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Sex & Nudity

  • The film is about a male hairdresser who sleeps with his clients.
  • In the opening scene, it is implied that a woman performs oral sex on a man.
  • A man and woman are shown having sex, the woman's breasts and the man's butt visible. When the woman gets up, her pubic hair is also visible.
  • Two women are shown in bikinis. They take off their bikinis for a man, breasts, butts, and pubic hair visible. Another woman watches from the door, her breasts visible.
  • A woman removes her clothes, her breasts, butt, and pubic hair visible. She goes into a shower where a man is showering and they kiss. His butt is also visible. It is implied they have sex. His pubic hair is visible when he is shown lying down.
  • A man and woman kiss. It is implied that they have sex.
  • A woman is shown fully nude in a pool, her breasts, butt, and pubic hair visible.
  • At a barbecue, a few topless women are shown, breasts visible. One woman is fully nude, her butt and pubic hair visible.
  • A man and woman kiss. They are shown in bed later, implying they had sex. Her breasts are visible. They have sex again.

Violence & Gore

  • A man roughs up another man.
  • A man is kicked in the face. Some blood is shown on his mouth.
  • A man is sodomized with a curling iron.
  • A man is run over by a car.
  • Two men are killed with a chain saw. Some blood.
  • A man is shot and then he fights a few men. One man is cut in the throat, some blood.
  • A woman is repeatedly hit with a pool cue as torture.
  • A man wielding an ax hits a man in the heart, killing him. Another man is impaled with a pool cue. Some blood.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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