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A stirring little gem with an unbronsonesque Bronson
yuggoth-19 August 2005
This modest little gem is a humorous, funny, melancholic movie about what you can encounter if you fall in love with a romantic woman - you can end up bigger than life, and that can get you into serious trouble! Bronson - far from his usual he-man cliché roles - delivers a very nice, humorous performance; and so does Jill Ireland. Just watch it, even if you are far from being a Bronson fan - this droll flick is enjoyable for everyone!

To tell you more, and make you understand, one cannot avoid spoilers; so here's the plot:

***** SPOILERS *****************************

Graham Dorsey (Bronson) is a member of a gang which is on their way to rob a bank. Being frightened of the job, he takes the chance to stay in a house by the road until his buddies come back from the job.

The lady of the house, Amanda (Ireland), a young, attractive widow, is alone in the house. Graham manages to get her to bed with him. They fall for each other (he pretends to be somewhat more noble than he really is), and share some hours of love and bliss - until a posse comes to catch him (the robbery had failed). He tries to flee (telling Amanda he goes to free his accomplices). But he ends up in jail, sentenced for another man's frauds, while the other man is erroneously shot in his place. So Amanda gets word that Graham is dead.

Amanda, formerly an honorable widow, now looked upon as a bandit's mistress, is alone in her grief. She writes a book about the story; but Graham having overstated, and Amanda having a strong tendency to romanticize and idealize her feelings, she describes the whole story much bigger than life. The book becomes a best-seller; not only locally, but all over the world. The tale gets a huge hype.

So when Graham is free again after a year in jail, and comes back into town (in disguise) for Amanda, he finds, to his surprise and growing amusement, some sort of "Graham Dorsey Disneyland" at the place, built around the book's tale. And Amanda's house has turned into a GD museum, visited by loads of tourists guided by Amanda who tells them "her story". He, too, enters, asking for a tour. He gets it; Amanda does not recognize him - not even when he takes his masquerade off: she simply does not believe him - she believes her book, and in her book, he is bigger, more beautiful, and better in any respect! (very funny scene)

Finally, he succeeds to make her believe him. But to his big surprise, Amanda does not want the real GD - she prefers to live for the legend! She tells him that formerly, it was a matter of just the two of them; but now it has become a matter of the feelings of all the world, which she would not hurt by destroying the myth. Even when he tries to apply force, she just steals his gun and demands that he leaves forever. He refuses. When she sees no more way to change his mind, she even shoots herself before his eyes.

On his following lonely odyssey, he meets the Graham & Amanda hype everywhere, ad nauseam: and whenever he gets up to protest against the lies, saying that HE is GD, he is laughed at, shouted down, or even threatened for his "fraud". Irony of fate: it is only in the end, when he is put in an asylum for his "lunacy", among the lunatics, that Graham finds people who believe him and accept him, and finds his peace of mind.

*********** END OF SPOILERS *******************

So this movie, though playing in a western milieu, is at its core a story of the fate of an unusual love. It is very unpretentious (far away from roaring schmaltz like "Gone with the wind" or "Titanic"; lightyears away from that big-mouthed, stylish soulless crap that we have to endure since the eighties), just a humble, bittersweet little (tragi)comedy with moments of the grotesque, about life's pleasures and grief, about becoming a culprit and becoming a victim; about the value and the cost of idealizing and true life. If it wouldn't be for Bronson and Ireland starring, you might call it a B-film. But Charles Bronson - surely not being the king of actors - delivers a very nice, humorous performance here in a very unbronsonesque role, together with his excelling real life wife Jill Ireland. It's a pity that the direction is wooden sometimes. And, fitting superbly to its old-fashioned style, the movie has a nice catchy melancholic little waltz as a theme song ("Hello and Goodbye"/Elmer Bernstein/Alan and Marilyn Bergman, sung by Ireland), dealing with the elusiveness of love.

Give it a chance! You will come out of it thoughtful, I guess; and about how many Hollywood films can you say that?

Valuation: I would spontaneously give it a good 7 out of 10 - but I spontaneously tend to judge relating to an IMDb average valuation of below 5, as it should be; but the actual average being near 7, it should get an 8 (though this is unfair to the comedy masterpieces like Lubitsch's "To be or not to be", or Chaplin's "Modern times"; or Tati's "Jour de fête" - those should have at least a 12, then! :-) )
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Unreservedly Recommended.
dcheng-730 November 2006
I'm shocked to learn that only 17 comments were written in the IMDb so far. I've seen this movie 20 years ago and for a second time last week. I still feel this is a great movie.

