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  • The international publishing on DVD is a pretty tiresome story. While in Fance and Italy all 5 seasons were released on DVD, the USA and UK to date only released the first 3 seasons. In Germany there was a pretty long-lasting lawsuit about who actually owned the rights of the German dubbing. However, the producers were able to resolve this conflict and already released the first 2 seasons (season 3 will follow in May 2011).

    It's pretty surprising that the German DVDs were all released uncut while the American DVDs miss out on several musical numbers - the fans were not amused. The reasons for this were copyright issues as well as huge costs that Disney didn't want to pay.

  • In the first season of "The Muppet Show", episode 1.16, Original Air Date 28 September 1976, Miss Piggy reveals to that weeks guest, Avery Schreiber, that her first name is Pigathius.

  • British, it was shown on ATV (now ITV1) and distributed to America. However Jim Henson is American.

  • No, he was a news reporter before that on Sesame Street (from 1969) before that he was on Sam and Friends. (1955)

  • As the opening titles say, they don't know why they come here. The simple answer if they weren't here, they couldn't heckle Fozzie, etc. Not that they are always there. They only usually criticise Fozzie and the other Muppets, though they have heckled Danny Kaye and Milton Berle. The other question seem to be why Walter and Statler are just not chucked out, maybe this just doesn't occur to anyone.


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