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8 Mar. 1980
Anne Murray
Scooter's skateboarding kick is causing havoc throughout the show.
23 Feb. 1980
The Stars of Star Wars
While the Star Wars characters search for Chewbacca around the theatre, Luke's cousin, Mark Hamill, offers to perform over the objections of the Gershwin gargling guest star, Angus McGonagle.
9 Feb. 1980
Christopher Reeve
Piggy is determined to perform with Christopher Reeve, who is playing up the Superman references such as a telephone booth near his dressing room for costume changes, his Kryptonian strength, and invulnerability.
16 Feb. 1980
Lynda Carter
Several Muppets don costumes and try to learn how to become superheroes themselves with disastrous results, but Piggy herself impressively performs as "Wonder Pig" in honor of this episode's guest star.
24 May 1980
Alan Arkin
Dr. Honeydew's Hyde potion keeps being left out and causes various people who drink it to become rampaging monsters.
3 May 1980
Doug Henning
Inspired by magician Doug Henning, Fozzie tries his hand at magic and causes a rabbit infestation.
22 Mar. 1980
Andy Williams
Miss Piggy asks Andy Williams to sing "Love Story" for her and Kermit, who have just become engaged. Unfortunately, Kermit hasn't heard about the engagement yet. The rumor slips out, and soon everyone thinks Kermit and Piggy are getting married. Meanwhile, the backstage cast puts up with a group of cheese hanging around backstage and trying to avoid the rats.
17 May 1980
Diana Ross
Statler and Waldorf rate the show like Olympic judges. First, they give Kermit a two. Then, they give the opening a three, but the audience demands they bring it down to a zero. All of the Muppets get low scores (though Fozzie's "One" is a compliment by them), and Gonzo even gets a six. The Muppets think it's just a tough audience, but Diana Ross gets tens every time which gives her high scores.
15 Nov. 1980
Loretta Swit
Miss Piggy finally pushes Kermit too far, leading to the frog firing and replacing her with Loretta Swit.
25 Oct. 1980
Joan Baez
Beauregard misinterprets his orders to get rid of Rizzo and the rats so completely that they plot to take over the show.
20 Sep. 1980
Shirley Bassey
The Muppet Theatre gets ahold of a supply of real gold for props, but it is protected by a violently paranoid security guard.
27 Sep. 1980
James Coburn
James Coburn tries to encourage Animal to embrace serenity through Zen Buddhism, but it proves a hopeless task.
4 Oct. 1980
Brooke Shields
Teen actor Brooke Shields stars in the Muppets' version of Alice in Wonderland.
8 Nov. 1980
Glenda Jackson
Guest star Glenda Jackson becomes a pirate and hijacks the Muppet Theater as her ship.
18 Oct. 1980
Paul Simon
With the Muppets performing only Paul Simon's songs for this show, Gonzo is inspired to emulate the musician's musical ways.
11 Oct. 1980
Tony Randall
Tony Randall is causing accidental trouble with a book of spells, especially when he turns Miss Piggy to stone.
22 Nov. 1980
Mac Davis
Beaker makes several copies of himself and throws the show into chaos as they continually all chase Dr. Bunsen Honeydew around for revenge.
13 Dec. 1980
Carol Burnett
There's no show today, almost; the theater is turned into a dance marathon hosted by Gonzo.
29 Nov. 1980
Hal Linden
Statler and Waldorf accept the dare from Kermit to run the Muppet Show themselves and find it a chaotic challenge.
11 Aug. 1980
Johnny Cash
The Muppet Show is broadcast on radio station WOAG which leads to havoc in the muppet theater.

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