Full of inspiration and transpiration, with excellent script and directing, not to mention the great performance by the 2 leading actor and actress, both exhibiting masterpiece achievements for their professionalism.

It was a low cost production, but great film doesn't necessarily cost much. It's a complete waste of movie resource that so little people had seen this masterpiece.

Probably Bronson's only comedy, I strongly and unreservedly recommend it to anyone!
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A wonderful love story with a twist
elmer_klump29 November 2006
This is my favorite Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland movie. Great writing, directing, photography, and film editing. The casting was perfect. Douglas V Fowley was perfect as the bank robber gang leader. The way Jill is seduced and falls in love with Bronson is fantastic. But alas their love was not destined to last. This is Jill's best and Bronson showed his versatility in a different kind of role. I had hoped that when Bronson returned to her from prison, their love would have reignited and they would have lived happily ever after. But life is not like that. At least they had those beautiful hours From noon till three. I know you will enjoy this movie. I could see it over and over.
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To my unending surprise, I loved this movie and am searching all sources to find it and buy it.
dodochris14 June 2006
Charm is not a word you would associate Charles Bronson with, but he is chock full if it in this "romp." A group of bank robbers leave Charles Bronson at a widow's (Jill Ireland's) house because his horse goes lame. They vow to pick him up after the robbery in what they figure will be about three hours (thus the name of the movie). In those three hours Charles Bronson, after almost attacking Jill Ireland, decides to go for a sympathy play and has Jill Ireland, within 15 minutes making love to him to help him with his "impotency." While watching the movie, it makes you wonder how she held off for so long. If you want to see Charles Bronson half naked, with a physique of a man 20 years younger, making love - three times -- this is the movie for you. After he leaves, and is mistakenly thought killed, Jill Ireland writes a book about their three hour affair and the whole thing turns into a type of legend, which turns the town into a type of World's Fair exhibit. Charles Bronson ends up in jail for different reasons where he finds out that he has become a legend and of course ties to tell people that's he's that person, and if things weren't already crazy they get crazier. Charles Bronson is unrecognizable from the characters he played in practically all of his other movies. This movie shows his range as an actor and makes me sad he never got to display more of what he was actually capable of. Jill Ireland pulls off her character beautifully and also shows her range, something else we never got to see in her other movies. After thinking about the movie, I know why they did it. If you are channel surfing and see it, by all means watch it. I'm looking for it on DVD now. I want to buy it.
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A great adult comedy Western
skoyles14 September 2003
"Some have a life time/Some just a Day..... Nothing's ever forever/ Forever's a lie..." So goes the theme of this excellent and memorable movie. Bronson shows his talent not only as an actor but as a comic. Jill Ireland also exceeds anything she did before or after. Her shock as she realizes Graham is telling the truth is alone worth the price of admission. Perhaps not for Bronson fans but rather for those of us who enjoyed "Cat Ballou", "Support your Local Sheriff/Gunfighter" and 'The Halleluia Trail". Adult comedy westerns come no better than this.
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Engaging, engrossing little film that ALMOST makes it...
Poseidon-312 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In a departure from the rugged, action-oriented films normally associated with Bronson, this small western fairy tale has a great deal going for it. Bronson and his gang are headed into a town to rob its bank when circumstances cause him to have to stay behind at a nearby house. The house, a huge mansion filled with expensive furnishings, is owned by a starchy young widow (Ireland) who reluctantly allows Bronson to spend three hours waiting while his gang obtains the loot. What begins with reticence and adversarial qualities soon blossoms into a charming and unrestricted relationship between the two. They wind up sharing an afternoon of romance, humor, conversation and comfort. Unfortunately, the hold-up goes wrong and Bronson must ride out and leave Ireland behind. When he fails to return, she turns her loss into gold by penning a wildly successful (and exaggerated) novel based on their afternoon. This couple (who appeared in more than a dozen films together) strikes a wonderful chord here with each of them getting a chance to show off their personalities and talents. Bronson is craggy, but charming, and sports an impressive physique in their waterhole scene. His dry humor fits this role perfectly. Ireland, so often used as female furniture in their other films, gets one of her greatest parts here. She's allowed to go from a dour, reserved woman to a radiant, ebullient girl. She also shows a flair for comedy, something she didn't get to do often enough. The chemistry between the two is remarkable and the film could have been (and may even still have been) quite a valentine to their long relationship. Unfortunately, when the story could have stopped and been content as a winning, rewarding fantasy, it goes on (and on) with several endings heaped upon each other until a great deal of the charm is spent in an attempt to create irony and black humor. The ending will be unsatisfying for more than a few viewers. Still, not even the wrong-headed denouement can erase all the pleasure of the first hour or so of the film. The movie isn't devoid of action, but its primary focus is on the relationship of Bronson and Ireland. A waltz, heard many times throughout the film, is sweetly sung over the closing credits by Ireland. It's a delightful capsule showcasing these folks and it deserves to be more widely seen, in spite of its few flaws.
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Bronson in a lighter key works, but does not feed blood lust.
Oldguypo88 January 2006
If you seek killer Bronson, he isn't home. But if you are willing to watch Bronson doing lighter work and be on screen with his wife in a mildly funny satire, enjoy. From first meeting to keeper of the legend, this is a Jill Ireland vehicle. It satirizes Bronson's previous work which grew out of the dime novel creation of the American West. We watch the Bronson character lose control of his real life because a widow creates a better outlaw than he was. Enjoy this for the satire on every level including the score and the songs.

