention that the actors are pretty good, especially Gary Grimes as Andy, who feels in his brother's shadow, Ed Asner as the Atoms' owner, Don Knotts as the befuddled Coach of the Atoms, and Tim Conway and Tom Bosley as Crankcase and Spinner, two con men hired to prevent the Atoms from winning the Super Bowl. They had great chemistry-almost and Abbott and Costello relationship. Disney really doesn't make these films anymore and it is too bad.
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The worst/best movie Disney ever made...
Ben-16321 January 2000
Once I was watching TV late at night and this stupid-looking movie came on. It was Gus. I can't believe movies like this could be actually pitched to an executive, but I guess Disney can never be underestimated. As I began to watch it, I became enthralled: a mule kicks field goals from any distance and never misses. Alas, the mule gets kidnapped before the BIG GAME and he must be retrieved. Boy was I surprised when he was airlifted back onto the field after an unpleasant yet unbelievable scene involving a supermarket. Don Knotts plays a terrible coach too, but Gus steals the show here. If you want to watch a movie that never should have been made, check out Gus.
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One of the great family movies of all time. Dumb, but fun.
tallguy6226 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
As silly as the premise of this movie is, you have to admit that there are no comedians quite as funny as Tim Conway and Don Knotts. Don is his typical, flustered character, but he is hysterical as a coach of a bad California football team. Ed Asner, of course, is funny and loud-mouthed.

Tim Conway teams up with Tom Bosley as the crooks who kidnap Gus, the goal-kicking mule. (You have to smile at Dick Van Patten as the orchestrator of the kidnapping). As a child, my favorite sequence was the scenes in the grocery store. I particularly enjoy the scene where Tim Conway's character thinks he sees Gus' hoof under the counter to the next aisle and accidentally grabs the foot of the bosomy, sexy lady who has the huge, biker boyfriend wondering what is going on. Every scene in the grocery store is laugh-out-loud hysterical, even the part where the lady sees Gus run out of the meat department and says, in a huff, "the freshest meat!! HMFF!! I also like the "hospital scene" which wouldn't be complete without an X-ray scene and a cat to add to the madness.

What a great movie for the kids!! They don't make them like this anymore.
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um, well, i dunno. whatd'ya say about this kinda thing
johnstonjames5 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i went and saw this flick at the movies when it first came out in 1976. i went alone and was probably too old to be that interested in seeing children's comedies from Disney. i was a nerd. at least i was somewhat aware of it at the time. i remember asking my brother to drop me off at a evening showing so i didn't have to sit in a theater with a bunch of little kids. usually by evening the baby crowd had dispersed and only a few families showed up. but still, i remember most other teens in my age group showing little or no interest in "G" rated baby fodder.

i remember being a little embarrassed by how silly it was but also being entertained and amused by it none the less. i was always pleased by most everything Disney usually did back in the old days. when i watched the movie on DVD some thirty some years later, i found myself a little flabbergasted as to how brain rotten and lowest common denominator lunk headed it was. Disney comedies are often slapstick and silly, but don't always sink to this sort of brainlessness except possibly in the case of those numerous "monkey" comedies and possibly the junk food "Superdad".

i still think it can be pretty funny at times. i mean hey, it has Tim Conway in it. also the scene in the supermarket is pretty darn durned funny in a mindless sort of way.

this film mostly seems bent on capitalizing on Disney fans who are also football fans. actually, unless you're a Disney FANATIC or a football FANATIC, you might find your patience tried a bit by the total unimportant inanity of this material. some viewers might even venture to question the I.Q. of this whole thing.

oh well. i don't think anybody here thought they were making a great work of art in the first place. at least it's better than those talking mule movies with Donald O'Connor. i've seen those. stinky.
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Slapstick animal antics from Disney...
moonspinner5516 July 2010
Frustrated by the losing performances from their pro-football team the Atoms, owner Edward Asner and coach Don Knotts recruit a kicking mule from Yugoslavia to score the kind of field-goals no human athlete could dream of. This is strictly "The Absent-Minded Professor" minus the Flubber, though viewers didn't seem to mind, making "Gus" a big hit in 1976 with matinée audiences. However, the general pacing is very slow and all the actors look too old for their parts (with the exception of Asner, whose snide one-liners give the movie a little mule-sense). Knotts is still doing his Barney Fife shtick, while Liberty Williams is the perky token female. If you do watch, see if you can figure out why the faux-football footage at the beginning is run in slow-motion. In fact, the whole movie feels in slow-motion. * from ****
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Worst sports movie ever
historian6429 January 2009
This is indicative of most 70's Disney fare: it looks more like it was written by a ten year old, rather than for one. It brings up the debate as to who was the bigger jackass: the mule or the executive who gave the green light to this turkey.

Don knots as a football coach is funny enough to carry a sketch, but not of movie. Tom Bosley as a mobster? Bob Crane's character was an all too obvious parody of Howard Cosell,(for those of you too young to remember a longtime ABC sportscaster who spoke in a long-winded monotone and was part of the Monday Night Football broadcast team from 1970 through 1983) Funny given pro football's popularity that nobody's really put out a good film about pro football. (yes that includes Any Given Sunday)
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The original sport-playing animal flick.....
Seth Nelson25 August 2006
Disney, as well as the movie business, was on a mission; a boy with a idea. (LOL) An idea so grand, so original, this began a new family sub-genre: that of the sport-playing animal movie. And it happened one time in 1976, with the live action film "Gus," about a donkey mascot who played football!!!!!

I've never seen this movie, though I have seen a part of it on one of the "Air Bud" movies, and I have heard about how great this film was, which convinced me to come here and talk about this film! After Gus, we would see similar movies: "Air Bud," who not only excelled at basketball, but football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and I think there's going to be "Air Buddies" coming soon, and "M.V.P.," which had a chimp who was pro at hockey and extreme skateboarding. Most of these are Canadian, who might have liked this movie so much that a sports-playing dog and chimp have come into business!!!!!

"Gus" is a great film that brought the animal movies to the max!!!!!

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Okay Disney romp
Blueghost17 July 2017
Ah, the Bicentennial. That crazy cool star patch that was painted on NASA buildings, and was put on this that and other thing, and I even had one for my cub scout uniform. But one of the thing I'll remember from that year is seeing Disney's "Gus", the goal kicking mule.

Truth be told I don't remember too much of the film when I first saw it, save for one line appears to be missing, but that really doesn't matter. The movie is okay entertainment, though I have to say that the store sequence dragged on perhaps a minute or two too long.

Familiar actors from both TV and film make their appearance in this film, and believe it nor there's an awful lot of SFX work, likely due to budget limitations.

One of the real pleasures of this movie however is seeing talented regular looking people in the lead and supporting roles. There are no real beautiful or pretty actors or actresses in this thing. Name talent appears in this thing. Names like Asner, Knotts, Conway, Van Patten, Craine and others who made their appearances and not just TV but also stage.

The story is pretty basic, and touches on corruption in professional sports, as well as the continuing disparity between real football and the American version (which has almost nothing to do with feet touching the ball). The antics the heavies go to torpedoing the good guys are pretty extreme, and again they do seem to drag on a bit, in particular near the end of the second act.

Otherwise it's decent family entertainment. Again, it's the kind of film no one makes anymore but should. Good clean fun, somewhat corny and drawn out in parts, but not overuse of digital inserts, no aggrandizement of scenes because you have access to digital SFX and CGI, just some rear projection, and otherwise practical effects and old fashioned stunts.

Give it a shot. If you're a younger reader, then you'll get a chance to see what us old timers used to watch in terms of clean entertainment in the 1970s.

Check it out.
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