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This movie hates you.
dkellough16 March 2003
This movie hates you. No two ways about it. It wants to hurt you for seeing it.

Characters in this movie speak in a stream of continual profanities, fire flaming arrows and guns at the audience (while smiling), and the gorilla throws rocks at you and flips you the bird.

The acting is mostly abominable. The effects are worse. Nothing makes much sense. The editing is choppy. The shots are poorly composed. The locations are grey, barren, and aggressively ugly. Stock footage is piled on and looped.

Boring filler is shoved in wherever it will fit to pad out the slight story to 90 minutes. Then, it takes forever to finally end. (More punishment for you, the viewer.) Oh, and it's nominally in 3-D too.

A hateful, hateful movie.
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You have to see it to belive it.
Ducktopolis18 November 2001
This movie is so terrible, yet so funny. There are so many flaws with this movie. Many parts of the movie have nothing to do with the plot. The ape one time wears shoes, flicks the camera(and its no accident, he holds it for 4 seconds), and seems to be different sized throughout the movie. You cannot make a worse movie. Period. This movie must be seen, it is too funny to explain.
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Funniest movie I have ever seen
Rita Manosalva C7 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A 36-Foot ape (worst monkey custom I have seen) that escapes from a rather small toy ship, beats a shark similar in size, enters South Korea and terrorizes the population. Destroying everything at its path, including cities made of card board and Styrofoam. He kidnaps and falls in love with an American actress filming a movie, destroys helicopters, throws Styrofoam rocks to tanks, and jumps over a cow action figure. This is a love it or hate it type of movie. For collectors of this kind of films or for anyone that wants a good laugh, this is a jewel. This look as if it was done by Ed Woods. I conclude saying them that I recommend this movie so that you are witness that the American cinema can be very funny... without intending it!
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A Comic Masterpiece
youdontsmellbad17 June 2001
Watch in horror as the A*P*E Mercilessly attacks the same building in 5 different shots, and then sometimes the same shot repeated later in the film. Marvel at the special effects as foam pieces fly off the "rocks" that fall toward the same three men also repeated about five times. Become engrossed in the finely developed characters, and their emotional dialogue like "Just too big for a small world like ours," or "Lets see him dance for his organ grinder now!"

If the makers of this film were serious, I'll be a monkey's uncle, haha. But seriously, you'll have an ape of a time(I don't even think people say that one). I'm not monkeying around; you'll go bananas!

Important note: you can see the head part of the ape costume moving seperately from the rest of the costume and you don't even have to be looking.

Here's what I really think: It's bad, oh boy is it ever, especially the repeated stock footage and footage from other movies, and the 3 minutes, LITERALLY 3 MINUTES, of time wasted by showing children playing with a puppet. There is a shot of firemen rushing through the supposedly panic-stricken city but look closely(or not so closely you can still see it); In the background you can see people shopping. Let's not forget the ending (don't worry, you won't care if I tell you how it ends) which is 15 minutes of tanks shooting, soldiers running up to the camera looking into it, and then shooting 3 or 4 rounds out of a rifle I'm certain only holds one round(I don't know anything about guns, but it had the handle dealy on the side that you cock to load and unload). All this while the ape disco dances which I suppose is him being shot and reacting, but I would think that all that firepower and he would probably run away. Then the ape dies. You can tell it's going to happen too, because after what seems like hours of being shot in the head and chest, the A*P*E vomits blood. These things are the reason to watch the movie. I'm not exaggerating when I say A*P*E is one of the funniest films of all time.
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Not great even for a 'bad' film
thecat7218 November 2000
Nowhere near as good as "Mighty Peking Man" as far as King Kong rip-offs, "Ape" is good to look at just to see the fair miniatures and little else. The best "bad" hilarious movies are those that never intended to be that; in "Ape", the Ape gets mad gives the finger in one scene, obviously in a deliberate attempt for laughs, which in turn, makes it pretty unfunny.

The sound effects are BAD, there's a decent 'bad' fight with a giant shark which couldn't look much more fake if they tried, plus the Ape trashes a few buildings. If you are a giant monster film fan, this probably won't get more than a few viewings in your entire lifetime but it's good to watch and take off your list of films to see, plus to examine how badly this one was made. All in all, some fun, but pretty bad.
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The Shark
lefrelonvert24 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Mind you the "rubber shark" many reviewers mention isn't rubber at all...It's real! Only it's...obviously dead. A dead baby shark they must have bought at the local Korean fish market or something. Watching an extra, in a fake-looking ape suit, pretending to wrestle with a dead baby shark pretty much sums up the production values in this film.

