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Ghostly uproar at Motley Hall
cerdo1 March 2001
This comedy from the creator of the immortal Catweazle is set among the ghostly inhabitants of dilapidated Motley Hall who are determined to keep their home from being sold or otherwise intruded upon by the rude living.

Matt the eighteenth century stable-lad, Bodkin the Elizabethan Fool, Fanny the eighteenth century fop, Sir George the Victorian fogey and the enigmatic White Lady are the ghosts; their foil is the ghost-shy real estate agent Mr. Gudgin.

The special effects of ghosts appearing and disappearing etc. are indeed special, in the same way as Doctor Who's "I can see the string" monsters, but as with Doctor Who and other great shows of that era, this only adds to the charm. The characters each bring points of view to bear on their predicaments based on their respective historical origins and conflicts occasionally arise from these culture clashes. The regular cast and guest actors are good to excellent as one would expect from the likes of Freddie Jones, Nicholas le Prevost etc.

This is the sort of story, like Catweazle, which stimulates the imagination irresistibly to create new scenarios for the characters, and the desire to join in with their adventures is considerable. As a child "The Ghosts of Motley Hall" seemed to offer me a very attractive idea of a possible after-life; it would be nice to think we could all spend our after-lives so amusingly.
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Ghostly fun!!
paulbatterson25 March 2008
i brought the 3 DVD box-set of this, and all the lovely memories came back! what a wonderful series! Every episode is great, To see the Quaint old ghosts rattling about in the empty halls, wondering if they are still there hiding today..... the Hall (Borwick Hall) is in Cheshire i believe, and used today as i understand it as a conference centre... dear old Arthur English has passed on, the General is in Emmerdale, Anyone know where Sheila Matt and Nicolas are at present? Has anyone who worked on the series got any stories to tell, or even better pictures or scripts to post links too... i Heartly recommend this series to everyone, for the older viewers who can have the memories and to the new edition who can enjoy it and pass it onto future generations..
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Spirits Move Me
zoidy_mgvm19 June 2012
People of a certain age will relish in the warm nostalgic glow of this children's TV series. Written by Richard "Catweazle" Carpenter, these stories are full imagination and spirit (sorry about that!) What really holds the attention is the great ensemble playing by all the main characters. The main set is also very lavish, allowing the characters to live and breathe in all the rooms of Motley Hall. Special mention for Peter Sallis as the much put-upon Caretaker Gudgin. Yes the special effects are basic compared to today's standards, but it's the stories and characters that will continue to charm long after Motley Hall has crumbled to dust! And look here - it seems that Sir George is even on Twitter! (@GeorgeUproar). A ghost who tweets? Bizarre indeed! Get the DVD - and get one for your friend too!
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