It is a refreshing change of pace compared to the blood beast Bronson had to feed in many action movies. Now that it is being broadcast, watch it with the idea that Bill Hickok and Bill Cody played on stage for money and that dime novelist Ned Buntline gave out those Buntline specials to the men he wrote about. I suspect most of you will at least chuckle at the world caught up in the legend of a third rate bank robber ensnared by a woman he seduced. And the end is better satire than real life Emmett Dalton going to Hollywood to help make movies about the Dalton gang robbing Coffeyville. For an adult audience, this is far better entertainment than Over the Hill Gang slapstick. Give it a try.
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From Noon Till Three - a Bronson & Ireland gem
craigsa19 January 2006
The first time I saw this movie (about 1984) I watched it because there didn't seem to be anything else on local TV (I didn't have cable yet). I had never heard of it before, but wow! Talk about a sleeper! I couldn't believe that I had never heard of a movie this good!

It was a pleasant surprise for me, as I have not been all that fond of Bronson movies. Instead of Mr. Tough Guy, Bronson actually plays a part that shows real heart.

And Jill Ireland stole the show with her charming portrayal of the wealthy widow who accepted ol' Charlie into her life for three hours. Her on screen presence was captivating.

If you have never seen From Noon Till Three, I suggest you do so soon. It will put a smile on your face that will last for hours. Like all good movies it should be seen without commercial interruption. So get yourself a copy and enjoy!
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Overlooked and under-appreciated.
brefane14 April 2007
If you liked A Big Hand for the Little Lady(1966), then this small, under-appreciated gem is for you, and the less you know about it, the better. It is a vehicle for Ireland who has never been better, and it's the best film that she and her husband Charles Bronson made together. Their relationship which suggests the Taming of the Shrew is one of the most convincingly romantic pairings I've ever seen. Ireland, a widow, is a western version of Norma Desmond or Miss Havisham from Great Expectations, and virtually everything she says is a lie. The title refers to the 3 hours Bronson spends with her in her isolated Victorian mansion. The film is a comedy, a western, a romance,and a satire on myth-making and celebrity, and it succeeds on all levels. Overlooked when released, writer/director, and Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright, Frank Gilroy deserves praise for this fine western comedy. It's smarter, more romantic, and more sophisticated than Cat Ballou, True Grit, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Skin Game, The Ballad of Cable Hogue etc.... It all works beautifully and the ending is satisfying and surprising. Bronson in a change of pace is very good indeed. Don't miss this film. Definitely deserves a DVD release.
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The strangest Bronson film ever
helpless-dancer20 December 2009
Never have I seen a Bronson flicker as bizarre as this gem. Here we have a outlaw who breezes into the life of a lonely, remote woman on the post civil war outback. Their relationship takes off like a ruptured duck, producing an outcome that only the likes of a taro card reader could predict. I loved the way this story played out as the action led from one stranger than fiction event to another. This led Bronson's character to lose the one thing more valuable to him than all the bank money he had ever desired and his lover to lose even more. This was a top notch Charles Bronson film, well written and played out, possibly the best thing I've seen him in yet. Thumbs up.
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Agreeable and atttactive Western/ romance / comedy with the real life marriage, Bronson and Ireland
ma-cortes8 September 2018
After spending 3 unforgettable hours with an outlaw called Graham Dorsey, Charles Bronson, whose band commits a bank hold-up thwarted by villagers , a beautiful young widow, Jill Ireland, turns her love story - Romeo and Juliet alike- into a worldwide notorious book with several prints and she builds the mediocre Graham Dorsey into a western hero. As the town celebrates :Welcome to Gladstone City where Buck Bowers gang met their end and the romance of Graham and Amanda began. As the noisy city receives a lot of tourists and visitors and showing : Starbuck Mansion tour twice daily , 3 dummies with a poster captioning : where they were hung. And to see Graham Dorsey's grave: he valued friendship more than life , sleep gently sweet prince.