See it so you can't believe it!

The movie's American ads actually stated "not to be confused with King Kong", but in some countries it was released as "The return King Kong". What also cracked me up was that the ape has apparently no vocal cords of any sort : he does not make a sound during the whole movie! The credits also thank the US military for their cooperation. How come all the tanks, etc, look like toys? Is this actually anti-American propaganda, aiming to pretend that the US have the crappiest army ever seen? Mind-numbing.
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King-size King Kong rip-off
Mark_D-225 September 1999
When "King Kong" was being remade in the mid-70's, a Korean company decided to cash in on the remake and produce their own version, in 3-D yet!!! Yeah, that'll show DiLaurentiis a thing or two. As bad as the Kong remake is, "A*P*E" is considerably worse. He's just another man in a monkey suit smashing cardboard sets and doing battle with a toy-tank army while clutching the pretty blonde heroine (Joanna Karns of "Growing Pains", then going by the name Joanna De Varona, and who can blame her for changing her name after this one). There is an embarrassment of riches here, but my favorite is where the army is shooting missiles at the big monkey, and he (and I am not making this up) GIVES THEM ALL THE FINGER!!!!! After having endured an hour and a half of this turkey, I leaned toward that sentiment myself.
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BullDada Galore
jocephicus15 December 2005
Well, I just had the good fortune to see this movie on the big screen in glorious 3D(although my 3d glasses kept falling off of my regular glasses) and must say that all of the previous posts(with exception of the person who gave it like 9 stars) just did not get this movie and never will. Yes it is bad, terribly bad. Yes the acting sucks etc. Did this detract from my enjoyment of the film? Not a whit. I can imagine that in 2d on a TV the charm could be significantly diminished but in its original 3d glory this is not to "B" missed . I cant fathom all of the bad posts from folks who claim to like this genre of movies. I mean look at the godzilla movies that were coming out at this time frame, pure cheese! Yet I love them just the same! If your idea of a giant monster movie is the Hollywood godzilla or the peter jackson king kong then by all means please skip this. If on the other hand you wish peter jackson would take his next million dollars and sink it into a remake of meet the feebles then you might get a few chuckles out of this movie.
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Excellent if made for comedy, Pathetic if anything else.
Nick Zbu13 July 2000
APE is a truly strange hybrid: my best guess is that it was an Korean Monster Film that got bought by an American Filming Crew who spent a weekend getting background shots and shot all the giant ape footage in their backyard.

From the first great line in the film in which a mildly depressed actor utters the most deadpan expression of shock to stock footage of a cow that becomes an obviously fake battery-operated toy in faraway shots this film is a laugh riot. The cherry on top of this cake is that 'Joanna Von Savant' of the title is really Joanna Kerns from TV's Growing Pains. Apparently the 1980s weren't a good time for her, between being fondled by a fake ape in a ripoff of a Dino Laurentis film or a TV mom to a bunch of stupid kids that go to a school that calls their sports team "Hooters."

In short, don't watch APE. Experience it and hope to God someone's future film career depended on this.
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I wanted to like it.
lstallings19 November 2001
Okay, going into this film, I knew it had a reputation as one of the worst films of all time. But I like good, ole cheesy monster movies. In fact, if it had a first run presentation in the 1970's, I'm very surprised I missed it then. Anyway, I finally caught up with it. And, guess what? It IS one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Usually, something stands out: effective acting, great miniatures or special effects, nifty dialogue, music, scenery, or just a general feeling of fun. This has almost nothing. Admittedly, Joanna Kerns does give a spirited performance, and you can see a glimmer of the solid comedic style she developed later. But, that's it. Even the monster is bad. Not laughingly bad, which is sometimes enjoyable... just bad, with unexplainable movements and no expression. If someone suggests you watch this movie, just say NO.
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This can't be serious!
Scott4 January 2002
The first time I watched this, I was so tired at the time, nothing made sense. This movie was no exception. I didn't even get the chance to finish it, I guess I just fell asleep. Well, I watched it again last night and it STILL doesn't make sense! None at all! It's just far too badly done. There are too many mistakes to list, so i won't even attempt to, all I want to know is if the film makers were serious when they made this movie. Because if they were, I pity them. I could make a better movie and look at me. I'm only 16! Ayy yay yay yay!

