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The Implications of the Ralph Breaks The Internet Disney Princesses Scene

Aaron Sagers Dec 1, 2018

Ralph Breaks the Internet also breaks the rules for how Disney lets its properties interact, starting with the Disney Princesses.

This article contains Ralph Breaks the Internet spoilers.

In Ralph Breaks The Internet, the titular character literally brings the internet to a halt. But his parent company Disney deserves credit for internet-breaking, as well as for breaking their own rules, by colliding worlds in a way that could mark a new direction for the way their characters interact. In the movie, arcade characters Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz leave their games in Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade and venture online. As teased in the trailer, Vanellope heads to the Oh My Disney section of the internet, and encounters the 11 Disney Princesses.

The scene, which culminates in a princess chatfest in comfy clothes is pivotal for grouping these animated heroines together for the first time – and
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Spielberg's West Side Story Remake Gets Original Star Rita Moreno

Spielberg's West Side Story Remake Gets Original Star Rita Moreno
Rita Moreno, star of the original West Side Story and one of very few individuals to ever achieve Egot status, has been tapped to star in and produce Steven Spielberg's remake of the musical classic. Moreno originally played the role of Anita in the 1961 movie version of the Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim musical, for which she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

According to a new report, Rita Moreno will be playing a new role as the owner of the corner store that Tony works in this time around. Originally, the role was a character named Doc, but it's been expanded to accommodate Moreno's talents in the Steven Spielberg remake. Additionally, Moreno has been brought on board as an executive producer on the project. The actress had this to say in a statement.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself revisiting this seminal work. And to
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Rita Moreno Returns To ‘West Side Story’: Egot Winner To Play The Role Of Valentina In Steven Spielberg’s Remake

  • Deadline
Rita Moreno Returns To ‘West Side Story’: Egot Winner To Play The Role Of Valentina In Steven Spielberg’s Remake
Exclusive: After winning a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for playing the role of Anita in 1961’s West Side Story, Egot winner Rita Moreno will return to the next big-screen adaptation of the Leonard Bernstein-Stephen Sondheim lyric musical that Oscar winner Steven Spielberg is directing. In addition, Moreno will also be an executive producer of the film.

In the new West Side Story, Moreno will be playing Valentina, a reconceived and expanded version of the character of Doc, the owner of the corner store in which Tony works. Filming for West Side Story is set to begin in the summer of 2019.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself revisiting this seminal work,” says Moreno. “And to be asked by Steven Spielberg to participate is simply thrilling! Then to work together with the brilliant playwright, Tony Kushner – what a glorious stew! I am tingling!”

In the original movie,
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Cool Stuff: Ape Meets Girl’s ‘The Muppet Show’ Print is Sensational [Exclusive Nycc Sneak Preview]

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a Muppets fanatic. And judging by the walls in my home, you can see I’m a huge fan of artist Kevin M. Wilson, better known as Ape Meets Girl. We’ve featured many of his prints on the site over the years, and he will have a few […]

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All 15 Egot Winners, From Audrey Hepburn to John Legend (Photos)

  • The Wrap
All 15 Egot Winners, From Audrey Hepburn to John Legend (Photos)
Only a select number of entertainers have earned a competitive Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony to earn the coveted Egot distinction.

Richard Rodgers, composer (1902-1979)

Emmy: Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composed, “Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years” (1962)

Grammy: Best Show Album, “The Sound of Music” (1960); Best Original Cast Show Album, “No Strings” (1962)

Oscar: Best Song, “It Might As Well Be Spring” from “State Fair” (1945)

Tony: three for “South Pacific” (1950); one each for “The King and I” (1952), “The Sound of Music” (1960) and “No Strings” (1962)

Helen Hayes, actress (1900 – 1993)

Emmy: Best Actress, “Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: Not a Chance” (1953)

Grammy: Best Spoken Word Recording, “Great American Documents” (1977)

Oscar: Best Actress, “The Sin of Madelon Claudet (1932); Best Supporting Actress, “Airport” (1970)

Tony: Best Actress in a Drama, “Happy Birthday” (1947); Best Actress in a Drama, “Time Remembered” (1958)

Rita Moreno (1931 -)

Emmy: Supporting Actress, Variety or Music, “The Muppet Show” (1977); Lead Actress for Single Appearance in a Comedy or Drama,
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'Happytime Murders' in the Shadow of 'Team America'

'Happytime Murders' in the Shadow of 'Team America'
In the mid-1970s, the pilot episode for what would become the truly wonderful The Muppet Show was entitled “Sex and Violence.” It’s hard to imagine characters like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear associated with such inherently mature things in life, but then, that was part of the charm. The Muppets of the 1970s were somewhat spikier and edgier than the softened versions of Kermit and friends that we might associate with Disney. Yet now, over 40 years later, we have The Happytime Murders, a new movie with plenty of sex, violence and puppets that feels like ...
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Rita Moreno, ‘Friends’ to Receive Key Honors at 2018 TCA Awards

  • Variety
Rita Moreno, ‘Friends’ to Receive Key Honors at 2018 TCA Awards
Rita Moreno, currently starring on Netflix’s “One Day at a Time,” will receive the 20018 Career Achievement Award at the 2018 Television Critics Assn. Awards. NBC and Warner Bros. TV’s long-running sitcom “Friends” will receive the Heritage Award at the same ceremony.

