Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) Poster

Tony Burton: Wells



  • Wells : Look at that, two cops wishing me luck. I'm doomed.

  • [Wells and Wilson decide who will escape to go for help] 

    Wilson : We haven't even flipped the coin yet.

    Wells : I'm gonna lose.

    Wilson : You got a bad attitude, Wells.

    Wells : I ALWAYS lose. Had bad luck all my life. How do you think I ended up in here?

    Wilson : Maybe your luck will change.

    Wells : It might... If we don't flip a coin.

    Wilson : What then?

    Wells : Potatoes.

    Wilson : All right.

    Wilson , Wells : [both together]  One potato, two potato, three potato, four! Five potato, six potato, seven potato more! Eight potato, nine potato, ten potato, eleven! Kiss my ass and go to heaven! Y-O-U spells YOU!

    [Wells loses] 

    Wells : I told you I was gonna lose! Goddamn it, we're gonna do it again!

  • Wells : In the meantime, I got this plan. It's called "Save Ass". And the way it works is this - I slip outta one of these windows and I run like a bastard!

  • Wells : Look, they've moved the cars.

    Bishop : I can't belive it. They parked them where they were before.

    Wells : Why'd they do that?

    Wilson : From a distance, the street looks normal. Like nothing happened.

    Bishop : Like nothing happened? They gunned down five police officers! A secretary, one prisoner, we kill a dozen of them, and that's nothing happened?

    Bishop : Well, where are the bodies?

    [Bishop looks down at the ground and notices nothing there] 

    Bishop : They took them away!

    Wells : How'd they do it so fast?

    Wilson : Maybe they got the good fairy to help them.

    Wells : Oh, you really are a smart-ass!

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