One out of many things that really bothered me in this movie was the monster. Now, I got over the whole fact that it is blatantly a man in a monkey suit, but some of the things that stuck around and I couldn't get out of my head were the fact that:

1.) The Ape flipped off the camera! What? Last time I checked, Apes don't intentionally flip off cameras or anybody else for that matter.

2.) At one point when the Ape was stomping a village by a mountain, the Ape was wearing high top tennis shoes. Tennis shoes!!!! No, I'm sorry Mr. Film director, Apes don't wear tennis shoes. Please, if you are going to make a movie, and it involves the portrayal of a wild animal with a human in an animal suit, remember, wild animals don't wear clothing. That's just a little fact of life of which everyone needs to be aware.

This was a terrible movie. But not too terrible in a bad way. It was more terrible in a good, funny way. It was fun to watch, it was easy to make fun of, it was an experience to remember. Movies cannot be made this bad on purpose, they are accidents. Terrible terrible accidents. Accidents like 3-Mile Island or the Jimmy Carter election. They are accidents that should have been prevented through careful evaluation of all people claiming to be film makers. Please, if you ever hear of a movie like this ever being made again, take a bat and start beating in the head of the director. Then take a lighter and some gasoline, and burn down the studio. Then go get a paper shredder and shred the film. Then take the remaining shreds and toss them into the fire at the movie studio. Nothing this bad should ever exist again. Good Day.
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Yeah a Giant ape
KevinTurner7 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If I could put a zero down for a number I would for this film. I am a King Kong fan and I have seen every King Kong even Kong vs Godzilla so naturally I was attracted to the movie cover of APE. So like an idiot I read the back of the box and say to myself "It sounds good" drop ten bucks for it and take it home. I slide it in the VCR and about 5 minutes into the film I turn it off. I couldn't watch the rest of until I had seen a brain doctor to tell me everything was OK. Well about three months later I decided to try and watch it. Its probably one of the worst films ever made. I believe its in the book of worst films ever made actually. Some reasons why the movie is horrible, the ape doesn't make any noises what so ever, he disco dancers why being shot with burning arrow's, flips off the camera, wears sneakers, and throws some nice sliders with rocks. I cant even think about this move any more its depressing. O out of 10.
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King Kong's Korean kousin flips off Army
huemannus8 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It's the same old story. King Kong's Korean kousin takes time off from stomping toy houses and wrestling rubber sharks and snakes to abduct a scantily clad starlet on a movie set. His intentions are totally misunderstood when he carts her away to his mountain hideaway. However, her screams soon turn to, "be gentle with me, big guy", and another giant ape and hot babe romance is born.

Her honeymoon with the big guy is soon broken up by jealous boyfriend, who steals her back, only to hear, "there was something oddly appealing about the way he held me". Can puny human boyfriend ever compete with a 36 foot ape's appealing grip?

Saddened by the loss of his girl, KKKk takes a hike to Seoul, Korea to see if he can get her back. Not one for polite inquiry, his peeping tom act and rude rooftop razing finally yields his prize blond babe and once again she gets to enjoy an appealing hairy paw ride. The local army brass takes issue with his ill manners, unleashing its most potent weapon, interminable phone conversations designed to bore everyone to death.

In the final battle royale, toy tanks fire their bottle rockets and a squad of infantry bravely charges forward, brandishing their rifle muzzles at the sensitive big guy, who responds with volleys of Styrofoam boulders hurled down sagging wires to smash and somehow blow up toy tanks with lethal 3-D efficiency.

Wrapping it up, the misunderstood big guy succumbs to a hail of fireworks and his babe goes on to make a movie in which she uses him for a rug.