The non-profit association will pay tribute to Moreno and honor her unparalleled legacy in the industry as one of the few performers who has earned an an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (Egot). Moreno’s acclaimed television career includes featured roles in series such as “Oz,” “Where on Earth is Carmen San Diego?”, “The Rockford Files,” “The Electric Company” and “The Muppet Show.” She is also a recipient of the Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

Taking home the Heritage Award this year, “Friends” was the generation-defining sitcom that ran for a decade from 1994-2004. Starring Jennifer Anison, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, the
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Jim Henson's Son Remembers the Muppets Master: "He Was an Inspiration to Everyone" (Exclusive)

"My dad was a workaholic," Jim Henson's son Brian Henson exclusively told Closer Weekly without a hint of bitterness in the magazine's latest issue, on newstands now. "I have four siblings, and for us to see our father, we would spend a lot of time hanging out in his studios and his workshop." The Sesame Street and Muppet Show mastermind wasn’t neglecting his children; he was providing them with a powerful role model. "He always had so many ideas he felt like he needed to do," recalled Brian, 54. "My dad would always say, 'If something is not inspiring, then do something that is.' He was an inspiration to everyone." (Photo Credit: Getty Images) That includes Brian, who has taken up his father’s mantle as the chairman of the Jim Henson Company in Hollywood. It’s a childhood dream come true for Brian, who grew up playing with his dad’s Muppets.
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‘The Happytime Murders': 25 Things to Know about the Long-Developing R-Rated Puppet Movie

When I was a kid, I grew up watching Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock, and just about anything from the mind of Jim Henson and The Jim Henson Company that I could get my hands on. At the time, I never really thought about the logistics, challenges or technical complications that come from puppets interacting with the world. Since then, as someone who covers entertainment as a journalist, I’ve been on sets where I’ve gotten to see it happen, first-hand, and getting to watch the puppeteers work is truly remarkable. On October 12, 2017, …
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Andrew Lloyd Webber Pens Tribute To Gillian Lynne: ‘Cats’ Choreographer Dead At 92

Andrew Lloyd Webber Pens Tribute To Gillian Lynne: ‘Cats’ Choreographer Dead At 92
Gillian Lynne, the choreographer for Cats and The Phantom of the Opera who died Sunday in London at age 92, was remembered today by Andrew Lloyd Webber as a major figure in dance and a key in the the phenomenal global success the musical based on T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.

“Quite simply Gillian Lynne was a seminal figure in choreography for three generations, possibly four as her groundbreaking work in Cats is still being seen around the world,” wrote Lloyd Webber (read the entire tribute below).

Lynne, who was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for services to dance and musical theatre in 2014, died at the Princess Grace Hospital in Marylebone, London, last night. Her death was announced by her husband, actor Peter Land, who tweeted, “I am heartbroken to write that Dame Gillian Lynne Dbe & my dearest wife & friend
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#FairUseFriday: Jeeves & Wooster!

As part of our campaign to highlight our ongoing battle against Dr. Seuss Enterprises (and we hope you can help us out) we’re highlighting examples of art that wouldn’t exist without fair use.

Here’s one from Roger Langridge, well known for his work on Snarked!, The Muppet Show, Mugwhump the Great, Popeye, and Doctor Who, doing his own version of P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves stories.

According to Roger:

The rights issues are a bit confusing: this particular story is in public domain in the USA, but (apparently) not in the UK, so I’m not sure if a book is even a possibility. Nevertheless, I’ve adapted it as a comic (originally published in 1916 in the Saturday Evening Post under the title “Leave It to Jeeves“) to show what I could do with it if given the opportunity.

Go to his site to read the full 20 page story.
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Disney Princesses Meet Vanellope von Schweetz in Wreck It Ralph 2 Trailer

There's a new Disney Princess in town. In the new trailer for Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2, Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) ventures into the uncharted world of the internet with her Bff Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly). Upon her arrival, she spots characters from Big Hero 6, Cars, Dumbo, The Good Dinosaur, Iron Man, The Muppet Show, Star Wars, Up and Wall-e—just to name a few. "Oh, come on!" she complains. "Princesses and cartoon characters! Barf!" Before long, a trio of Stromtroopers notice Vanellope and tell her, "You're coming with us, kid!" Naturally, she runs away—only to find herself in a "restricted area" with the Disney...
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Frank Oz Reveals the Future for Yoda in Star Wars

One of the most pleasant surprises of last year's Star Wars sequel The Last Jedi was the return of Jedi Master Yoda, who appeared as a Force Ghost to give his words of wisdom to Luke Skywalker. It was a welcome return for the character, as we haven't seen this fan-favorite since Revenge of the Sith in 2005. This was really an appearance that few people were expecting, largely due to Lucasfilm's secrecy around the cameo.