This is a change of pace character for Bronson in a spoof of western legend . Strange is certainly the word for this comedy action fantasy romance tale . The plot is plain and simple as Bronson has a brief romance with his real wife Jill Ireland who , believing him dead, fictionalizes their lives in a series of succssesful books, when he turns alive, no one, including Jill believes that he is the actual Dorsey and he is gradually driven crazy. No sypnosis could convey the flavour of a movie that almost creates its own genre and even might have done so with other classic Hollywood actors . Bronson gives an acceptable acting as the two-fisted gunslinger , though Charles adventure buffs may well not know what to make of this one . This is one of a number of westerns that Bronson played during the mid, late 60s and early seventies, as the famous Once upon a time the west by Sergio Leone, Red sun by Terence Young , Chato by Michael Winner , Nevada Express by Tom Gries , Valdez by John Sturges and White Buffalo by JL Thompson. And being finely acompanied by Jill Ireland who is nice as the gorgeous and sympathetic widow. Supporting cast is good with brief interpretations from Douglas Fowley, Don Red Barry, Elmer Bernstein himself and Anne Ramsey.

Enjoyable and sensitive musical scoreby the classy maestro Elmer Bernstein. Adequate and appropriate production design by Robert Clatworthy, an expert designer who worked in Psycho, Ship of fools, Touch of evil, Guess who is coming to dinner, The incredible shrinking man, The parent trap, among others. The motion picture was weak but professionally directed by Frank D Gilroy. He was a craftsman who wrote and directed a few films such as The gig, Jinxed, Once in Paris, Desperate characters, The subject was roses , The gallant hours and Fastest gun alive. Rating :acceptable and passable 6/10
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From Noon Till Three
Scarecrow-887 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
For a few hours, an outlaw romances a prim and proper widow while his gang's away attempting to rob a bank. Their passionate sexual affair, as short as it was, soon becomes a best-selling novel, despite the fact that his stories to her, larger-than-life and fictional, are lies, taking off a life of their own. Assuming the identity of a crooked dentist, who pulled the gold teeth of his patrons, he's sent to jail, and the one he swapped roles with is killed by a hunting party. Graham Dorsey, presumed dead, can no longer take back his identity, his namesake, due to the ridiculous legend that has grown from Mrs. Starbuck's novel, and this will forever haunt him, even after meeting her once he's free from jail.