Movie highlights: In the midst of fierce battle our nubby carpeted giant ape takes the time to smugly flip off a tormenting helicopter that crashes into a cliff.
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Hilarious Korean Monster Film
Flak_Magnet10 September 2009
This is a great bad movie and many of the scenes are hilarious. If you'd enjoy watching a 60-sec slow-motion scene where a guy in a gorilla costume wrestles an obviously dead shark, thrashing it around and pretending to be in the throes of death, look no further. This whole movie is full of great scenes like that, and if it weren't for an overly drawn out love story subplot, "A.P.E." would be a 5-star unintentional comedy. You get a little bit of everything in this South Korean flick: "Godzilla"-style miniature sets, toy model animals and people, remote control helicopters, firework explosions, and of course, a guy in a gorilla suit. The plot is not important, really, and the film gets right down to brass tacks after about 2-min of backstory. Just know that there is a 35-ft tall ape, and he is going to rampage Korea. Throw in an American actress (Joanna Kerns, of "Growing Pains" fame), her reporter boyfriend, and a pair of Army officers bent on killing the beast, and you have "A.P.E." The direction and editing are sometimes stunningly inept, resulting in several great "WTF moments," including my favorite when a character is hanging off the outside door of a moving jeep, for seemingly no reason. Anyhow, I could go on forever with this one. As far as bad movies go, "A.P.E." is a definite keeper. You are going to get laughs out of this one.
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Infamous battering ram scene...windup toy cow...
gazzo-222 March 2003
....don't forget these great parts too! Wow what a BAD flick, I agree w/ about everything the rest said here. Poopoo f/x, Gorilla-gram level suit, acting of the 5th graders school play level, the infamous Balsa Battering ram scene, the breakdancing, flipping the bird APE, the Korean guy putting his gun right Past the camera lense not ONCE but TWICE (same footage), toy tanks that don't move, bad shark fight...oh it's truly THAT bad.

By all means check this out if you have a penchant for MSTK type stuff. It's as bad as they all say, if not worse.

* for the battering ram scene. What audacity.
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May God destroy those whom have created this abomination
KevinTurner6 December 2002
This video is probably the worst film ever made. I have a feeling that the director and script writer wanted to make the worst film of all time.If that is the case they did it. Now a 36 foot ape that is in Korea. It kills jaws,flicks off a helichopter,does the disco,and gets killed by annoying soldiers that stick thier gun barrel right next to the lens of the camera all with out making a noise mind you. I think the ape doesn't have a voice box or tongue.It's seriously the worst film ever. I have this film at my house and i paid $10 for it about 13 years agon when i was 5 cuase i liked king kong and stuff right so i thought hey looks good. when I got home and put it in i couldn't watch more then 5 minutes of it. A 5 year old i tell you couldn't satnd it Barney is better this peice of poo.
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This movie is just plain awful!
warlorde14 May 2002
I must confess to liking giant monster movies, but this film is really just plain awful! Bad special effects, even worse acting, silly premise. By the way that big snake would be considered a monster! Anyway painful as it was I made it through to the end. I chuckled a few times while watching this mess, just not believing what I'm seeing or hearing.

1 out of 10, for bad movies beware 5 out of 10. Suffer with me.
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Oh, it just gets worse and worse!
annamaurya_8031 March 2002
You know, you just can't beat a movie like "A*P*E" for a good time. And By good time, I mean this movie "s*u*c*k*s." Well, no. It isn't bad as in "never see this movie" bad, it's bad as in "good for a laugh and nothing more" bad. The best part has to be when A*P*E flips off the camera. Wow! I never knew apes really did that! I'm sorry if this doesn't help you as a reader and potential viewer, but I just had to vent a little. Have a nice day, otherwise.
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Attack of the Giant Horny Gorilla!
capkronos21 May 2003
Original ads warned, "Not the be confused with KING KONG." Not a problem there, pals! This not only makes one yearn to see the original 1933 KONG again, but it makes the Dino De Laurentiis remake look like a revisionist masterpiece. The FX work (originally shown in 3-D) is even cheesier than the old Toho GODZILLA movies as "ten tons" of simian fury (AKA - guy in monkey suit) crushes a model city, sinks a toy ship and wrestles around with "giant" rubber snake and shark creatures. It's all for the love of an actress, played by Joanna De Varona who is actually Joanna Kerns, the mother from the Growing Pains TV series!

APE sure is funny and worth watching, but going by the general rules of movie scoring, it's a...

