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21 Mar. 1976
Charlie's Angels
When a wealthy winegrower disappears, the three private investigators go undercover at the vineyard to track down the whereabouts of the body. If the body doesn't turn up in a certain amount of time, the inheritance will be presented to the man's second wife, Rachel, instead of his long-lost daughter, Janet.
22 Sep. 1976
The agency is hired by mechanic Jerry Adams following the death of his business partner, modified stock car racer Suzy Lemson. Suzy died in a race accident at Corbin Speedway when her car exploded upon impact hitting a wall. Jerry, who built Suzy's car, believes that Suzy was murdered, which he cannot prove on his own not having access to her car following her death to see if it had been tampered with to cause the crash when the car was bumped by fellow racer, "Bloody" Mary Barrows. Beyond Mary whose track exploits are regarded as less than ethical, the other leading ...
29 Sep. 1976
The Mexican Connection
The Angels head to Mexico to infiltrate a heroin smuggling ring & unearth the identity of a mysterious smuggler known as Escobar; Sabrina poses as a stewardess, Jill as a swimming coach and Kelly as a vacationing schoolmarm.
13 Oct. 1976
Night of the Strangler
Dana Cameron, a fashion model who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kelly, falls victim to the so called 'Rag-doll Strangler'. Kelly and Jill join the St. Clair Model Agency and Sabrina cons herself into a job as a photo stylist. Each time they think they suspect someone of being the killer, the strangler strikes again, leaving the suspect with an alibi (usually one of the Angels themselves).
20 Oct. 1976
Angels in Chains
The agency is hired by Christine Hunter, who is trying to locate her sister, Elizabeth Hunter. They are each other's only family. What Christine knows is that Elizabeth was arrested in Pine Parish, Louisiana on trumped-up drug possession charges as she was backpacking though the area, and sentenced to one-year incarceration at the Pine Parish Prison Farm for Women. Christine had never been able to see Elizabeth in prison, the prison officials always giving one excuse or another. What Christine has subsequently been told is that Elizabeth has since been paroled. ...
27 Oct. 1976
Target: Angels
After an attempt on Kelly's life, the Angels become their own clients in trying to find the perpetrator. The initial evidence points to the male perpetrator walking more heavily on his right side, and that the attempt on her life has something to do with her growing up in an orphanage. But when someone tries to kill Jill, the Angels know that Sabrina will be the next target - which is indeed the case - and that whatever is going on is bigger than just Kelly, with the initial thought being that the perpetrator is someone they helped put behind bars. Whatever the reason...
3 Nov. 1976
The Killing Kind
To solve the murder of the daughter of Charlie's old friend, the three Angels infiltrate an exclusive hotel-resort where they soon learn that the owner is an underworld figure who has built a criminal empire for himself.
10 Nov. 1976
To Kill an Angel
Kelly is found alone, shot in the head at the amusement park. Sabrina, Jill and Bosley eventually learn that Kelly was at the park with her "date," an autistic boy named Skip to whom she has been acting as a big sister. Skip was found abandoned when he was six years old, and now resides at Pacific Sanitarium, which is seen as a last resort for children like Skip. They also learn that Skip was the one who shot Kelly, he, they assuming, finding the gun which had been used to kill a small-time hood at the park earlier that day. Scared, Skip ran off after the shooting, ...
24 Nov. 1976
Lady Killer
Two Centerfolds from Tony Mann's Feline Club have been killed, so the Angels are called in to investigate. Jill draws the short straw (or pencil to be more precise) and gets to be a Feline cocktail waitress. Kelly joins the club as a singer (although she does in fact lip-sync) while Sabrina poses as Mann's latest flame (even though he usually only dates women under twenty).
1 Dec. 1976
The Angels go green when they slip on fatigues and fall in at boot camp at Fort Jameson to uncover the killer of WAC recruit Mary Jo Walker.
8 Dec. 1976
Consenting Adults
Spunky Maggie Cunningham hires the Angels to find her son Clifton, but the routine missing person's case turns out to be only the tip of an iceberg involving prostitution, smuggling and murder.
15 Dec. 1976
The Seance
After incurring pressure from her insurance agency, wealthy widow Grace Rodeheaver hires the Angels to investigate her case of jewelry missing, and upon discovering that she consults with a medium to handle her affairs, Kelly unwittingly offers damning information.
22 Dec. 1976
Angels on Wheels
After Roller Derby champ Karen Jason is killed in a competition, her sister Barbara hires the Angels to investigate, believing the death was intentional. The girls go undercover as a journalist, insurance investigator, and a team member.
5 Jan. 1977
Angel Trap
The Angels are assigned to stop Jericho, an assassin systematically murdering the aging members of a World War II intelligence unit. Jill is the bait to lure him into the open, but will she be compromised by his continental charm?
12 Jan. 1977
The Big Tap-Out
The Angels lay an elaborate trap for compulsive high stakes gambler Roy David, who bets with stolen money.
19 Jan. 1977
Angels on a String
Charlie gives the girls three days off with pay as a reward for their hard work. But the Angels put their vacation on hold due to the kidnapping of a politician that Sabrina idolizes.
2 Feb. 1977
Dirty Business
A film laboratory is the target of an arson attempt, but the victim Marvin Goldman is reluctant to disclose details that the Angels need to discover who is behind it and why. The cover-up could cost Jill her life.
9 Feb. 1977
The Vegas Connection
The Angels investigate Cass Harper, who hires girls for a Las Vegas nightclub chorus line as a front for a prostitution ring. Harper lures them by saying his clients are extremely wealthy and may be looking for marriage.
16 Feb. 1977
Terror on Ward One
The Angels and Bosley work undercover at a hospital as student nurses, a medical journal reporter, and a patient to investigate a suspicious death. They learn that someone of high rank at the facility could be charged with malpractice.
23 Feb. 1977
Dancing in the Dark
The Angels are assigned to break up a blackmail scheme operating out of a dance studio. Jill secures a spot teaching disco dancing to seniors while Kelly poses as a 'hard-boiled' private eye and Sabrina as a wealthy but socially inept ingénue interested in dancing lessons.
9 Mar. 1977
I Will Be Remembered
Aging actress Gloria Gibson, who is staging a comeback, is the target of a "gaslight number" intended to drive her insane. The Angels go undercover at the movie studio to protect their client and squash the plot against her.
23 Mar. 1977
Angels at Sea
The Angels and Bosley work together on a case involving a series of supposed accidental deaths taking place aboard a luxury cruise ship. When they discover who is responsible for the deaths, the situation becomes explosive.
4 May 1977
The Blue Angels
Suspecting corruption on the vice squad, the Angels go undercover to rout out the rotten cops. Jill poses as a masseuse, Sabrina as a transferred vice officer; Kelly returns to the Police Academy.

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