I must admit that this was a pleasure to sit through, and is quite a pleasant western for the most part, with probably Chuck Bronson's most humane, charming, performance of his career. But, in saying that, I found the ending rather sad and tragic, what lengths Mrs Starbuck will go to keep her novel's legendary status intact, and how Dorsey will never be able to have his life back. It's clever, damn clever, but rather depressing if you think about it. I think this is the best chance to see Bronson and wife Jill Ireland at their best on screen together, and proves that she wasn't just some actress who came along because of being married to him, part of the package so to speak. Ireland holds her own and has these wonderful moments while her Amanda remains repressed, reveals much in her eyes, tears that are present as if her feelings wish to spill out despite her desire to bury them under a cold exterior. Bronson is so incredibly likable, I think his performance proves the critics, who always hated him and his movies, are wrong in that he never was able to pull off a character with any depth or dimension. I enjoyed this movie tremendously, what a nice surprise, and I think writer/director Gillroy's script effectively satirizes the nature of the difference between reality and myth, how a person, no matter how average he may actually be, can become a folk hero thanks to the fictionalized accounts of someone who remembers him being much more than he really is. What an amazing mansion where Ireland's Amanda lives!
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It's funny! You'll laugh! You will!
ptb-85 August 2004
And its a Charles Bronson film! With a pretty good train crash too! I guess Bronson wanted to make a romantic comedy western with his gorgeous wife Jill Ireland and instead of starring in BILLY TWO HATS or THE SPIKES GANG or some other forgotten oater, he went for this. Rather like a BUTCH CASSIDY - CAT BALLOU combo, this small but charming robbery western gets its title from the afternoon liason he spends with Jill inbetween crime appointments. As Bryan Brown said about adultery in BREAKER MORANT: "A slice off a cut loaf is never missed............!" NOON TILL THREE did little business at the time and is never seen now, pity as like alot of small mid 70s films they are well made and still from the days when films were made to entertain, not shock or traumatise.
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Criminally Underrated
Michael_Elliott17 December 2009
From Noon Till Three (1976)

*** (out of 4)

Extremely delighting romantic comedy with Charles Bronson playing a bank robber who can't go on the latest heist and instead stays back at a house with a beautiful woman (Jill Ireland). The two spend three romantic hours together but after she thinks he's been killed, she decides to write a story about those three hours, which turns him into a legend but when he returns there's going to be trouble as he wants to be himself and not the legend. When you mention Charles Bronson you can have a great number of films to discuss. I have discussed the films of Bronson with many people but when I mention this film here everyone goes quiet as not many have heard of it and even fewer have actually seen it, which is a real shame because this is certainly one of his best. It's not common for Bronson to take part in what's basically a romantic comedy but he and Ireland really work wonderfully well together and this is clearly their best film together. It really seems like neither one is giving an actual "performance" but instead they're just being themselves because both come off so natural. Just take a look at the scene where they're swimming together as the perfect example. Perhaps they are just acting but this sequence feels so real that you can't help but feel they're just playing around and showing their real love for one another. The first seventy-five minutes of this movie are so refreshing, funny and charming because we're seeing Bronson playing a character unlike anything he had played before or since. I found him to be incredibly charming here and it's just great fun for a fan to see him flirting, picking flowers and actually smiling. Ireland, never accused of being a great actress, actually does a very good job here and is quite believable in her role. I think the final act with the "truth vs. legend" doesn't work as well as I'm sure everyone was hoping for but you have to give the filmmakers a lot of credit for the ending that I won't ruin here. The film actually says a lot about fame, believing lies that you might read and various other things but in the end the real jewel is seeing Bronson playing a role that he never really got to again, which is a shame considering how great he is here.
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A Bronson Comedy? Yes!
kirbylee70-599-52617912 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Growing up and hitting the movie theaters on my own in the seventies I grew up a fan of the then hot star Charles Bronson. DEATH WISH came out just about the time I was able to start driving on my own and with that film he began a string of hit movies that as a teen we all had to see. Bronson made a habit of starring his wife Jill Ireland in his films once he achieved enough clout, an excellent actress who did make a living on her own. But it was nice to see them on the screen together. Perhaps their best film together is the little known or seen FROM NOON TILL THREE.

Bronson stars as Graham Dorsey, part of an outlaw group intending to rob the local bank. With their horses tiring out, they stop at a remote house on the prairie owned by a widow named Amanda (Jill Ireland). There are only enough horses for part of the gang so Dorsey, uneasy at best about the planned robbery, volunteers to stay behind and keep an eye on Amanda with the gang returning once the job has been pulled off.

Over the next three hours Dorsey and Amanda get to know each other. Dorsey tries to be a gentleman but her attempts at escape leave him no choice but to find a way to make her stay. As they become acquainted Amanda falls for the charm that Dorsey displays and they end up in bed together. It's a case of love at first sight but eventually part of the gang returns. It seems the robbery went bad and most were killed. Now they head out, leaving Amanda behind.

In an attempt to disguise himself Dorsey poses as someone else. Unfortunately that man is wanted for fraud and he is taken off to jail. The man he switched identities with is killed and thus Amanda fears that Dorsey, the man she fell in love with, is now deceased.