Score: 1 out of 10
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Very cheesy bad monster movie. But very funny. ^_^
mrkwang11 July 1999
You've never seen such a funny and cheesy monster movie at all! This is a must for all of you, who wants to see cheesy and funny movies!
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OKCRay12 December 2001
I caught this flick on cable one night and couldn't believe the sheer awfulness of it. Even if the borrowed footage and the cheap toy props were supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, it sure didn't work! And did anyone else notice that in the big "battle scene", they kept showing the exact same tank footage over and over and over and over and... well, you get the idea. Even if they had cast Leslie Nielsen, that couldn't have saved this mess. I gave this movie a rating of 1 only because zero wasn't an option. Don't say I didn't warn you!
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"I never thought I'd be getting jealous of a 36 foot ape."
utgard142 April 2014
Truly awful King Kong rip-off that is so bad you have to see it to believe it. The ape, said to be thirty-six feet tall, is just some guy in a cheap gorilla suit that the filmmakers got at a costume shop or a yard sale. This isn't even a full body ape suit. It's got sleeves with gloves. There are several instances where you can see the skin of the guy's wrists as he moves his arms about. That's the level of quality we're talking here. That's how few *beeps* this movie gives. He's filmed mostly from the chest up. When they do try to show you some scale for the ape's size, they do it with cheap stuff like toy boats and crummy miniature buildings. The ape also moves in slow motion throughout the movie. Let me be clear: they didn't slow down the film. The "actor" in the ape suit just moved really slowly to emulate slow motion! Like a kid playing make believe.

The cast is especially bad. This is the film debut of Joanna Kerns, the mom from "Growing Pains." Her screams will haunt me for weeks. So unbelievably shrill. Be prepared to turn your volume down. Laughably, at one point while in the palm of the ape's hand, Kerns stops screaming and says "Be gentle with me, big guy." She returns to screaming almost immediately. Bizarre! Kerns has a romantic subplot with a very '70s-looking guy named Rod Arrants. They kiss a lot. Pretty much every time they are in the same scene, Arrants is all over her. Long-time character actor Alex Nicol plays a foul-mouthed Army Colonel here. I have to believe his performance is intended to be funny. It makes no sense any other way. Bruce MacRae is listed as responsible for the music. He should have been arrested and charged with assault. The score is relentless and will make your ears bleed.

As the helicopters approach the ape, he stands there and makes these wild gestures with his arms. For the life of me, it looks a lot like he's dancing. Was the guy in the ape suit inebriated? Very likely. Further evidence of this is the scene where the ape flips off the Army. Yeah. The guy in the ape suit was loaded for sure. It's so terrible. There are lots of pointless scenes. Such as when the ape pulls a snake off of a tree and throws it -- hitting the camera! This goes nowhere. It just cuts away to another scene and when it returns to the ape he's moved on to something else. The only reason I'm giving this a 2 instead of a 1 is because of the unintended comedy. It's one of the worst movies ever made.
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Definitely as Bad as They Come
jfgibson7330 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A giant ape escapes from a ship and destroys a city. That's about it.

I've read that this is a Korean made movie that tried to make money as a King Kong ripoff. Some of the stories about how this movie was made are more entertaining than watching the actual movie. Anyone who sits through this today could only be interested in the camp value, and there are a number of moments to laugh at. The movie has every problem that is generally associated with bad movies, such as bad dubbing, terrible dialog, stilted acting, and poor effects. What takes the fun out of the movie are the long stretches of repetitive or stagnant shots. For example, when the ape fights the shark, he swings it back and forth for what feels like five minutes straight. A guy in a bad ape costume with a dead shark. Swinging it around. Over and over. So for that reason, I would not want to sit through this one again. I had to watch it once, all the way through, just because of some strange fascination with how inept everything was. This might actually be the worst movie ever.
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Couldn't be a bigger King Kong rip-off
slideon22 January 2009
A*P*E is both stupid and follows the King Kong storyline, and is probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

Everything from King Kong and even Godzilla is copied by A*P*E. 1 - The ape escapes from an oil tanker. 2 - Giant footprints are found. 3 - They want to show the Ape off to the public. 4 - Ape kidnaps girl. 5 - Girl feels somehow attracted to the Ape. 6 - Army attacks Ape.

Besides having a duplicate plot, A*P*E has many technical problems as well.

1 - The Ape is 36 feet tall, but the shark and snake are the size of him. 2 - He towers over buildings, but he's 36 feet tall. 3 - The Ape throws the snake at the camera, knocking it down. 4 - You can see the Ape actor's shirt underneath the costume. 5 - Tons of plastic toys in this film.

And you can tell the actor who played the Ape is pretty angry over him playing the role. He flips off the camera at one point.

A*P*E fails as a movie, but as a comedy, it's really good. Get a bunch of friends and do a MST3K kind of thing.
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