Yoda's voice actor and puppeteer Frank Oz, whose most prominent work was in The Muppet Show, recently spoke up about his willingness to return to the Star Wars franchise, how it came about, and how great it was to be back.

"Several years ago I had lunch with [Director Rian Johnson]. And Rian asked if I could do Yoda in the next Star Wars, and I said 'Sure,' because I thought it was just CGI.
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Frank Oz Thinks Disney is Mishandling ‘The Muppets: “They Don’t Get It”

Frank Oz Thinks Disney is Mishandling ‘The Muppets: “They Don’t Get It”
We’ve seen The Muppets regularly on the small and big screen ever since Disney purchased the rights to the beloved puppet characters from the Jim Henson Company in 2004. So why is the old magic just not there? It’s because Disney just doesn’t “get it,” master puppeteer and former Muppets performer Frank Oz says. Disney can’t seem to […]

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Frank Oz Talks Bringing Puppet Yoda Back In ‘The Last Jedi’ And Possibility Of A Solo Film

Frank Oz is a legend in Hollywood. The puppeteer and voice-actor is famous for his work on “The Muppet Show,” as well as “Sesame Street.” However, for “Star Wars” fans, he’ll always been known as the man who brought Yoda to life. And in the recent “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Oz returned to the ‘Star Wars’ universe one more time, in a secret cameo as the little green Jedi.
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Rita Moreno (‘One Day at a Time’) poised for Emmy return 31 years after winning Egot

Rita Moreno (‘One Day at a Time’) poised for Emmy return 31 years after winning Egot
Can Rita Moreno make an Emmy comeback for “One Day at a Time” after a 35-year absence from the awards? As the wise-cracking grandmother of a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles, CA, Moreno has the kind of showy supporting role that brought Emmys to Estelle Getty (“The Golden Girls”), Rhea Perlman (“Cheers”) and Megan Mullally (“Will & Grace”), who could actually return herself this year for that show’s revival. And given that her Netflix series is a reboot of a 1970s sitcom from Norman Lear, whose hit shows “All in the Family,” “Maude,” “Good Times,” “Sanford and Son,” “The Jeffersons,” and “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” made him King of the Emmys that decade, it would almost feel like a done deal, right? Well, almost.

The Egot recipient was widely expected to reap a Best Comedy Supporting Actress nomination for the show’s first season in 2017, but was snubbed.
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The Muppet Show Theme Gets Heavy Metal Makeover

Normally something like the Muppet Show getting a heavy metal makeover would be something pretty cool and exciting. But this is borderline horrifying really and doesn’t seem like it would be worth showing to kids. No offense to the artists since it is something unique and quite different. But this seems like it would appeal to adolescents at best, while it would scare a lot of younger children. The kind of sound that it brings isn’t bad, it’s just heavy and kind of challenging for those kids that aren’t used to such material and would likely be kind of put

The Muppet Show Theme Gets Heavy Metal Makeover
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The Muppets are getting another reboot series

Joseph Baxter Feb 22, 2018

Disney’s developing streaming service will see The Muppets flourish once again, with plans for another reboot series afoot...

The Muppets are, unsurprisingly, not done with television, thanks to Disney’s grandiose self-distribution designs. Consequently, plans for another television platform for the late Jim Henson’s fuzzy anthropomorphic oddities – undoubtedly some of the most recognisable characters around the world – will serve as one of the major television attractions for the Mouse’s developing streaming service.

With Disney’s streaming service seemingly telegraphing the touting of a potent intellectual property catalogue, the unmistakably iconic presence of The Muppets will, indeed, join the streaming cavalcade, according to THR. Of course, this iteration of the venerable puppet property will arrive not too long after Disney – which acquired The Muppets Studio back in 2004 – released its previous television reboot of The Muppets with an updated series that, due to low ratings and harsh critiques,
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Disney Wants to Bring Back ‘The Muppets’ for Their New Streaming Service

Disney’s history with keeping The Muppets alive has been hit or miss. Their glory days were in the 1970s and 1980s when The Muppet Show was a hit television program that inspired successful hits like The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manhattan. Though there have been bright spots since then, various […]

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Frank Oz Explains How The Muppets Were Never For Kids

Beloved by all age groups, Jim Henson’s Muppets are a staple in North American pop culture. But according to The Muppet Show alum Frank Oz (Star Wars), the characters — at least in his mind — were never meant for children.

“Some people think The Muppets are for children,” Oz wrote via Twitter. “Nope. I never once had the kids in mind when I performed. I mean, what’s the difference between performing for kids and performing for adults, anyway? We were adults and we had fun performing as adults. And the kids got it.”
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