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Season 2

24 Nov. 1978
Dead Men Are Dangerous
Steed's friend from childhood attempts to overcome his inferiority complex by taking revenge on him.
29 Sep. 1978
Angels of Death
A nefarious crew of health spa workers plot to bring the Empire to its knees by killing off key government workers through "natural causes".
26 Jan. 1979
Medium Rare
A psychic medium makes eerily accurate predictions about Steed's future.
15 Dec. 1978
The Lion and the Unicorn
With the help of Gambit and Purdey, Steed manages to capture the ruthless killer known as The Unicorn whom he has been tracking for ten years. The Unicorn's accomplices kidnap a British royal to use as a hostage to swap. Unfortunately they are unaware that their previous rescue attempt left The Unicorn lying dead on the floor.
10 Nov. 1978
June 1977. Purdey is confronted with her former fiancée Larry Doomer. She's been avoiding him ever since he attempted to murder a Middle Eastern emissary 7 years earlier. Now it seems he's planning a second attempt by using a brand new RAF rocket.
2 Mar. 1979
The New Avengers, with some help from CIA agent Marty Brice, stop a drug deal arranged by Chinese crime lord Soo Choy. To rectify this embarrassment, Soo Choy lures Steed, Purdey and Gambit to his territory in order to exact his revenge in front of his peers.
8 Dec. 1978
Purdey is kidnapped and Steed is given instructions to copy some top secret documents in order to get her back. Unable to tell anyone what he's doing, the Ministry begins to suspect Steed has switched sides and Gambit is ordered to follow him.
23 Mar. 1979
K Is for Kill: Part 1: The Tiger Awakes
In 1945 Russian soldier Stanislav stole the secret of longevity from a Tibetian monk. He created an army of 252 sleepers that were stationed all over Europe. In 1965, one of them awoke by accident and went on a rampage in Berkshire. 12 years later, the same thing happens to a larger group in France. Only in death do the Russian soldiers show their advanced age. Steed, recognizing the symptoms, takes off for France with Gambit and Purdey.
23 Mar. 1979
K Is for Kill: Part 2: Tiger by the Tail
250 of the Russian sleeping commandos have been defeated and accounted for. Only the two most dangerous K-agents remain. Colonel Stanislav orders them to assassinate General Gaspard and the French President in order to cause the outbreak of World War III.
5 Jan. 1979
The New Avengers fly to Toronto, Canada to learn the identity of KGB assassin X-41, aka Scapina. Unfortunately all their contacts end up dead before they are able to spill the beans. Also, Gambit keeps getting arrested by the Canadian police and Purdey finds herself trapped in a ultra modern building.
19 Jan. 1979
The Gladiators
Though officially on holiday in Canada, the New Avengers join the search for several missing Soviet and Canadian agents. KGB agent Karl Sminsky has achieved super human strength thanks to a combination of martial arts. Now he is gathering a group of 'gladiators' to teach his secrets to.
9 Feb. 1979
On the trail of the elusive agent 'The Fox', the New Avengers find their target has left a palm print on the roof of a car. Borrowing the vehicle, which is called 'Emily' from her owner proves to be easier than getting it safely to the Canadian Secret Service in Toronto
3 Nov. 1978
Forward Base
Lake Ontario Canada becomes the center of some strange happenings after a mysterious signal FB1 is intercepted. Tides that should not be. Fish swimming birds nests. What happened in the Spring of 69 that could change the world forever

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