What happens next is a comedy of errors. Amanda takes her romance to heart and pens a first-hand account of the events that took place. Embellishing is not the word for it as her tale turns from potential kidnapping to a romantic tryst with a notorious outlaw. The book is a major success and spawns both a play and a hit song about the events, "From Noon Till Three".

The movie gets funnier still when Dorsey is finally released from prison, when he tries to return to Amanda and…well watch it to see what happens. The movie offers some truly hilarious moments and shows the Bronson had a knack for comedy that not many would have suspected. Ireland is tremendous in the role of Amanda.

True fans of Bronson will not want to miss this movie. It is by far one of his best in my book. Not only will you get to see how good of an actor he was you'll have a lot of fun with this one as well. As with all Twilight Time releases this is limited in number so if you see it, order it today!
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Moving, amusing, and refreshing.
Hey_Sweden9 August 2014
Charles Bronson plays Graham Dorsey, one of a quintet of bank robbers. On their way to rob their next bank, his horse breaks its leg, and they stop off at a remote homestead to obtain a horse. Graham ends up staying at the house, and with its owner, Amanda Starbuck (Jill Ireland), while his comrades go on to commit the robbery. Initially very standoffish, Amanda soon warms up to Graham, an interesting character who shows that he can't be taken at face value. He and Amanda end up spending a very romantic three hours together (the "noon till three" of the title).

When Graham rides off (ostensibly to save his fellow outlaws from the hangman), and then is later thought to be dead, Amanda fictionalizes their time together with the help of a writer. Since Graham had been embellishing some details, it's all too easy for Amanda and the writer to turn Graham into a hero of legendary proportions. Their story is published in book form and becomes popular all over the world. As a result, when Graham ventures back into the world after doing some time, he can't get anybody to believe that he's who he says he is, because the book made him out to be something that he's not!

Scripted by director Frank D. Gilroy from his own novel, this is perhaps the ultimate teaming of real life couple Bronson and Ireland. As can be expected, they work very well together; Bronson has rarely, if ever, been this appealing. The role of Graham is a noted departure from most of the tough guy roles that he played. There are some good players among the supporting cast: Douglas V. Fowley, Stan Haze, Don 'Red' Barry, and Anne Ramsey in a bit, but this is primarily a charming vehicle for Mr. and Mrs. Bronson. It manages to be funny and poignant in equal measure, and is very well made technically, with a fine score by Elmer Bernstein and a touching song (music by Bernstein, lyrics by Alan & Marilyn Bergman) sung by Ireland herself. It also serves to point out the difference that can exist between myth and reality.

Some Bronson fans might not care for this sort of material, but others should find it a delight to see him venture outside his comfort zone for a change.

Eight out of 10.
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Sweet, Honest and Suspenseful Western Love Story
photoe5 November 2013
I'm not the world's biggest Western expert, but I can count the number of Western love stories on one hand.

Many Westerns might include a love element as a subplot, or toss a love story away blithely to demonstrate hardness, but this film is 100% a love story.

Bronson brings a refreshing realistic 70s anti-hero attitude to his character, an outlaw who dreams that he's going to die in a robbery, and so bows out, stumbling on a jackpot of romancing a widowed and wealthy Jill Ireland. They fit as much romance as possible into 3 hours. The plot goes awry soon thereafter and does a really deft job of remaining unpredictable to the end.

That Bronson and Ireland were married in real life just adds to their chemistry and tragic foreshadowing.

This film should appeal to ladies, and could make a good date night film, if you can find it, and has enough action and twists to entertain men, unless they are also romantic, and then this film pulls at the heartstrings quite a bit, but generally avoids becoming totally syrupy, if slightly wacky at times.

You really want to reach into the film and guide the characters away from danger, that's how engaging their romance becomes. There are other moments in which this film drifts refreshingly away from the many clichés of the average Western.

I saw it on the THIS channel on Nov 5 2013, and I don't think I'd seen it since I was a kid in the 70s or 80s. It doesn't seem to get broadcast much.
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Bronson makes Nice
megavenganceman19 January 2004
At the height of his stardom, Charles Bronson made this curious oddity. He stars as a bankrobber hiding out at a widow's residence and after a series of comical mishaps, fall in love with one another. This is probably Jill (Bronson's then real life wife) Ireland's best moment. She made a career doing a lot of second stringing in her husband's films but she comes into her own here in a believably sympathetic performance. As for Bronson, well he didn't do a lot of "cute" movies so it's nice to see him in something a little less nasty for a change. Also, he provides some impressive comic relief in his own inimitable, understated way. It is only hampered by some awfully wooden direction. Still, you could do a lot worse.
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Atypical Bronson fare.
gridoon4 August 1999
Amusing western-comedy, with Charles Bronson in one of his most atypical roles. The film is an interesting curio; I don't remember seeing something similar. A minor work, but well worthwhile.
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From Noon til Three.
noldor-211 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The theme song which is introduced two-thirds of the way through the film is written by Elmer Bernstein, and Alan and Marilyn Bergman. It is just beautiful.

The performances by Bronson and Ireland are very funny and memorable. I saw it as a teen and was thrilled to see the movie shown again 20 years later. I'd prefer to see this movie reappear more often.

Not a fabulous movie all-in-all, but it certainly has it's moments. From the moment Bronson decides he likes Ireland's company through the numerous renditions of the theme song. A romantic comedy. Who'da thunk such a thing from these two. Heh.
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An unexpected treat and a little gem
dunks5813 December 2009
I saw this at the drive-in many years ago as the support feature to 'Rocky', which I also unexpectedly liked. This wonderful little film caught me completely by surprise, since I had previously only known Bronson from his many boofhead action flicks. This beautiful little two-hander was a complete and delightful surprise, providing a fine showcase for the late, great Jill Ireland (a rather underrated actress IMO) and giving Chuck a rare chance to show that he was in fact a damn fine actor who was capable of much more than people gave him credit for. I can really only echo what others have said here -- it's a funny, intelligent, touching and very rewarding film that comes out of left field and will really surprise and please you if you give it a chance.
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vada_rudolph21 May 2009
This movie is utterly charming. When you contrast it with Bronson's usual roles, it's hard to believe it's a Charles Bronson movie. Who knew he could be funny??? And his love for his wife, Jill Ireland, apparent in all the films they made together, is even more obvious here. I really enjoy the fact that this film seems to be so out of character for him. He played the tough guy for so long, and in very dark films. This light, charming story is a wonderful counter to all his other movies. I bet he and Jill had a great time making this movie. I like several of his films: Breakheart Pass, The Mechanic, Hard Times. But this is my favorite.
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..Good title, anyway..
fimimix19 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure I saw all of this movie. Why the "10" rating ? It was pretty and had some good scenes.......I didn't have to really pay attention while I watching it. Laughable.....

"From Noon till Three" surely was produced through that corporation that ALWAYS starred Bronson and Ireland. A good family-business, huh? Ms. Ireland truly was a beauty and Charles had the bod......(old term for "hunk"). May as well use all your assets......

This movie is a real relief of all the gore Bronson usually pitched-around.....super-macho, you know ? There were so many twists in its plot, I guess that's what kept my interest, just to see how they would pan-out.

I thought the ending was perfect, so poor ole Charlie wouldn't have to keep getting banged-up everywhere he went. The line "we've been expecting you" from one of the loonies was a it for its pretty silliness......
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Surprising Bronson/Ireland Western
MTLaura7263 March 2007
Having watched Bronson & Jill in most of their action pics, this one is a complete surprise! I usually just listen to the TV shows my husband picks to watch, as I'm on the puter and don't get a say....he isn't a computer person. He was watching the Western Channel one day when this movie showed. Since then, I have gotten off my puter and sat down to actually watch this show. I really like it!

This is my 2d favorite Bronson/Ireland movie....the first being Assassination. To me, that was as funny as From Noon til Three. Both movies have the couple playing off each other's funny bones. While Jill almost always appears regal and proper, here she shows her funny side. It's too bad she didn't get to play in more comedy films. To have Bronson show any skin other than his standard suits or western outfits, was a site to behold! ;)

If I can ever get my DVD hooked up, (gotta be smarter than the equipment!) I want to record this for when there are those "nothing to watch" days. It's well worth it.
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Charles Bronson in a comedy?
jimbo-9314 May 1999
A sly satire on fame and celebrity from out of left field. This is not typical Bronson. Surprisingly good.
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